Can Turtles Eat Corn? Vet-Reviewed Diet Details & FAQ

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The data is present and up-to-date in accordance with the newest veterinarian analysis.

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Turtles require quite a lot of totally different meals to remain completely satisfied and wholesome all through their life. As a turtle proprietor, you might be accountable for offering a balanced weight loss plan. In any case, you possibly can’t count on your pet to fend for themselves! So, you may ponder whether your turtle can eat a sure meals as you put together meals for them.

One query that almost all turtle house owners ask is whether or not their companion can eat corn. Is corn protected for turtles to eat? The brief reply is sure! Nevertheless, the lengthy reply is that corn shouldn’t be a giant a part of their weight loss plan. Right here’s what you must know.

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Corn Can Be a Wholesome A part of Your Turtle’s Weight loss plan

In case your turtle is like most, they wish to get pleasure from a different weight loss plan and can lose curiosity in meals that appear to be on the menu most of the time. For that reason, you must present your pet with many sorts of fruits, greens, and bugs together with the industrial meals that you just give them. Corn isn’t a meals {that a} turtle would discover within the wild, so whereas it’s not an unhealthy selection, it’s also not designed to satisfy all of your turtle’s dietary wants. A little bit of corn can go a good distance, so it ought to be handled as an occasional deal with relatively than a each day ration.

Mediterranean turtle eating corn in the sun
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Corn’s Diet Details

Right here’s a breakdown of essentially the most notable vitamins present in corn and what number of of those may be present in a cup of strong corn kernels (or the equal).

Diet Parts Quantity per Serving
Protein 4.3 g
Carbohydrates 30.49 g
Fiber 3.28 g
Sugar 5.74 g
Calcium 8.2 g
Iron 1.41 g
Magnesium 32.8 g

Source: University of Rochester

Ceaselessly Requested Questions (FAQ)

Here’s a checklist of generally requested questions and their solutions, so you possibly can guarantee that you’re offering your pet turtle with the suitable diet as time goes on.

What Ought to a Turtle’s Fundamental Weight loss plan Be?

We suggest feeding your turtle a industrial meals that’s specifically designed to satisfy all their dietary wants. Nevertheless, this isn’t sufficient to maintain your turtle completely satisfied and wholesome. You could embody a variety of fruits and greens at mealtimes too. Corn may be a kind of meals, so long as it’s not supplied each day.

Tortoises are eating corn
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What Type of Corn Ought to a Turtle Be Provided?

Contemporary, uncooked corn on or off the cob could make a superb deal with in your turtle. You may as well feed them frozen corn that has been thawed. There isn’t a must cook dinner corn in your turtle, and in reality, doing so will destroy some helpful vitamins. Don’t feed your turtle any corn that has butter, salt, or different components added to it.

Can Turtles Eat the Cob?

In case your turtle tries to eat the cob after cleansing the corn off it, it’s a good suggestion to take it away, as it may be a choking hazard. It additionally supplies no vital vitamins for turtles and will even create digestive issues. It’s finest to maintain cobs away out of your turtle altogether in the event you can’t be there to oversee their mealtimes.

African spurred tortoise in front of white background eating corn
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What Different Sorts of Greens Can a Turtle Be Fed?

Turtles can eat a wide variety of produce. Most love indulging in squash, sprouts, cucumbers, watercress, kale, cabbage, cilantro, and bell peppers. Spinach and beet greens may be supplied sparingly, however take into account that these meals are excessive in oxalates, which might bind to calcium and different minerals so that they can’t be absorbed by the physique.


Turtles can safely eat corn, however whereas it’s not unhealthy for them, it gained’t meet all their dietary wants. Corn ought to be an occasional deal with relatively than part of their regular meals.

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