Are Candles Protected for Cats?

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For those who love your cat however love candles too, can you could have the very best of each worlds? Are candles protected to have round cats? The reply is sure, you’ll be able to have your cat and candles too, with a little bit care and a spotlight given to the dangers that candles pose. One easy strategy can be to make use of candles in closed rooms or exterior. One other can be to contemplate different sources of ambient lighting and residential fragrances. Let’s dive into cats and candles a bit extra.

Fast Overview


Cats will be delicate to fragrances generally present in candles, and a few important oils are toxic to cats.


An open candle flame and a curious cat don’t combine.


There are cat-friendly options to candles, in addition to strategic methods to burn candles safely as a cat proprietor.

Which Wax – Does It Matter?

Candles have at all times been well-liked, and there’s a enormous selection to select from. Starting from cheaper paraffin candles to costly natural and vegan wax candles, some even comprise your favourite perfume oils,  preserved fruits, or foliage. However with regards to candle security round cats, the kind of wax is essential.

Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, initially a by-product of the gasoline trade, and must be averted. All smoke accommodates carcinogens, that are cancer-causing particles. The fumes of paraffin wax are poisonous, and whereas ventilating the room may help, it’s really not well worth the threat.

Paraffin fumes should not good for you, both. They will trigger irritation to the airways of pet dad and mom and pets alike, which could result in a visit to the physician or veterinarian.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency warns that burning paraffin merchandise is a supply of indoor air air pollution which will be extremely dangerous to these inhaling the fumes. The EPA additionally explains the dangers of lead core wicks; wicks product of pure fibers must be used as an alternative.

Different considerations raised by the EPA included extra candle toxins, reminiscent of acrolein, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde, which may result in lung and coronary heart illness in folks. Additionally they warn of the dangers of soot from scented candles, however there is no such thing as a scientific proof of the potential well being dangers this poses presently.

For those who resolve you’ll be able to’t surrender your candles, you’ll want to look out for pure wax candles that don’t exude poisonous fumes. Beeswax, soy wax, coconut wax, and vegetable-based candles are all nice selections. They is likely to be a bit extra dear, however for the sake of some {dollars}, your well being and the well being of your cat is price it.

Are Fragranced Candles Protected for Cats?

Scented candles are nice items, and most naturally-scented candles are pretty innocent. Many individuals use them as air fresheners, maybe to stifle undesirable pet odors. Nevertheless, cats are very specific creatures, distinctive of their likes and dislikes.

New scents across the dwelling will be unsettling to cats, notably if it’s a scent that they detest. In reality, robust smells near your cat’s meals or litter field may have an effect on their day-to-day actions and result in stress-related diseases reminiscent of feline idiopathic cystitis.

Whereas your cat will tolerate most scents in small portions, some odors appear surprisingly disagreeable to many cats. Widespread examples embody citrus, menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, and thyme. In order to not upset your cat, you may wish to keep away from candles emitting these fragrances altogether.

Some candles comprise essential oils, which will be extra problematic. Some important oils are poisonous to cats, however your cat is unlikely to know this, they usually is likely to be fairly interested in any new and attention-grabbing aromas. Poisonous oils embody bitter almond, wintergreen, citrus, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, and tea tree (melaleuca) oil. The chance is through ingestion or pores and skin contact.

Whereas scorching wax may cause burns, merchandise containing poisonous oils may cause pores and skin irritation whatever the temperature. And, when you may suppose your cat is unlikely to lick a candle, any wax containing important oils on their fur is likely to be consumed whereas grooming themselves.

Indicators of Toxicity and Extra Dangers

Indicators of toxicity rely upon the important oil your cat has been uncovered to. Probably the most worrying signs embody vomiting and diarrhea, respiratory points, liver harm, and neurological indicators, reminiscent of tremors and stability points.

The dangers that important oils pose are elevated in case your cat has entry to pure oil. There may be doubtless the next threat from an important oil diffuser, an oil or incense burner, or if they’re uncovered to the fluid from electrical perfume plug-ins. Cats that lick chilly oil from burners may expertise extreme chemical burns to their tongue. The EPA additionally cites incense smoke as a explanation for contact dermatitis and most cancers in folks.

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Cats and Flames Don’t Combine

cat on a blanket looking at candle light

Preserving burning candles in closed rooms away from cats is one of the best ways to keep away from a possible catastrophe.

It appears apparent that any open flame is a threat to your cat, however it’s simple to neglect simply how agile and adventurous cats will be. Placing a lit candle on a shelf might sound protected, however cats can attain most high-up areas in the event that they actually wish to. New objects within the dwelling that emanate mild and a recent scent will definitely intrigue any cat.

A curious cat can get greater than they bargained for in the event that they get too near a candle. There’s a threat they may knock a candle over, or a flame may catch their fur, whiskers, or tail on hearth. As with folks, burns in animals are very critical accidents, and their fur received’t shield them any greater than our clothes will.

Candles May Set off Respiratory Points

In case your cat has an underlying respiratory situation, candles will be extra of a difficulty. Feline bronchial asthma, often known as cat bronchitis or feline decrease airway illness, can lead your cat to have bouts of wheezing, coughing, and be wanting breath. It may be very alarming and horrifying after they have a extreme episode.

Triggers for feline asthma embody smokey environments, fumes, aerosols, mud pollens, cleansing merchandise, and a few meals. Preserving their surroundings well-ventilated and smoke-free is essential. Use candles solely in rooms your cat can’t entry.

Even cats not recognized to have bronchial asthma can expertise irritation of the airways and respiratory issues if uncovered to candle smoke. So, conserving your cat away from burning candles is sweet recommendation. Bear in mind, at all times open the home windows after utilizing candles. This removes any residual fumes as soon as the flame is put out.

Can I Make Candles Safer for My Cat?

White British cat in the room on the table sniffing candles

Candles with LED lights are an awesome cat-friendly different to candles with flammable wicks.

You will need to weigh the dangers of utilizing candles and work out if there’s a protected means to make use of them with out placing your cat at risk. Making certain you utilize pure merchandise, reminiscent of beeswax candles, and ventilating your room effectively is a should. By no means depart pets alone in a room with a lit candle, regardless of how excessive up you place it.

Even when you supervise your cat, utilizing a glass candle cowl or inserting the candle in a lantern can also be wise. That means, your cat will wrestle to the touch the candle even when they fight.

Utilizing a heavy-based candle can stop it from by accident toppling over. Moreover, some folks like to face candles in a shallow water basin. Therefore, any accidents result in the candle being immersed and the flame quashed instantly.

Alternatively, maintain candles for supervised out of doors use solely. Or, even higher, persist with battery-powered candles and fairy lights. These pet-safe choices are super-pretty and long-lasting. Your cat may even get pleasure from investigating your faux candles when you will be 100% positive they won’t be scorching their paws or setting your property alight.

Cats and Candles: The Closing Phrase

Generally, pure wax candles emit such low ranges of fumes and fragrances (together with important oils) that they’re pretty protected when burnt often and for a short while. However, open flames ought to at all times be managed fastidiously, and additional precautions must be taken for these cats with underlying respiratory illness.

Dangers enhance with frequent and extended publicity. Don’t use candles containing poisonous important oils. Though the oils should not extremely concentrated, it simply isn’t well worth the threat, and there are loads extra cat-friendly choices on the market.

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Regularly Requested Questions

Are scented candles dangerous to cats?

Cats are extra bothered by some scents than others. Whereas most scented candles are comparatively protected, they won’t be to your cat’s style. In reality, your cat may even be repulsed by the odor. As well as, some important oils can hurt cats if they’ve shut contact with the concentrated oil.

Scented candles produce elevated soot ranges within the surroundings, which could set off bronchial asthma and different respiratory situations. So they’re finest averted in case your cat has underlying lung illness.

What candles shouldn’t be burned round cats?

Paraffin candles ought to by no means be burned round cats, and even folks for that matter, as they emit poisonous fumes. Candles containing important oils reminiscent of bitter almond, wintergreen, citrus, and tea tree oil must be averted.

Of their pure varieties, these important oils will be extraordinarily poisonous to cats. To be completely protected, you could resolve that your cat shouldn’t be allowed in the identical room as a burning candle – that is by far the only answer.

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