10 Straightforward Methods to Groom Your Lengthy-Haired Cat: A Veterinarian’s Perspective

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Whereas your cat is of course versatile and well-equipped for grooming themselves with a tough tongue, tooth, and paws, sure issues could make it tougher for them to maintain on prime of a grooming routine. Certainly one of these is solely being a long-haired kitty.

Fast Overview


Grooming is a crucial a part of being a pet-pawrent to a long-haired cat. It might assist stop mats in addition to help you bond along with your cat.


Modifications to your cat’s fur can provide you clues about its well being, so it is vital to be effectively acquainted with what’s regular.


Grooming ought to embody not solely brushing your cat’s coat however giving them a full nose-to-tail check-up and ideally brushing their tooth too!

Lengthy-haired cat breeds resembling Maine Coons, Persians, and Ragdolls, amongst many others, all want slightly bit of additional TLC in the case of coat upkeep. So what are you able to do to maintain on prime of your long-haired cat’s grooming wants? We delve into the highest 10 ideas for these long-haired breeds.

Why Is Grooming Essential?

Cleanliness and Consolation

Every of the hairs that type your cat’s fur coat grows in a cycle that results in it falling out after which regrowing from the hair follicle. Cats are subsequently shedding their hair constantly, though they are going to are inclined to have an intensive seasonal shed within the spring and fall months.

Alongside this, lifeless pores and skin can construct up on the base of the hair shaft. Grooming helps take away unfastened hair and lifeless pores and skin and unfold pure oils throughout the coat to maintain it wholesome.


Combing ginger cat with comb brush at home

Common grooming classes could be a constructive and rewarding expertise for each cat and proprietor.

When cats groom themselves, it’s known as autogrooming, however do you know that cats may even groom each other, termed allogrooming? It is a type of social bonding and will be seen between moms and their kittens but additionally between cats in the identical family. Your cat might even groom you throughout your snuggle classes.

Cooling Off

Cats don’t sweat in the identical approach folks do. Wetting their coat with saliva when grooming permits warmth to be misplaced out of your cat’s physique by evaporation. That is a technique your cat can regulate their body temperature.

Well being

Common grooming helps to maintain the fur wholesome and matt free. It might additionally assist take away parasites, resembling fleas or ticks, from inside the fur. Common grooming classes may also allow you to choose up on any points along with your pet’s pores and skin or coat early. Excessive or repetitive grooming habits can mark a well being or behavioral concern, so in case you discover your cat doing this, you will need to converse to your veterinarian for recommendation.

10 Straightforward Grooming Ideas

1. Work It Into Your Routine

Work cat grooming into your each day schedule. By allocating simply 5 minutes each day to checking your cat’s coat and giving them a fast brush, you’ll all the time be assured to maintain on prime of their lengthy coat and keep away from any tangles or mats creating.

2. Select the Proper Second

One of the best time to groom your cat is after they really feel snug, secure, and relaxed. Observing your cat’s conduct provides you with a really feel to your kitty’s on a regular basis grooming habits, and you’ll regularly introduce your grooming actions right now too.

3. Hone Your Approach

Grooming your cat is extra than simply giving their fur a quick brush. It’s useful to provide them a fast nose-to-tail test concurrently. A psychological guidelines to your grooming classes can guarantee nothing goes unchecked. It’s best to all the time look in your cat’s ears and mouth and assess their eyes earlier than operating your fingers over their physique to really feel for any lumps or bumps.

This may even allow you to to detect any knots or tangles. The usage of treats could make this a enjoyable and nice bonding expertise to your kitty. It’s advisable to get your cat used to the grooming classes regularly, beginning out from when they’re a kitten

4. Select the Finest Instrument for the Job

In relation to efficiently grooming your cat, it’s vital to have the right equipment obtainable. There are lots of various kinds of grooming instruments in the marketplace, and their suitability is dependent upon the job you are attempting to realize. As a fundamental grooming package, you could possibly take into account a brush or grooming glove, a comb, scissors, mini hair clippers, and nail clippers.

There are each plastic and steel combs in the marketplace in addition to a mess of brush varieties. Deciding on the suitable bristle sort or comb fashion might be impacted each by your cat’s coat and their desire. Talking to your native pet groomer or veterinarian for recommendation could be a nice beginning place when deciding what to purchase.

And keep in mind, if you’re fearful about grooming your cat your self, you possibly can all the time take into account using the providers of an expert groomer. There are even cell groomers that can come to your own home, a way more feline-friendly various for people who don’t journey effectively!

5. Look Out for Fur Issues; They Can Imply Well being Issues!

Do you know that issues along with your cat’s fur can point out well being points? Modifications in your cat’s coat could be a signal of well being issues, resembling a parasite, bacterial or fungal infections, kidney or hormone points, arthritis and even related to stress.

Common grooming retains you effectively in tune with what’s regular to your cat. Any adjustments to coat texture, abnormal self-grooming, hair loss, or pores and skin scabs ought to warrant a visit to your native veterinarian.

6. Keep in mind the Claws and Tooth!

Checking the nails on paw

Homeowners ought to test their cat’s nails commonly – ideally as soon as per week.

An issue I usually see within the veterinary clinic is certainly one of overgrown claws. Cat’s nails frequently develop. It’s normally by the method of scratching that cats preserve their claws in test. Nonetheless, aged cats or these with mobility points resembling arthritis might wrestle with this. It’s best to check on your cat’s claws commonly and trim them as needed. In case your cat’s claws turn out to be overgrown, they’ll develop round into the paw pad. That is extraordinarily painful and places your cat susceptible to an infection.

Dental disease is a big reason for ache and discomfort in domesticated cats. It’s a fable that cats will go off their meals if they’ve painful tooth. In reality, most cats will proceed to eat even with horrific dental illness. As such, working in a fast test of these pearly whites each day could be a important a part of maintaining your kitty glad and wholesome.

Even higher in case you can work tooth brushing into your each day grooming schedule! Brushing your cat’s teeth is an efficient approach to assist delay the event of dental illness. Nearly all cats will, nonetheless, require a professional teeth cleaning, and even tooth extractions, beneath anesthetic on the veterinary clinic in some unspecified time in the future in life. Tooth brushing can, nonetheless, scale back the frequency of those procedures.

7. Verify Repeatedly for Mats.

When you personal a long-haired cat, you need to test them each couple of days, at least, for any proof of matting. Mats will be extremely uncomfortable to your kitty and must be gently eliminated, both by grooming out if doable or with clippers or scissors if not. If eradicating a mat with scissors, be extraordinarily cautious to not reduce your cat’s pores and skin. If matting is extreme, that is finest eliminated by an expert groomer or veterinarian to keep away from the chance of pores and skin damage.

8. Don’t Ignore Food plan

A balanced eating regimen to your cat is important for his or her pores and skin and fur well being. There are lots of nutritional vitamins and minerals which might be required for a wholesome fur coat, and these can all be present in high-quality, full cat food.

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9. Keep in mind to Vacuum!

Lengthy-haired cats usually shed a big quantity of hair into their atmosphere.

It could not appear apparent, however maintaining on prime of the house responsibilities will help preserve your cat’s coat in tip-top form. Useless hair across the property can turn out to be entangled in your long-haired cat’s coat, making it tougher for them to maintain on prime of grooming themselves and growing the chance of matting and hairballs. Human hair may also be problematic and contribute to your cat’s fur matting.

10. Lion Cuts

Some cats merely hate to be groomed by their proprietor and wrestle to maintain their coats matt free. Moreover, some homeowners might wrestle to maintain on prime of grooming, particularly if they’ve well being problems with their very own. Older cats or these affected by joint ache are people who normally wrestle probably the most with grooming themselves. In case your cat will not be grooming you possibly can learn extra recommendation here.

These long-haired cats can profit from a “lion reduce,” particularly in hotter summer season months. A lion reduce is the place the fur is eliminated out of your cat’s physique with clippers however left lengthy on the pinnacle, legs, and tail. This may occasionally appear excessive, however it may be massively useful for the welfare of long-haired cats the place grooming will not be an possibility. This could by no means be tried with scissors and will ideally be undertaken by an expert groomer.

A full-body clip might have to be performed beneath sedation to cut back the chance of stress to your cat, and if so, it should have to be performed at your native vet. If you’re struggling to handle your cat’s fur, chat by the choices along with your veterinarian. A lion reduce will not be the reply for each long-haired cat however could also be acceptable in excessive circumstances that may’t be managed by typical grooming means.

Ultimate Ideas

Common brushing and full-body grooming classes could make a large distinction within the well-being of your long-haired fur child. By making a guidelines, you possibly can make sure you give your cat a radical check-over which not solely will be labored into your cuddle classes however made extra constructive with treats. Additionally, by figuring out your cat’s physique, you’ll shortly discover any delicate adjustments. This can help you search veterinary care earlier when wanted and preserve your cat their happiest and healthiest self.

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Often Requested Questions

Are you alleged to groom long-haired cats?

Sure, most often, your long-haired cat will want common grooming. Lengthy-haired cats can wrestle to maintain on prime of their coat upkeep, resulting in mats and tangles.

Are long-haired cats extra upkeep?

Briefly, sure. A cat with longer fur requires extra upkeep than their short-haired equal. If you’re contemplating buying a longer-haired breed, you need to be ready to undertake common grooming classes or pay an expert groomer to keep up your cat’s luscious locks!

What occurs in case you don’t groom a long-haired cat?

Whereas most cats are excellent at grooming themselves, longer hair cats are extra susceptible to tangles and mats creating of their fur. If these aren’t stored on prime of by their proprietor, they’ll turn out to be dense and intently adhered to the pores and skin, which will be each painful and in addition damaging to the pores and skin. Poor grooming, sadly, can result in important welfare points in long-haired cats.

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