10 Trustworthy Opinions: Is It Regular to Hate Your Cat Generally?

Cat lovers declare to reside, die, and kill for his or her feline pals, all in the identical breath.  Nevertheless, residing with a pet for twenty-four hours a day, all days of the week exposes you to a few of their annoying behaviors the place you is probably not feeling essentially the most loving in the direction of them.

No matter how lovable your furry buddy could also be, listed here are 10 tales from agitated homeowners who’re the masters of balancing love-hate relationships.

1. Litter Field Woes

A Litter Robot with litter boxes.
Picture credit score: Floppycats.

Cats and canines are two opposites in all issues till it involves pooping. One individual admitted sounding like a canine proprietor once they talked about how their cat was pooping out of the litterbox with out good purpose. Understandably, it may be a bit upsetting to turn into a poop collector all day, all time. 

2. The Sushi Mishap

All of us have these days when not even a single factor appears to be going proper, and to high all of it off, your cat’s unwarranted habits may be the final straw. Somebody recalled the time when their day was stuffed with consecutively terrible issues, from the morning visitors to the boss’s yelling.

In the end, they solely wished to take a seat and have some sushi to overlook the horrendous happenings. Alas, the cat knocked the takeaway field down, inflicting all of the sushi to get coated in cat fur. The sushi was past restore, and so was their spirit. 

3. Zoomies or Zzzz’s

Cat jumping in the air to get something.
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Zoomies are a stunning sight until they occur throughout your already short-lived sleep earlier than work the following morning. Somebody talked about their remorse after shouting “oi” after their cat’s fifth pounce on their head.

4. Claw and Order

Kitten on a hotel couch playing
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Bitey habits shouldn’t be new for cat homeowners, but it surely’s arduous to not dislike your cat for a second when that occurs. Somebody had their foot bit by their cussed cat who’d hold making its approach again to their mattress. 

5. Wire Catastrophes

A cat laying on the floor ready to jump.
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Cords and cats aren’t pals, as many of us identified. One individual complained how overlaying the cords can be of no use. At occasions like this, you need to sit down and negotiate along with your cat, because the consumer additional talked about. Perhaps have a bit stare-off earlier than telling your feline good friend to make higher life decisions?

6. Spilled Tea, Anybody?

Boston Fern Plants
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Now, for those who’re something like this one who talked about having a tender spot for cats attributable to their childhood fondness, you could be extremely tolerant of most shenanigans. You’ll be unfazed by the mess, appreciative of the attention-seeking habits, and enthusiastic in regards to the zoomies. Nevertheless, knocking overfilled glasses is the place many would draw the road.

Moreover, one irritated particular person advised us in regards to the dropping feeling of their chest as they noticed their cat knock over the crops. It’s protected to say that the love isn’t so robust when that occurs. 

7. Meowing Morning Alarms

Cat being petted by a women in bed.
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Ginger cats are infamous for being completely bonkers. A consumer commented about their foolish orange scratching the mattress and meowing until the homeowners wakened. At that second, I suppose it’s okay to hate your cat as a lot as you hate your morning alarms.

8. Furry, Fussy Eaters

Cat drinking out of a water bowl.
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Cats may be choosy eaters, ones which are notably spoiled. A number of of us complained about their cats solely wanting moist meals and hating portion sizes since they limit them from having an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

9. Water Warriors

cat sitting next to a water dish not drinking
Picture credit score: Floppycats.

Subsequent, we’re speaking about choosy drinkers who received’t settle for water if it’s not in a human’s mug or glass. You can get them the cutest kitty bowl, solely to see their paw attain for that morning tea you’ve freshly made. As anticipated, many of us protested towards such habits. 

10. Affection at Gunpoint

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Cuddles are nice and all until you need to go the toilet. One individual advised us how demanding their cat is concerning cuddles. When the cat says it’s cuddle time, you greatest imagine it, otherwise you’ll be clawed until you agree. Appears like a hostage state of affairs, however Stockholm syndrome blinds all cat lovers. 

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