Elon Musk’s Unusual Obsession: Will He Actually Create Cat Lady Intercourse Robots?

Elon Musk is an enigmatic man, and it’s generally arduous to inform when he’s being critical and when he’s being humorous (or, no less than, making an attempt to). However he has a really uncommon cat-related topic that he retains returning to – the thought of a cat-girl intercourse robotic. Why does he maintain speaking about cat lady robots, and is it one thing he’s actually going to create?

The Cat Lady Obsession

Cat women maintain cropping up in Elon Musk interviews – ladies from Japanese anime which have cat-like ears and sharp tooth. Musk has referenced them in varied eventualities, together with declaring them as his feminine cosplay of alternative.

Asking the Public


Musk has talked about future robots that the Tesla firm might make, and has typically hinted at them getting used for sexual functions. He’s not afraid to ask his fanbase whether or not catgirls needs to be among the many designs.

Accepting the Determination

A few years after asking the Twitterverse whether or not catgirl robots needs to be a factor, he continues the reference when speaking about Tesla’s Optimus robots. At this level, it begins to develop into extra of a blur between an ongoing joke and one thing he may severely make to appease the big fanbase for cat women.

Random References

Musk has hinted earlier than at how expertise is pushing them nearer to creating catgirl robots actual. Right here he teased a brand new Tesla announcement and once more referenced the way it was a key step in the direction of catgirls being made.

Making Puns

Elon likes to make the occasional pun, and in reply to his personal tweet about “erotic democracy”, he once more talked about how Tesla’s Optimus robotic might get a catgirl model.

Extra Cat References

Fortunately, not each cat reference on Musk’s timeline is about intercourse robots. He additionally likes to play as much as his billionaire standing, mocking the stereotype of a Bond villain.

Supervillain Aspirations

As quickly as anybody mentions something to do with lasers and house, Musk once more references the thought of stroking a white cat as a basic unhealthy man. Fortunately that is extra of a work-safe trope that he likes to have enjoyable with!

Elon Loves Cat Movies

Who doesn’t love cat movies on the web? Clearly, Musk is a fan, since he’s talked about them a couple of occasions. Right here he makes a jokey hyperlink about mind-controlling parasites in cat poop and their potential ties to feline movies on YouTube.

Cat Costume Up

Musk has a cat of his personal named Schrodinger. Right here he talked about how she most likely received’t like being wearing pajamas, however he’s prepared to test it out. For science, after all.

Heartwarming Cat Rescue

Ending on a extra uplifting notice, Musk’s Twitter isn’t simply filled with speak of cat-themed intercourse robots. He’s shared an uplifting video of an lovable stray kitten being rescued from a Tesla Mannequin S.

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