10 Finest Items of Recommendation Folks Want They Knew Earlier than Adopting a Second Cat

Should you’re contemplating including a second cat to your feline household, analysis the method to make sure each cats’ security. It might imply the distinction between your cats turning into finest associates and the predicament of getting to rehome your new cat as a result of they will’t get alongside.

On a well-liked cat recommendation discussion board, somebody requested different customers: “What’s one piece of recommendation you want somebody had instructed you concerning the strategy of adopting a second cat?”

Useful Perception

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Cat lovers flooded the thread with these pleasant and heartwarming insights, sharing their private experiences, anecdotes, and an awesome quantity of affection for these enchanting creatures.

1. Get At Least One Extra Litter Field

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Keep in mind to buy one other litter field when stocking up on new provides on your second cat. Some customers advise buying “one litter field for each cat plus yet another.”

One suggests, “Know that each cats will in all probability use a type of litter packing containers like 90% of the time, then abruptly determine the second is THE BEST POO BOX EVER and ignore the primary field till it turns into wonderful once more.”

2. Introducing the Two Cats Might Be a Lengthy Course of

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Introducing two cats is essentially the most difficult a part of getting a second cat. Cats can have wildly totally different personalities. Whereas some cats change into shut inside days of assembly each other, others may have months to develop accustomed to the brand new cat of their life.

“It was a for much longer studying course of than I assumed it might be for each my resident cat and me,” one consumer says.

3. Two Cats Can Rapidly Flip To Ten

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“It begins with including a second. Then, the subsequent factor you already know, you have got 12 cats,” jokes one cat lover. However there’s reality to this assertion. Many commenters say they began with one cat and now have 5 – 6 as a result of they love their cats a lot.

4. Carry Your New Cat to a Vet First Factor

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Earlier than you introduce your new cat to your previous cat, convey every of them to the vet individually to make sure they’re wholesome. For instance, one warns, “We introduced our second kitten to the vet after some weeks of her connecting with our resident cat, solely to seek out out that she has giardia and gave it to the resident cat, too.”

5. Begin the Bonding Course of Slowly

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Don’t rush the bonding course of between your two cats. Many commenters advise utilizing the Jackson Galaxy cat introduction methodology, a gradual, step-by-step strategy to get your cats accustomed to 1 one other.

“We adopted it, and it labored so nicely. Our cats are finest buddies now and get alongside splendidly,” shares one cat proprietor. One other warns, “I deviated from the strategy the primary two months, and we had to return to sq. one and begin yet again.”

6. Typically Cats Received’t Get Alongside

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When you can usually belief a gradual introduction course of to get your cats to love one another, that isn’t at all times the case. As a result of cats have such various personalities, some cats simply don’t click on. Whereas some cats will tolerate each other after some time, within the worst-case state of affairs, you’ll have to rehome considered one of your cats if all else fails.

7. They Might By no means Change into Finest Buds

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Whereas rehoming your cat is the worst that might occur if two cats don’t get alongside, it’s more likely that they may tolerate each other as roommates. “Don’t count on them to be tremendous good associates, even after getting used to one another,” advises one feline guardian.

8. Your Relationship With Your First Cat Might Shift

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When introducing a brand new cat to the household, dynamics will inevitably shift. Meaning your first cat might behave in a different way round you and the opposite people within the dwelling. “My first cat used to cuddle with me always, however now he simply sleeps with me and jumps on my lap whereas I’m on the bathroom,” one confesses.

9. Present New Cat Beds and Provides for Your Second Cat

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Purchase your new cat their very own blankets and bedding to assist them really feel snug. Should you use your previous cat’s bedding, your new cat might keep away from it due to the scent of an unfamiliar cat. Whenever you present contemporary bedding, your new cat has one thing that’s theirs and theirs alone.

10. Converse With a Cat Behaviorist

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As a result of cats have such totally different personalities, organising an appointment with a cat behaviorist earlier than you convey a second cat into the house may be useful.

A cat behaviorist may give you particular recommendation on the best way to introduce the 2 cats to 1 one other that’s personalised to your and the cats’ wants. Quite a few customers share that they benefitted from talking with a cat behaviorist earlier than introducing their two cats.

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