Are Tuxedo Cats Aggressive? Information & Frequent Habits

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Cats have lengthy been thought-about stylish and above reproach, however we cat mother and father know the true reality: They are often simply as foolish and hilarious as any pet!

However what about tuxedo cats? In spite of everything, they seem like they’re carrying a tuxedo, so certainly, they’re at all times calm and refined?

It seems that tuxedo cats are usually extra aggressive than different cats!

Let’s talk about tuxedo cats in additional element, together with what precisely a tuxedo cat is and the way aggressive they’re.

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What Are Tuxedo Cats?

They aren’t cats carrying tuxedos, however technically, they might be! Tuxedo cats are bicolored black-and-white cats which have a particular coat sample. They are often of practically any breed, however so as to be thought-about a tuxedo cat, they have to be predominantly black (or generally grey) with jaunty white whiskers and white on their chin, chest, stomach, and paws.

Tuxedo Ragamuffin Cat
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Are Tuxedo Cats Aggressive?

In a 2015 research, researchers used 1,274 surveys that cat house owners had stuffed in on-line to find out if there was a hyperlink between coat shade and aggressive habits1.

They discovered that black-and-white—in addition to gray-and-white—cats can react aggressively towards people in three completely different settings:

  • Throughout on a regular basis interactions
  • Throughout veterinary visits
  • When being dealt with

That sounds prefer it’s virtually at any time! The researchers additionally discovered feminine tortoiseshells, calicos, and torbies (tortoiseshell tabbies) to be aggressive in these conditions.

Nonetheless, it’s probably that there are a lot of tuxedo cat house owners on the market vehemently disagreeing with this. It’s not truthful to color each cat breed—or cat with a particular coat shade—with the identical brush.

Not like canines, cats have primarily been bred for look and never as a lot for temperament. A 2019 research discovered that there are inheritable habits traits amongst breeds, however since a lot of what makes up a cat’s character will be fairly particular person, it’s not going that each tuxedo cat is aggressive2. Additionally, the tuxedo will not be a breed however a coat shade, so the possibilities of all black-and-white cats being aggressive are slim.

Listed below are extra findings:

  • The cats that had been ranked highest for aggressive habits had been the black-and-white cats. Following tuxedos, calicos and grey tuxedos had been subsequent in line for aggression.

  • Tuxies additionally topped the size for cats that don’t like being dealt with by individuals except it’s on their very own phrases.

  • The cats thought-about easygoing and docile had been tabbies and all-black and all-gray cats.

  • Torties had been thought-about the moodiest of all coat colours.

  • Gray-and-white cats had been the most certainly to react aggressively throughout a go to with the veterinarian.

Are Tuxedo Cats Affectionate?

Tuxedos are identified for having slightly cattitude, however they’re additionally identified to be fairly loving. Normally, tuxies are spunky and affectionate, however in accordance with the research, they solely need to be dealt with on their very own phrases, which simply feels like most cats.

So, like aggressive habits, whether or not a tuxedo is affectionate relies on the person cat and their atmosphere and upbringing.

tuxedo cat is smiling
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Prime 6 Information In regards to the Tuxedo Cat

Tuxies are beautiful and fascinating cats, so we need to provide you with extra details about these moderately distinguished felines.

1. Not All Tuxedo Cats Are Black and White

Whereas most tuxedo cats are black and white, it’s the sample that makes them a tuxie. They’re thought-about tuxedo cats so long as they’re predominantly one shade (like grey or orange) and have the particular white markings (white chin, chest, stomach, paws, and whiskers).

tuxedo cat in the tree
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2. Tuxedo Cats Can Be Male or Feminine

In the event you’re a lover of all issues cat, you’ve most likely heard that calico and tortoiseshell cats are genetically virtually at all times feminine and that ginger cats are predominantly male.

Possibly it’s the tuxedo look, however whereas they’re typically mistaken to be largely male, they’re simply as prone to be feminine.

3. Tuxedo Cats Can Be Nearly Any Breed

For the reason that black-and-white coloring is only a coat sample and never a particular breed, many alternative breeds of cats will be tuxies. Maine Coons, British Shorthairs, American Curls, Persians, and even Sphynxes can all be tuxedos.

Tuxedo Ragdoll cat in the garden
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4. A Tuxedo Cat Doesn’t Want a Tuxedo Father or mother

The tuxedo doesn’t want a tuxedo mum or dad; they simply must inherit a black gene and a white recognizing gene. So, if one mum or dad provides the offspring the white recognizing gene and the opposite mum or dad provides the black gene, the kitten will be born a tuxedo even when neither of the mother and father are tuxedos.

5. Many Tuxedo Cats Have Been Owned by Well-known Individuals

There’s no precise proof of a few of these well-known cat house owners, but it surely’s stated that Ludwig van Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and William Shakespeare all owned tuxedo cats!

The Clintons owned a tuxedo named Socks throughout their time within the White Home, which was a rescue cat that Chelsea Clinton adopted.

A tuxedo virtually turned the mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. His identify was Tuxedo Stan, and he was even endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper! Sadly, he didn’t get into workplace.

Again in 1998, a tuxedo cat named Sparky was the richest cat in the world, as he inherited $6.3 million when his proprietor handed away.

tuxedo cat
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6. Tuxedo Cats Are Not Costly or Uncommon

Except you’re shopping for a purebred tuxedo like a Maine Coon, common mixed-breed tuxedos will not be laborious to search out and shouldn’t be costly. In the event you discover a breeder with a tuxedo telling you in another way, look for your cat elsewhere.

Actually, since tuxedos are fairly widespread, you may simply discover one at your native animal shelter or rescue group, so why not undertake a tuxie?


So, are tuxedo cats aggressive? It’s doable that they’re extra persnickety than cats which can be all black (that are seen because the sweetest cats), but it surely does rely on the person cat.

Additionally, in that research linking them to aggressive habits, we don’t know the breeds of the tuxedo cats that had been part of the survey. It’s extra probably that the breed of the tuxedo cat may need influenced their habits and never simply because they had been tuxedos.

On the finish of the day, coat shade doesn’t actually matter. Caring in your cat and maintaining them wholesome and glad for his or her complete lifetime is much extra necessary.

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