Debunking Myths About Cats: Cats and Milk, Friendliness, Seeing Ghosts, Scared-y Cats, 9 Lives, and Climate Predictions

Main vet charity PDSA is debunking well-liked myths about our feline buddies.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing explains: “Cats are a preferred pet with virtually 1 / 4 (24%) of UK adults proudly owning one, in line with our newest PDSA PAW Report – that’s an estimated 11 million cats in properties throughout the UK.

“However regardless of this, there are nonetheless some myths that folks imagine about our furry members of the family! From consuming a saucer of milk every day to seeing ghosts, we’ve all heard the rumours but it surely’s protected to say, don’t imagine every little thing you hear.”

Cats and milk

“For years we’ve seen cats having fun with a saucer of milk on TV and different media so plenty of house owners typically suppose that cats want milk to be wholesome however this isn’t true! In reality, milk may truly do extra hurt than good to your feline good friend.

“Your cat could appear to love the style of milk, however we’d all the time advise steering away from giving it to them. Most cats are literally lactose illiberal as they don’t have the enzyme (lactase) of their intestines to digest the sugar in milk (lactose), that means that milk which comprises lactose could make them poorly. They will get vomiting, diarrhoea and abdomen ache from consuming it, similar to lactose intolerance in people.

“Not simply that, however a saucer of milk may be loaded with fats! One saucer of milk in your cat is such as you consuming a whole 12-inch pizza. That may not sound too unhealthy by itself, however think about consuming that on prime of all of your normal every day meals. Instantly that pizza looks as if much more! Giving your cat milk cannot solely make them poorly however it might additionally cause them to acquire weight. It’s greatest to keep away from!

Not very feline-friendly

“It’s typically thought that cats are lots much less pleasant in comparison with different well-liked pets equivalent to canine – however once more this isn’t true. All animals are totally different, no matter kind of pet or breed, they’ve totally different personalities similar to people. Cats make pretty pets, and with the precise residence life setting and constructive coaching, they’re typically nice, loving companions. Cats present their feelings and show affection otherwise than canine do and normally like issues to be on their phrases.

Cats can see ghosts

“All cat house owners have in all probability skilled their feline good friend working crazily from room to room however regardless of what you might need been informed about cats seeing ghosts, there’s no proof to assist this.

“Cats can sense issues we are able to’t for instance their listening to is far more delicate than ours, however this doesn’t essentially imply they’re sensing something paranormal. They’re simply choosing up on issues which are taking place round us that may be too quiet for us to listen to.

“In case your cat is working round like one thing possessed, the chances are high that they’re having a humorous 5 minutes to eliminate the surplus power they could in any other case burn when searching and further playtime might be wanted.

Scared-y cats

“We’ve all heard of the time period ‘scared-y cat’, however sadly when a cat is scared it’s greater than only a phrase. Cats may be afraid of plenty of various things and for a lot of house owners discovering the reason for the issue and realizing what to do subsequent is usually a problem. Sadly in case your cat is left with none assist their worry can result in stress, anxiousness and even sickness, particularly as fears are inclined to worsen over time. For those who suppose your cat is appearing out of types, hiding away, or usually extra careworn, it’s all the time greatest to talk to your vet for recommendation.

Cats have 9 lives

“Cats have a outstanding potential to fall from a peak and land on their toes typically unhurt which may be fairly stunning to witness. And whereas they could appear fortunate, they undoubtedly don’t have 9 lives. They handle to get out of some ‘sticky’ conditions, however they aren’t invincible! As a substitute they depend on their athletic skills, flexibility, power and their tail, which they use for steadiness. Having stated that, it’s all the time greatest to verify your second ground home windows or balconies are securely closed or coated with mesh in order that they don’t trigger themselves any accidents.

Cats can inform the climate

“Some imagine that if a cat licks their fur extra, it means it’s going to rain, however sadly not, our pets can not predict the climate. Usually, cats are very clear animals and prefer to groom themselves, so until it’s going to rain day-after-day, this superstition is totally unfaithful. In case your cat is licking themselves much more than regular, it’s all the time greatest to contact your vet for recommendation as this is usually a signal of sickness equivalent to stress, parasites, or pores and skin allergic reactions”

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PDSA is the UK’s largest vet charity offering a significant service for pets throughout the UK whose house owners battle to afford remedy prices for his or her sick and injured pets. For a lot of weak pets, PDSA is there to assist when there may be nowhere else for his or her house owners to show. Help from gamers of Folks’s Postcode Lottery helps us attain much more pet house owners with important recommendation and knowledge.

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