Do Cats Actually Want Moist Meals? Vitamin Info & Ideas

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Ever stood within the pet meals aisle, scratching your head, asking your self, “Do cats actually need moist meals?” Effectively, you’re not alone! Brief reply: Cats can completely reside on dry meals, however including some moist meals to their food regimen is usually a well being sport changer and make their mealtime extra thrilling.

Understanding Cat Vitamin

What’s on the Menu for Cats within the Wild?

Cats are obligate carnivores, which is a elaborate method of claiming they’re born meat lovers and want a food regimen made up of no less than 70% protein so as to survive. They’d usually snack on small animals like rodents and birds within the wild. These little critters not solely fulfill their protein wants but additionally include a facet of hydration since they include fairly a little bit of water.

Breaking Down a Cat’s Dietary Wants

Like us, cats want a balanced food regimen, together with proteins, fat, carbs, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. However being obligate carnivores, they want sure vitamins present in animal tissues. Two biggies are taurine, good for his or her coronary heart and eyes, and arachidonic acid, a sort of fatty acid that helps them burn fats and produce vitality.

Hydration Station

Hydration is tremendous essential for cats, however right here’s the catch – cats don’t have a powerful thirst drive. So, in the event that they’re solely consuming dry meals, they may not be consuming sufficient water. And we undoubtedly need to keep away from any urinary tract points or different well being issues associated to dehydration.

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Advantages of Moist Meals for Cats

The Hydration Issue

One of many greatest causes to go for moist meals is its excessive moisture content material. Identical to their pure prey, moist meals is about 70–80% water, so it’s a incredible method to maintain your cat hydrated, which is tremendous essential for his or her urinary tract well being and general metabolism.

Extra Protein, Please!

Moist meals usually has extra protein on a dry matter foundation than dry meals. Since cats want quite a lot of protein, it is a massive win. Moist meals typically incorporates extra meat and fewer carbs, making it supply of high-quality protein. Together with moist meals in your cat’s food regimen may help them meet their dietary wants and contribute to sustaining wholesome muscle tissue and a powerful immune system.

Yummy within the Tummy

And let’s not overlook the style. Many cats discover moist meals yummier than dry meals. The smooth, meaty texture of moist meals is just like the prey that cats would naturally eat, and the completely different flavors could make them lick their whiskers. This may be particularly useful for choosy eaters or older cats who may need misplaced their urge for food as a consequence of age or sickness.

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Drawbacks of Moist Meals

Dental Dilemma

However hey, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns with moist meals. One draw back is that it doesn’t assist a lot with dental hygiene. In contrast to dry meals, which may help clear your cat’s tooth after they chew, moist meals doesn’t present this profit. Common moist meals consumption with out dental care might result in oral well being issues like plaque build-up, tooth decay, and gum illness.

Storage Struggles

Additionally, storing moist meals is usually a little bit of a problem. As soon as opened, it must be saved within the fridge and used inside 2–3 days. In case you wish to feed your cat small parts all through the day or are sometimes away from dwelling, this may be inconvenient. Alternatively, dry meals will be saved at room temperature for longer.

Value Tag

After which there’s the price. Wet food is generally pricier than dry food as a result of it has extra protein and is available in particular person cans or pouches. However contemplate this – together with moist meals in your cat’s food regimen would possibly lead to decrease vet payments in the long term.

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Balancing Moist and Dry Meals

So, what’s the answer? A balanced method. Together with each moist and dry meals in your cat’s food regimen can supply the most effective of each worlds. Moist meals may help with hydration and protein consumption, whereas dry meals can contribute to dental well being.

In case you’re planning to introduce moist meals into your cat’s food regimen, do it step by step. Cats can have delicate stomachs, and a sudden change in food regimen can upset their digestive system.

The Significance of Common Vet Verify-ups

Common vet check-ups are tremendous essential to ensure your cat’s food regimen is working for them. These visits may help catch potential well being issues early on, and your vet can present recommendation on dietary changes if wanted.

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Ideas for Getting Extra Moisture into Your Cat

Cats aren’t all the time the most effective at staying hydrated. Listed below are 10 suggestions to assist guarantee your cat will get sufficient moisture of their food regimen:

  • Feed Moist Meals: Moist meals is often about 70–80% water, making it an effective way to extend your cat’s water consumption.
  • Add Water to Dry Meals: In case your cat prefers dry meals, strive including some water to it. This will make it extra hydrating and probably extra interesting.
  • Present Contemporary Water Each day: Be sure that your cat has entry to recent water always. Change the water every day to make sure it’s clear and interesting.
  • Use A number of Water Bowls: Place water bowls in a number of areas round your private home. Cats typically want to drink in numerous spots, so having a number of choices can encourage them to drink extra.
  • Put money into a Cat Water Fountain: Some cats want shifting water. A cat water fountain can stimulate their curiosity and encourage them to drink extra.
  • Strive Flavored Water: Add a little bit of taste to the water, akin to a splash of tuna juice or hen broth (be sure that it’s low-sodium and onion-free). This will make the water extra attractive.
  • Feed a Uncooked or Do-it-yourself Weight loss plan: Raw or homemade diets typically include extra moisture than business dry meals. Nevertheless, these diets ought to be fastidiously balanced to make sure your cat will get all the mandatory vitamins. At all times seek the advice of together with your vet earlier than altering your cat’s food regimen.
  • Supply Ice Cubes: Some cats get pleasure from taking part in with and licking ice cubes. This is usually a enjoyable and interactive method to enhance their water consumption.
  • Hold Their Water Bowl Clear: Cats usually tend to drink from a clear bowl. You should definitely wash your cat’s water bowl often to stop any buildup of micro organism or algae.
  • Monitor Your Cat’s Hydration Ranges: Repeatedly examine your cat’s hydration ranges by gently pinching their pores and skin. If it doesn’t spring again rapidly, your cat could also be dehydrated. Additionally, look out for indicators of dehydration akin to lethargy, sunken eyes, and a dry mouth.


In a nutshell, whereas cats don’t completely want moist meals to outlive, it may give them some well being advantages and make mealtime extra pleasant. Whether or not you select to feed your cat moist meals, dry meals, or a mixture of each, a very powerful factor is to make sure their food regimen is balanced and meets their particular dietary wants. Common vet visits are key to monitoring your cat’s well being and adjusting their food regimen if obligatory. With the right nutrition, your feline pal can reside a wholesome and completely satisfied life.

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