By no means Use Sticky Tape for Lanternflies! It Kills Birds!

embedded photo from Audubon News: Downy Woodpecker found in Brooklyn. Photo: Sarah Valeri

22 August 2023

Invasive noticed lanternflies are swarming over Pittsburgh proper now, particularly close to the railroad tracks. Everybody needs to kill them however the first resolution that comes up on any Google search is a really, very dangerous one. NEVER EVER use sticky tape to seize bugs. Glue tape kills birds!

Audubon Information, the supply of the embedded picture above, wrote concerning the hazards of glue tape final March: Meant to Catch Spotted Lanternflies, Glue Traps Are a Horrifying Hazard for Birds. Solely 10% of the trapped birds survive, even when they’re taken to a rehabber.

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center in Lancaster County, PA has years of expertise with the hurt brought on by sticky tape. This Fb report from 17 August 2023 is only one of them. Three of the 4 trapped woodpeckers died and the fourth is in bother.

So what are you able to do to kill lanternflies?

For timber use the Circle Lure. You may make it your self. Instructions found here.

For house, make a easy vinegar lure :

Noticed lanternfly and bug vinegar lure (picture by John English)

Straight white vinegar plus dish liquid — possibly a 1/2 tsp — to interrupt the floor rigidity. (Insect by-catch on this picture: a cicada.) Due to John English for this suggestion.

For private fight there are many options: Electrical “Tennis Racket” bug zappers, the Bug a Salt Gun, and so forth. discovered through Amazon searches.

Electric “tennis racket” bug zappers via Amazon search
The Bug a Salt gun via Amazon search

Watch a champion noticed lanternfly killer use these instruments in a video from VICENews:

video from VICENews on YouTube

p.s. Why are noticed lanternflies extra prevalent close to railroad tracks? They arrived as egg lots caught to railcars and hatched from there. Their host tree is the Ailanthus, an invsaive weed that grows alongside the rail traces. They were first found in southwestern PA at a rail yard in Beaver County in 2020.

(picture and video credit are within the captions)

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