Borzoi Canine Breed Data & Traits

All of the accepted coat colours of main kennel golf equipment are:

Black, Brindle, Black & White, Black Brindle, Black Sable, Blue, Blue Brindle, Blue & White, Blue Sable, Cream, Cream Brindle, Cream & White, Cream Sable, Fawn & White, Fawn Brindle, Fawn Sable, Gold Brindle, Gold & White, Gold Sable, Gray, Gray & White, Gray Brindle, Gray Sable, Lemon, Lemon Brindle, Lemon & White, Mahogany, Mahogany Sable, Mahogany & White, Mahogany Brindle & White, Crimson & White, Crimson, Crimson Brindle, Crimson Sable, Crimson Sable & White, Self-Black, Self-Gold, Self-Fawn, Self-Crimson, Silver, Sable, Silver & White, Silver Brindle, Silver Sable, Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell & White, Tricolor, White, White & Black, White & Blue, White & Brindle, White & Cream, White & Fawn, White & Gold, White & Gray, White & Lemon, White & Mahogany, White & Silver Sable, White & Crimson, White & Crimson Sable, White & Sable, White & Tortoiseshell, White & Silver, Wolf Sable

Completely different Varieties Of Borzoi Coats

There are several types of coats:

  • Lengthy-haired Psovoy Borzoi – Longer outer coat, lengthy hair within the neck kinds frills, within the hind paws (fringes and culottes). The lengthy hair on the tail is well-covered on all sides, making it dense and bushy
  • Mushy-haired Hortoy Borzoi – Lined with a comparatively quick, dense coat, with out a ruff, with out fringes, with out culottes nevertheless there may be feathering within the tail
  • Brudastoy Borzoi has a rough or wire-haired coat
  • Intermediate sort or short-term variations – There are such a lot of variations because of the geographic range of Russia. Lengthy-haired or silky-haired with/with out, fringes, culottes, or feathering

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