Dan Tallman’s Chicken Weblog: American Dipper

I feel dippers are discovered all yr alongside Tumwater Falls close to Olympia. We examine the falls and rapids about as soon as a month, however seeing these chook is tough. We solely discover them on about two-thirds of our searches. This picture is our first for 2022, having missed them in December. This photograph was taken on 8 February 2022.

American Dippers are fantastic, robin-sized birds that feed in and round tumbling mountain streams. Typically they feed beneath the water, however often they work the stream edges and rocks. Their feathers are remarkably waterproof. We’re a bit perplexed by the white edged wing feathers, often an indication of an immature chook. Maybe, then, this particular person is a second-year chook, since breeding in Washington doesn’t begin earlier than March.

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