Azodyl For Cats: Overview, Dosage, & Facet Results

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Azodyl is a dietary complement made by Vetoquinol USA that’s designed to help kidney well being in cats and canines with continual kidney illness (CKD). Azodyl comprises useful micro organism that assist break down toxins often eliminated by wholesome kidneys. The producer claims that Azodyl helps enhance the standard of life in pets with kidney illness and reduces a few of the blood markers of CKD.

In case your cat has been prescribed Azodyl, you may need some questions on its results. This text will clarify all the things you must find out about this remedy and the way it can help your cat’s well being.

Azodyl for Cats Overview

Treatment Kind:



The producer claims that Azodyl helps to help the detoxing of uremic toxins and would possibly enhance BUN and creatinine values (blood markers of kidney illness).

Out there Dosages:

A bottle of Azodyl comprises 90 small, easy-to-swallow capsules. Every small capsule is reported to include 15 billion CFUs of probiotic.

Potential Facet Results:

No identified uncomfortable side effects.


Security unknown in pregnant or lactating animals.


No identified contraindications. Appropriate with different renal therapies.

About Azodyl For Cats

In case your cat’s kidneys should not working nicely, toxins can construct up of their bloodstream. The presence of poisons would possibly trigger poor appetite, lethargy, vomiting, and different signs seen in kidney disease. It has been theorized that including additional micro organism into the bowel, through medicines like Azodyl, can cut back the buildup of poisons and cut back a few of the signs of kidney illness.

Azodyl comprises three strains of micro organism that assist help wholesome kidney perform: Streptococcus thermophilus KB19, Lactobacillus acidophilus KB27, and Bifidobacterium longum KB31. These are mixed with prebiotic components psyllium husk, gellan gum, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide.

Only some small research have been performed on Azodyl’s effectiveness. A case series of seven cats discovered enhancements in some blood markers of kidney perform. One other study in humans reported an enchancment in high quality of life utilizing related probiotics.

Nevertheless, all of the research which have proven constructive outcomes are sponsored or supported by the producer. This could make their findings tough to belief.

Dose For Cats

Azodyl is presently solely accessible in capsule kind. Your cat will want between one and three capsules a day, relying on their measurement. You can begin Azodyl as quickly as indicators of kidney illness are discovered and proceed it for the remainder of their life.

Weight Dose
Lower than 5 kilos 1 capsule each day
5 to 10 kilos 2 capsules each day (1 within the morning, 1 within the night)
Extra than10 kilos 3 capsules each day (2 within the morning, 1 within the night)

How To Administer Azodyl To Cats

cat eating

Cats should swallow Azodyl capsules entire, so  you can not combine the capsules’ contents into your cat’s meals.

To be efficient, your cat should swallow Azodyl capsules entire. The acid-resistant capsule protects the micro organism inside from being digested earlier than it reaches the bowel. Which means you can not break the capsules up or sprinkle the contents on meals to make it simpler to manage. In reality, a recent study confirmed that Azodyl sprinkled on the meals of cats with continual kidney illness had no impact.

The producers additionally advocate that or not it’s given on an empty abdomen for the perfect outcomes, which makes administration even trickier. One of the best ways to manage Adozyl is immediately into your cat’s mouth an hour earlier than or two hours after a meal.

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Facet Results Of Azodyl For Cats

There aren’t any identified uncomfortable side effects from utilizing Azodyl. Nevertheless, often cats battle to swallow the capsules entire, which may trigger them to vomit them up entire. Making certain your cat has free entry to recent consuming water after administration may help them to swallow the capsule utterly.

Overdose And Emergencies

There isn’t any printed information on the consequences of an overdose of Azodyl. However within the occasion of an overdose of Azodyl, you must contact your veterinarian instantly for recommendation.

Potential Drug Interactions With Azodyl

Doctor veterinarian is holding cute cat Burmese cat

Azodyl has no know uncomfortable side effects, however in the event you discover any points whereas your cat is taking it, notify your veterinarian.

There aren’t any identified drug interactions with Azodyl. The producers additionally state that it’s suitable with different therapies for kidney illness. Nonetheless, keep in mind to inform your vet about any medicines your cat is taking (together with dietary supplements or natural treatments).

How To Retailer Azodyl

You need to retailer Azodyl within the fridge. Some on-line retailers additionally advocate that it’s shipped in a single day on ice packs to guard the micro organism from excessive temperatures.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Is Azodyl protected for cats?

Azodyl does have any identified uncomfortable side effects. The producer additionally states that it’s protected to make use of with different renal therapies. That mentioned, it’s sensible to observe your cat when taking any new medicines.

How do you feed Azodyl to cats?

Azodyl should be taken entire and, ideally, on an empty abdomen. There are a number of methods to provide the capsule to a cat, together with a pill-popper gadget and giving them an additional little bit of water to encourage them to swallow.

Are you able to sprinkle Azodyl on meals?

No, Azodyl is handiest when taken entire. That is because of the capsule’s protecting exterior, which comprises the micro organism till it reaches the bowel.

Is Azodyl efficient?

Just a few research level to Azodyl’s effectiveness in cats, in addition to people. Nevertheless, most of those research are supported or sponsored by the corporate that make Azodyl. We hope to see extra non-sponsored analysis.

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