Egyptian Tortoise: Footage, Info, Eating regimen & Care Information

Egyptian tortoise

In case you’re trying to personal a tortoise that isn’t massive, then the Egyptian Tortoise would possibly simply be the appropriate pet for you. These guys are extremely tiny (solely 3 to five inches lengthy!) and tremendous cute. Their small measurement means they take up method much less area, which may be nice for these dwelling in residences or condos.

Need to study extra in regards to the Egyptian Tortoise to find out if it’s the appropriate pet for you? Preserve studying, then, as a result of we’ve received a variety of info to present you. From the best way to look after these tortoises to the best way to arrange their habitats, you’ll discover what that you must know beneath!

Dimension: 3–5 inches
Weight: 0.5–1 lbs
Lifespan: 70–100 years
Appropriate for: Skilled tortoise homeowners
Temperament: Chill, inquisitive

The Egyptian Tortoise is the smallest tortoise species within the Northern Hemisphere. It is usually critically endangered because of the lack of its pure habitat. Hailing from Egypt and Libya, these little guys are fairly fashionable and comparatively straightforward to look after (when adults, at the least).

Egyptian Tortoise Traits

How A lot Do These Tortoises Value?

The Egyptian Tortoise is certainly on the pricier aspect! These animals value, on common, about $1,000 (although costs can go greater). Add onto that the price of your new pet’s habitat and kit, and these little guys are an funding. However contemplating they may outlive you by a bit, it’s a reasonably good funding.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have an excessive amount of bother discovering certainly one of these tortoises. Regardless of their critically endangered standing (or maybe due to it), breeders are keen to provide as many of those reptiles as they’re capable of. Merely looking out on-line for an Egyptian Tortoise ought to carry up a number of outcomes for the place to buy certainly one of these cute animals.

Kleinmann's tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni), also called commonly the Egyptian tortoise
Picture Credit score: Michal Sloviak,Shutterstock

Egyptian Tortoise Habits

These animals are gentle and non-aggressive for probably the most half, although they’ll actually turn out to be snappish or cranky in the event that they’re mishandled. In addition they don’t get pleasure from being picked up or dealt with typically, so an excessive amount of of that may make them grumpy. But when dealt with correctly, you’ll discover the Egyptian Tortoise to be a pleasant companion.

You’ll discover that these tortoises are extra lively at nightfall and daybreak. The temperature outdoors may affect their exercise ranges; if it’s too scorching, they’ll be much less lively. However more often than not, nightfall and daybreak are if you discover these little guys foraging and exploring their environment!

Do These Tortoises Make Good Pets?

The Egyptian Tortoise could make a wonderful pet for households, first-time tortoise homeowners, and skilled tortoise lovers. Their temperament makes them appropriate for most individuals (although kids ought to all the time be supervised round these little guys). Saved in the appropriate surroundings and dealt with rigorously, this tortoise could make an inquisitive and enjoyable companion. Nevertheless, you will have to test legal guidelines in your space to determine if proudly owning one the place you reside is authorized.

Egyptian tortoise
Picture Credit score: Rafael Ramirez Lee,Shutterstock

Egyptian Tortoise Tank Mates

In the case of different animals in your Egyptian Tortoise’s habitat, you’ll discover that they are often pretty tolerant—at the least so long as different animals are additionally tolerant of them. So, you shouldn’t have aggression points or violent conduct from this tortoise. Nevertheless, there may be an exception to this; having multiple male Egyptian Tortoise within the tank, notably if there are additionally feminine tortoises round, can result in competitors and aggression.

The Egyptian Tortoise may not do nicely with different tortoise species. There could be some aggression there, plus the potential of the totally different species breeding.

Ideally, if you would like a number of Egyptian Tortoises, you’ll need to have a single male with a few females (although male Egyptian Tortoises would possibly show a bit amorous with their feminine counterparts, so look ahead to that).

Care Sheet & Habitat Setup:

In fact, as a tortoise, your Egyptian Tortoise will want a habitat that meets very particular necessities, together with temperature, substrate, and tank measurement. You’ll additionally have to know the best way to correctly feed your pet and any well being situations which may come up. All the pieces that you must know, you’ll discover beneath!

Mild Necessities

The Egyptian Tortoise initially comes from a desert habitat, so these guys are used to spending hours within the solar. Meaning they’d be absorbing tons of UVB rays of their regular habitat, in order that’s what you’ll want to copy in your tortoise’s surroundings. Fortunately, you are able to do simply that with a ten% UVB bulb in your tortoise’s enclosure. A lot of these bulbs are particularly designed for reptiles that come from the desert. Simply make sure you place the bulb excessive sufficient within the surroundings that it received’t burn your pet.

You’ll additionally have to set a day/night time cycle in your tortoise, as these reptiles do greatest with having 12 midnights and 12 hours of sunshine. You may possible discover a bulb on a timer, or you possibly can merely begin dimming a bulb as night time approaches earlier than in the end turning it off.

Egyptian tortoise in a wildlife
Picture Credit score: Egyptian tortoise in a wildlife_Matt Starling Pictures,Shutterstock

Tank Dimension

Egyptian Tortoises are tiny, in order that they don’t want a ton of area. Nevertheless, any enclosure must be at the least 2’ x 2’ x 2’ (although be at liberty to make it bigger when you have the area!). There are various choices in terms of an enclosure—one made from wooden would retain warmth higher, whereas a plastic one would give your pet some extra privateness, and a glass enclosure will assist you to see your tortoise everytime you need. The selection is as much as you, although it’s best to learn up on the professionals and cons of every.


Rising vegetation in your Egyptian Tortoises enclosure provides your pet refuge when it needs to cover, visible boundaries, and enjoyable issues to discover. Plus, having extra vegetation within the tank might help your pet get in train, as when they’re most lively, they are going to scurry round from spot to identify. In fact, if you happen to use actual vegetation within the tank and so they’re shut sufficient, your tortoise will nibble at them, so that you need to select vegetation which are secure for them to eat. Just a few vegetation you possibly can strive embrace:

  • Abutilon

  • African Violets

  • Boston Fern

  • Carex

  • Scaredy Cat

  • Sofa Grass

You additionally don’t need your tortoise to gorge itself on the vegetation, although, because it may make itself unwell, so watch out when utilizing reside vegetation. It’s also possible to place pretend vegetation in your Egyptian Tortoise’s enclosure to keep away from them consuming something if you happen to favor.

boston fern
Picture Credit score: inonoyazy, Pixabay


Most likely the preferred substrate for Egyptian Tortoises within the U.S. is crushed coral, which has been used efficiently. You may decide it up from pet shops or feed and grain shops. Crucial factor in regards to the substrate you employ, although, is that if eaten, it’s unlikely to trigger a intestine impaction. You additionally need the substrate to really feel dry when touched, however on the similar time, permit for humidity to be held beneath the floor.

It’s also possible to go together with a mixture of sand and soil or just one or the opposite. These tortoises aren’t massive on burrowing, so that you solely want a 2 to three inches deep substrate.

Issues to Know When Proudly owning an Egyptian Tortoise

Now you know the way to arrange your Egyptian Tortoise’s habitat, it’s time to study your pet’s food regimen, the way it will develop, and what potential well being issues would possibly come up.

Egyptian tortoise in a wildlife
Picture Credit score: Matt Starling Pictures, Shutterstock

Meals & Eating regimen Necessities

Egyptian Tortoises are largely vegetarian, however they are going to benefit from the occasional insect. For probably the most half, although, your pet will want a food regimen of grasses, leafy greens, flowers, and broadleaf vegetation. Particularly, you’ll need to embrace sea lavender and saltwort.

You do need to watch out in regards to the types of greens you give your tortoise, although, as vegetation which have a excessive content material of oxalic acid (like spinach or parsley) may end up in bladder or kidney stones in your pet. As an alternative of greens like these, serve your tortoise some kale, dandelions, or watercress. It’s also possible to throw in a colourful veggie, equivalent to bell peppers or carrots, every so often as a deal with.

As for how often your pet should be fed, each different day ought to suffice for grownup Egyptian Tortoises.

Dimension & Development Chart

An grownup male Egyptian Tortoise might be about 4 inches in size and weigh almost 4 ounces, whereas an grownup feminine might be round 5 inches in size and weigh about 14 ounces. When first born, although, hatchlings are solely the scale of a dime! In case you aren’t an skilled tortoise proprietor, you’ll possible need to go together with an grownup somewhat than a hatchling to make sure your pet has a protracted life. As a result of they’re so minute when first born, hatchlings are extraordinarily delicate and a bit laborious to look after.

Egyptian Tortoises will often attain their grownup size and weight someplace between 5 and 10 years of age. Males usually attain maturity faster, between the ages of 5 and 7, whereas females mature between the ages of seven and ten.

Egyptian tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni) standing on the rock
Picture Credit score: reptiles4all, Shutterstock

Lifespan and Well being Situations

Sadly, the Egyptian Tortoise may be vulnerable to plenty of well being points, so that you must be ready. Don’t wait till your pet turns into unwell to attempt to discover an unique vet that may deal with it; discover a vet lengthy earlier than that occurs! And remember the fact that many situations this reptile faces may be warded off by correctly caring in your pet, feeding them a nutritious diet, and protecting their surroundings clear. A wholesome Egyptian Tortoise ought to reside between 70—100 years (although life in captivity does generally shorten the lifespan of an animal only a bit).

Minor Situations

  • Improper shedding
  • Parasitic an infection

Severe Situations

  • Kidney or bladder stones

  • Herpesvirus

  • Metabolic bone illness

  • Pyramiding

  • Respiratory infections

Male vs Feminine

Apart from their distinction in measurement, there received’t be a lot else that differs between a female and male Egyptian Tortoise. The feminine is bigger than the male, however each sexes will usually be laid-back (so long as they aren’t handled too often) and inquisitive about their environment. Which intercourse is greatest for you’ll come right down to choice.

3 Little-Identified Info In regards to the Egyptian Tortoise

You understand tons about this tortoise now, however listed here are three extra information you may not have recognized!

1. The Egyptian Tortoise is also called Kleinmann’s Tortoise

The place does the title “Kleinmann” come from? A French stockbroker named Edouard Kleinmann, who in 1875 collected the holotype.

2. The Egyptian Tortoise is extra lively within the winter

These guys are very chilly tolerant and are, in actual fact, the one tortoise that may be a temperate terrestrial that’s extra lively in winter and fewer lively in summer time.

3. An Egyptian Tortoise’s clutches are very small

There would possibly solely be one massive egg within the clutch, or (hardly ever) there might be as much as 4 eggs. So, if you happen to’re making an attempt to breed these tortoises, don’t anticipate many hatchlings directly!

two Kleinmann´s tortoise (Egyptian Tortoise)
Picture Credit score: Marlonneke Willemsen, Shutterstock

Ultimate Ideas

The Egyptian Tortoise is an adorably tiny tortoise (the smallest within the Northern Hemisphere!) that can make a wonderful pet. Although even new tortoise homeowners ought to have the ability to deal with the adults of the species, it’s not suggested that these new to the world of tortoises attempt to increase a hatchling, because it’s fairly tough on account of this species’ measurement. Do bear in mind that these tortoises are critically endangered; although you possibly can possible discover one to personal as a pet, you need to make sure you’re getting your pet from somebody respected somewhat than somebody who has smuggled within the species.

Featured Picture Credit score: reptiles4all, Shutterstock

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