Can I Use A Muzzle To Cease My Canine Barking? Canine Coach Explains

Extreme barking is a typical downside amongst canine, and it may be irritating for house owners. 


When a canine barks excessively, it might probably disrupt the peace in your house, annoy your neighbors, and trigger you to really feel harassed and anxious. As such, it’s no shock that many homeowners are searching for methods to manage their canine’s barking conduct.

One resolution that will come to thoughts is utilizing a muzzle. Muzzles are generally used to forestall canine from biting, however can additionally they be used to cease barking? On this weblog put up, we’ll discover the effectiveness and security of utilizing a muzzle for this function.

Understanding Canine Barking

Earlier than diving into the usage of muzzles, it’s vital to grasp why canine bark. 


Canine bark for quite a lot of causes. Some canine could bark excessively as a result of separation nervousness or concern, whereas others could bark to get consideration or out of pleasure.

muzzle for barking 1
My coonhound, Shelby howling her little coronary heart out.

The Predominant Causes Canine Bark:

  • Communication
  • Boredom
  • Anxiousness
  • At environmental triggers

Reactive canine, and harassed canine will are typically louder than different canine, nevertheless it’s vital to establish the underlying reason behind your canine’s extreme barking, as it’s going to assist decide probably the most applicable resolution. For instance, in case your canine is barking as a result of boredom, offering extra bodily and psychological stimulation could also be useful. If the primary purpose your canine is barking as a result of separation nervousness, behavioral coaching and environmental adjustments could also be essential. 


It’s also possible to use your dog’s body language to present you an thought as to what the precise conditions are that means, and whether or not the barking is concern, environmental, boredom or communication. 

For instance, I’ve coonhounds, they’re loud canine, and goodness solely is aware of, generally it will be tempting to make use of an anti-barking gadget, or a muzzle to mute their barking, however I perceive as an expert canine coach that they’re loud canine, and generally that makes my german shepherd bark too! They’re not a bored canine, however they’ve merely discovered a critter, and are doing what they had been bred to do. 

However as pet house owners, it might probably actually trouble us – and I get that! And as annoyed as we’re a muzzle is rarely your reply. 

Canine who’re naturally louder

  • Husky
  • Alaskan Klee Kai
  • Nice Pyrenees
  • Pomeranian
  • Most terriers
  • Chihuahuas
  • Bloodhounds
  • Coonhounds
  • Beagles
  • Basset hounds
  • Daschund
  • Keeshond
  • Fox hound
  • Harrier
  • American Eskimo Canine
  • Schnauzer
  • Samoyed
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • German Shepherd
  • Viszla
  • Shiba inu
  • Australian shepherd
muzzle for barking 4
You’d have to suit a muzzle actually tightly to cease them barking… which actually isn’t moral

Kinds of Muzzles

They arrive in two essential types of muzzle: basket and mushy muzzles (Emergency muzzles). Basket muzzles are made from inflexible supplies, equivalent to wire or plastic, and have a basket-like construction that permits the canine to pant and drink water. Smooth muzzles, alternatively, are made of material and usually cowl the canine’s mouth and nostril.

Nonetheless, to make use of a basket muzzle successfully as an anti-bark resolution, you would need to match it tightly to the snout of your canine, so tight that your canine’s snout can’t open, or can open minimally. Nonetheless, most canine house owners (and trainers) recognise that this isn’t moral.

However make sure that we get the right fit and pick the best muzzle possible if we do determine to muzzle practice for the proper causes (and all the time with optimistic reinforcement!)

Can a Muzzle Cease Barking?

Muzzles can forestall a canine from barking by bodily limiting the mouth’s motion (although it received’t stop them whining). It can work as a short-term resolution – nevertheless you shouldn’t use a muzzle on this means. Muzzles are for stopping a canine’s potential to chunk, not a bark. They’re worn for security, not for silence.

Whereas utilizing a muzzle could provide short-term efficacy in controlling barking, it’s vital to acknowledge that this methodology doesn’t handle the basis reason behind the issue. Failing to handle the underlying trigger may result in long-term points and a continued reliance on the muzzle.

Moreover, utilizing a muzzle to manage barking could trigger discomfort and stress on your canine. The muzzle could limit respiration and panting, which may result in overheating and nervousness. It could possibly additionally danger your canine choking on their very own vomit as they received’t be capable to expel it. 


So, it’s vital that we by no means use a muzzle to mute our canine, and as an alternative, we handle the underlying reason behind extreme barking! 

muzzle for barking 3
Lucy sings the music of her individuals recurrently, however we’ve resolved outdoors is okay to bark, and inside? Will not be! And customarily we’re fairly constant!

Security and Moral Considerations

Utilizing a muzzle to manage barking comes with potential dangers and discomfort on your canine. Improper sizing and becoming may cause damage, whereas extended use can result in stress and nervousness. It’s additionally essential to contemplate the moral implications of utilizing a muzzle for this function, because it is probably not probably the most humane resolution.

When utilizing a muzzle, be sure that it matches correctly and doesn’t trigger discomfort or damage. You also needs to monitor your canine intently for any indicators of overheating or stress. In case your canine exhibits indicators of misery or discomfort whereas carrying a muzzle, it’s vital to take away it instantly.

How Do I Cease My Canine Barking Then?

As with every part in canine coaching, one of the best ways to resolve your canine’s conduct is to handle the basis trigger. There are a number of options to utilizing a muzzle for controlling extreme barking. 

These embody behavioral coaching, environmental adjustments, and addressing any underlying well being points. Behavioral coaching can assist train your canine to bark much less and reply to instructions, whereas environmental adjustments, equivalent to offering extra train and psychological stimulation, can assist cut back boredom and nervousness.

It’s additionally vital to rule out any underlying well being points which may be contributing to your canine’s extreme barking. For instance, in case your canine is experiencing ache or discomfort, your canine could also be barking to speak this to you.

The most important factor? Don’t shout at them. Paradoxically it doesn’t do a single factor.

7 Steps To Cease Barking

That is all a part of conduct modification, as normal obedience coaching doesn’t are likely to work. For those who need assistance choose an authorized utilized animal behaviorist! Coaching classes ought to be achieved briefly durations of time and loads of small treats.

  1. Sensory restriction can assist cut back barking by eradicating sight or sound triggers. Choices embody window frosting, curtains, blinds, or taking part in white noise or calming music.
  2. Desensitize the set off by rewarding your canine for remaining calm when uncovered to the set off from a distance, step by step lowering that distance over time.
  3. Guarantee correct sleep and downtime on your canine to keep away from overstimulation and extreme barking.
  4. Enhance psychological stimulation by means of puzzle toys, mind video games, and trick coaching to scale back boredom and anxiety-related barking.
  5. Present extra train, particularly for high-energy breeds, equivalent to swimming, operating, or climbing, to scale back extra vitality that may result in barking.
  6. Prepare various behaviors, equivalent to redirecting your canine to a particular location or motion when triggers happen, to exchange barking.
  7. Reward quiet conduct by ignoring barking and rewarding your canine when they’re calm and quiet, reinforcing the affiliation between being quiet and being rewarded.

If you’d like extra of an thought how to stop barking, read the full write up!

muzzle for barking 2
naturally, coonhounds are actually fairly loud – nevertheless it’s a part of their allure?

Can I Use A Bark Collar To Cease My Canine Barking?

It’s finest to not, bark collars are a punishment based methodology of canine coaching (whether or not that’s a nylon muzzle, an electric shock, ultrasonic emitters or a citronella spray, and even only a vibration) and aren’t required to show our canine when to not bark. Observe the guidelines above, and work on their emotional response, that’s all the time the most suitable choice for our canine and their welfare. The excellent news is we don’t must punish. We all the time need to create a optimistic affiliation between your canine’s right selections and minimise their alternative to get it unsuitable.

​Kindness Above All

It’s vital to acknowledge that it is probably not the very best long-term reply. Addressing the basis reason behind the barking and exploring various strategies is essential on your canine’s well-being. For those who’re struggling to discover a resolution, contemplate in search of skilled steering to make sure your canine’s well being and happiness.

If you’d like an awesome muzzle for coping with your canine conduct, or as a coaching support for an aggressive canine (or related!) then go learn my record of best dog muzzles.

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