Clicker Coaching Your Cat: A Easy How-to Information

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Many individuals assume that coaching a cat is inconceivable. It’s true that there are cats on the market that gained’t recognize such efforts; anybody who spends time with a cat is aware of how a lot they like doing issues their very own approach!

That mentioned, it’s fairly doable to coach a cat. There are even performing cat acts, just like the Savitsky Cats, that may outperform some canines!1

Listed below are a number of tips about how one can practice your cat with a clicker, together with going over what that’s. We take you step-by-step on tips on how to clicker practice your cat.

Why Practice a Cat?

Earlier than we get into the small print of coaching your cat, we wish to deal with why you’ll even practice your cat within the first place. It’ll profit them in a number of methods:

  • It’s a good way to stimulate your cat’s thoughts and physique, which will help hold them out of bother.
  • It might probably additionally enable you type a stronger bond together with your cat.
  • It might probably make cats with anxiousness or aggression points extra assured and fewer more likely to act out, notably if they’ve behavioral issues which may stem from boredom.
  • It might probably assist for those who like taking your cat on outings, like strolling on a harness and leash. You may even practice your cat to not bolt when startled outdoors.

Let’s take you thru the steps to start out efficiently clicker coaching your cat.

Picture Credit score: Andriy Blokhin, Shutterstock

1. You’ll Want a Clicker

Clickers are useful instruments which can be a part of constructive reinforcement coaching. They’re small units that match within the hand and make a noticeable clicking sound when pressed. Clicker coaching is often known as marker coaching as a result of the click sound “marks” the specified conduct.

Any clicker can work with a cat, even one labeled “for canines.” Simply keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too loud, as which may startle your cat. It’s also possible to obtain a clicker app! In case your cat is tough of listening to or deaf, you need to use a penlight.

2. Give Them Treats

You’ll desire a high-value deal with that your cat will do something for. In case your cat loves common cat treats or lickable ones, refill on them.

If these treats don’t inspire your cat sufficient, attempt issues that they don’t normally get, akin to small items of tuna or boiled hen. Purpose for one thing that smells robust and can entice your cat to it.

However solely give your cat a small quantity of whichever deal with you’re utilizing; you don’t need your cat getting full on snacks.

maine coon cat having treat
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3. Introduce the Clicker to Your Cat

Cats don’t have the longest consideration spans, so your coaching classes should be brief—just some minutes at a time.

Begin by getting your clicker and treats prepared, and sit on the ground together with your cat. Click on the clicker, and instantly give them a deal with or a lick of a lickable deal with.

Proceed this whereas your cat continues to be , and they’ll finally begin to catch on that good issues occur after they hear the clicking. You’ll discover this when your cat begins to take a look at the treats as a substitute of the clicker after listening to the sound.

4. Resolve What You Need to Practice Your Cat to Do

Now that your cat has a fundamental understanding of the clicker, you should progressively begin incorporating precise coaching. Begin by coaching your cat to sit down:

  • Make sure that they’re standing and targeted on you. Along with your treats and clicker on the prepared, maintain a deal with as much as your cat’s nostril.
  • When your cat begins sniffing it, slowly arc the deal with from the nostril to between their ears and say the command phrase “sit.” Your cat will comply with the deal with, and as they elevate their chin to trace it, their rear finish ought to routinely hit the ground.
  • The second that they sit, instantly click on the clicker and provides them the deal with. By way of repetition, your cat will affiliate sitting with the clicking and your command phrase.

Another choice is to maintain a pointy eye in your cat, and after they naturally sit, say “sit,” click on, and provides them the deal with. Preserve this up, and your cat ought to finally affiliate sitting with rewards.

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5. Proceed the Coaching

As soon as your cat has mastered sitting, you possibly can attempt completely different instructions. It’s greatest to stay with the sort of coaching designed to assist your cat keep protected moderately than trying to drive them to study methods for performing in entrance of different folks.

It’s necessary that cats retain their dignity, so intention to show your cat to do issues like strolling on a harness and leash and coming if you name. It’s also possible to practice your cat to cease undesirable conduct, akin to scratching the sofa. However this sort of coaching ought to be performed along side making the sofa undesirable. Put sticky tape on the areas the place your cat scratches, and anytime your cat scratches the scratching put up, click on and reward.

6. Don’t Give Up

Cats usually are not domesticated the identical approach that canines are. They’ve simply lived alongside people with none actual try at coaching, so don’t count on your cat to take to it fairly as simply as a canine.

It might probably take some time for many cats to reply to clicker coaching, so it’s necessary to be affected person and persevere. Make sure that you’re utilizing a deal with that makes your cat tremendous motivated; in any other case, discover one thing that your cat actually responds to.

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Ultimate Ideas

  • All the time click on the second that your cat does the specified conduct.
  • Solely click on as soon as; by no means click on a number of occasions or it could show complicated.
  • Coaching classes ought to solely be for a couple of minutes each time.
  • Some methods may want a number of steps, so click on and reward for each. For instance, when educating your cat to enter the service, click on and reward after they strategy it, after they sit close to it, and after they enter it.
  • Each motion that your cat takes have to be voluntary. By no means push them or transfer them your self.
  • By no means punish your cat, even when they only don’t appear interested in the training. Punishment will solely stress your cat and cause fear and anxiety.


It’s doable to clicker practice your cat no matter breed or age, although some cats will reply a lot faster than others. All cats have completely different personalities and temperaments, so it’s greatest to be affected person and take your time with coaching.

Clicker coaching your cat is an excellent way to bond with them and can assist construct confidence in your cat too. Simply bear in mind to be constant and use rewards that your cat will do virtually something for, and your clicker coaching ought to show profitable!

Featured Picture Credit score: Andriy Blokhin, Shutterstock

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