Are Whippets Good With Cats? Info & FAQ

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Whippets are extraordinarily affectionate and lively canine that coexist fortunately with different canine and like being round youngsters. However do they prolong the identical friendliness to cats and different animals? Whippets will be good with cats in case you prepare them early on.

As soon as skilled, these canine can stay with a cat beneath the identical roof with none drawback. However even then, you shouldn’t depart a Whippet alone together with your feline because you by no means know after they may go into chase mode.

Since Whippets are sighthounds, they belong to the class of canine bred for his or her fast instincts. As a result of this, your Whippet could chase any shifting object, reminiscent of a cat or some other small animal. Due to this fact, in case you’re planning to convey a cat into your private home with a Whippet, you need to know a number of issues beforehand. Our information covers most of them, so let’s dive in.

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Can Whippets Co-Exist With All Cats?

Whether or not a Whippet can be good together with your cat is determined by the feline’s character and their response to the canine. If you have already got a Whippet and are planning to get a brand new cat, contemplate your canine’s character earlier than selecting a kitty.

As an example, in case your Whippet tends to get aggressive round shifting objects, it could be safer to not get a cat in any respect. Canine that growl or bark excessively and lunge at objects could possibly be a hazard to a cat.

But when the Whippet has been socialized, you will get them a feline companion that matches their character. For instance, don’t get a small kitten or an aged cat in case your canine likes to play tough. As a substitute, get a playful cat that’s lively sufficient to interact in playtime together with your canine.

Equally, in case your Whippet is an aged canine, get a laid-back cat. A kitty that runs round excessively might overwhelm your Whippet.

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The way to Introduce a Whippet to a Cat

Even when your canine is socialized, they should comply with a correct introduction process. It should assist your Whippet be extra welcoming towards the brand new addition to the household. Right here’s the step-by-step methodology to introduce a cat to your canine.

1.  Choose a Location

The primary assembly between a cat and a canine will considerably have an effect on their relationship going ahead. If you have already got a cat at dwelling and plan to get a Whippet, don’t take your kitty to the shelter or the breeder’s place. As a substitute, introduce your cat to the Whippet once you convey them dwelling.

Equally, don’t take your resident canine to a cat rescue or shelter for hygiene causes. In case your canine has had socialization coaching, you’ll be able to introduce them to your new pet cat at dwelling.

In any other case, get them accustomed to being round cats earlier than you select to undertake a kitty. You’ll be able to prepare playdates with your pals’ dog-savvy cats or enroll your Whippet in a socialization class.

2.  Separate Each Animals

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Over the following few days, rotate between freedom for each animals. For instance, confine your canine to their crate for a number of hours, letting the cat discover the home. Then, maintain the cat in a separate room whereas the canine investigates their scent.

It additionally helps to have a separation barrier to maintain each animals separate. Nonetheless, in case your canine barks excessively on the new pet, they may want extra time to heat as much as the cat. You’ll be able to rent an expert coach in case you’re not assured about your coaching abilities.

In the event that they behave usually, you’ll be able to transfer on to the next step.

3.  Introduce Them on a Leash

Now that each animals have investigated one another’s scent, they are going to be much less skeptical. You’ll be able to maintain them in the identical room or house now. The canine must be on a leash. If the cat permits, put them in a harness too.

Hold introducing each animals like this till they settle down. signal is that they may use their litter containers usually. They may also not present any indicators of aggression or worry.

Listed below are some warning indicators that your Whippet could also be getting aggressive:

  • Full Focus:In case your Whippet focuses persistently on the cat with out taking their eyes off the kitty, that’s a warning signal. They might additionally lunge ahead as quickly because the cat strikes.

  • Growling: Barking, snapping, and growling at a quiet cat additionally signifies aggression.

4.  Enable Interplay

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When you’re sure that each animals have discovered learn how to be on their greatest conduct round one another, the leash can go. Allow them to work together with one another round the home.

Regulate them after they play collectively to make sure your Whippet doesn’t damage the cat. Irrespective of how pleasant they appear, don’t depart them alone unsupervised.

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The way to Practice a Whippet To not Chase Cats

As talked about, Whippets have a pure intuition to chase shifting animals. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to prepare your canine to not chase the cat at dwelling.

Recall coaching and obedience coaching will help immensely on this regard. A recall is a must have in case your canine likes to chase shifting objects and also you’re anticipating a brand new pet.

The aim of a “dependable recall” is to make sure your canine will come to you on command. Since they aren’t robots, you can’t assure your Whippet will obey your recall command each time, however a dependable recall can maximize the situations when your Whippet will come to you.

Instructing your canine to “come” to you’ll get them to cease the chase. Equally, you’ll be able to train them to “cease.”

When to Hold a Cat Away From a Whippet

Most sighthounds aren’t very obedient, however Whippets are an exception. Even then, there are situations the place it will be higher to not have a pet cat in the home.

In case your Whippet has exhibited aggressive conduct towards a cat earlier than, that’s a crimson flag. Canine with PTSD (post-traumatic stress dysfunction) or anxiousness even have a tough time adjusting to a brand new member in the home.

In case your Whippet makes a number of makes an attempt to assault a cat in the course of the first introduction or preliminary interactions, they won’t be capable of regulate nicely to a brand new pet.

You may have two choices in such situations. First, hand over the concept of keeping a cat and dog in the identical home. Second, rent an expert to coach your Whippet and assist them regulate to the presence of a cat.

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When to Socialize a Whippet

You can begin socializing your Whippet at 7 to eight weeks of age. By this time, they’d have obtained their first set of vaccines.

Early socialization can help your pet develop into a superb companion to a cat, different canine, and your loved ones. You need to not drive your Whippet into uncomfortable conditions the place they really feel nervous. As a substitute, introduce them to new environments and animals slowly.

The bottom line is to stop withdrawal and overstimulation. Let your canine take their time warming as much as new individuals, locations, canine, or different animals.

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Whippets are sociable dogs that do nicely round youngsters, strangers, and different pets. You too can anticipate your Whippet to be light with a cat, offered they’ve obtained early socialization coaching.

Mix socialization coaching with obedience and recall coaching to make sure you can cease your canine earlier than they trigger any critical hurt. Even when your Whippet is a peaceful and pleasant canine that has welcomed a cat into the home with out a lot hassle, you shouldn’t depart the 2 of them alone.

At all times supervise your Whippet round a cat or youngsters. Their pure intuition can set off their chase response, leading to somebody getting damage.

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