12 Uncommon Cat Behaviors to Look Out For – and What They Imply!

Cats can behave in all method of fascinating methods. A number of what they do, we count on from them, and we are able to perceive the that means. However some cat behaviors are a little bit odd and may confuse house owners. Preserve an eye fixed out for these behaviors from any cats you realize in order that you understand how to react.

Rolling Over

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat Caymus After Getting Ozone Therapy Rectally rolling happy IMG_4561
Picture credit score: Used with permission for Floppycats.

You may assume that rolling over is a trick solely canines do, however cats will generally roll round. It’s not a trick however an indication that they’re very joyful and playful.

Zooming Across the Room

Gus - Ragdoll of the Week playing
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The zoomies will be hilarious. Seeing your cat abruptly certain across the room at high velocity is a sight. However simply watch out – in case your cat doesn’t are inclined to zoom round after which abruptly begins, it could be fleas.

Presenting Their Butt

Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Havana loved by S Bryant outside
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Don’t be alarmed in case your cat turns round, raises up their tail, and exhibits off their butt to you. Normally, this simply means they’re relaxed and having fun with your petting.

Kneading You

Honey the white and silver shaded raggamuffin loved by Destin kneading
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Cats knead with their entrance paws after they’re comfortable. It’s a conduct linked to their time as a kitten after they knead their mother to stimulate milk. Kneading with the again paws is an indication the cat is about to pounce or assault, so watch out.


Bowie loved by Gale Bowie is a Chocolate bicolor Ragdoll cat splooting
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Splooting – when the cat stretches their entrance paws out forward and their rear paws behind – can look uncomfortable. However it’s only a cat’s manner of stretching out their joints – nothing to fret about.

Watching You

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You could really feel like your cat has initiated a staring contest with you, and they are often fairly mesmeric. Normally, staring is only a signal of affection however search for different physique language which will recommend one thing else.

Scratching Round Meals

Ragdoll Cat Scratching The Floor Around Food
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This isn’t typical conduct, however it will possibly occur. In case your cat is scratching alongside their meals, it means they don’t prefer it and need to do away with it.

Slowly Blinking

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A cat’s gradual blink is seemingly an indication that they really feel snug and protected round you. And it’s believed that you would be able to make a cat really feel safer by repeating the gesture to them.

Dashing Away from Random Issues

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Cats don’t are inclined to sprint away from an object with out warning in the event that they aren’t fearful of it, so if a sure object causes them to run, they might not prefer it or could have some trauma associated to that merchandise.

Leaving Poop Uncovered

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Everyone knows that cats wish to bury their poop and like hygienically. In the event that they’re leaving it uncovered, it usually means your kitty is aggravated or needs to point out dominance over you. It could even be a medical problem, although.

Chewing on Random Issues

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Cats know what’s edible and what isn’t, however that doesn’t cease them from chewing on issues they shouldn’t. This is usually a signal of tension or that they’re unwell. It’s additionally a choking hazard, so maintain a detailed eye on this one.

Ignoring You

Charlie-a-Seal-mitted-ragdoll-cat-with-a-blaze-on-back-patio-IMG_4130-1536x2048 (1)
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Cats have a status for being moody or aloof and generally ignore you and faux you’re not even there. That is regular – simply allow them to be, and so they’ll quickly need your consideration once more.

Alarming Moments: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Conditions

Crazy cat look
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Does Your Cat Twitch When Being Pet?

Grumpy cat looking at the camera
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