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Educating your canine to shake is a traditional canine trick that almost all canine be taught in a short time and can thrill your family and friends.

Watch our canine coach, Sassafras Lowrey’s step-by-step video on educating your canine to shake:

Earlier than your coaching session, collect your provides:

  • small items of treats your canine is worked up about
  • a clicker if you’re clicker coaching
  • an space with minimal distractions like a quiet room inside your own home

Train a canine to shake in 5 steps:

Step 1: Maintain a deal with in a closed fist out to your canine. Wait as she explores your hand sniffing, nuzzling after which finally pawing at your hand making an attempt to get the deal with. When your canine paws at your hand, reward (click on if you’re clicker coaching) and provides your canine the deal with. That is the muse for what’s going to change into the shake trick.

In case your canine sniffs and licks at your hand, ignore this and be affected person till she makes use of her paw.

Step 2: When your canine consistently paws at your hand to get the deal with in your closed fist, begin to introduce the verbal cue of selection like “shake” or “hey.”

Step 3: As your canine improves, part out the deal with in your hand. Maintain out your empty fist to your canine and provides your verbal cue. When your canine locations her paw in your hand, reward and provides her a deal with.

Step 4: When your canine is constantly providing the shake habits along with your empty fist, maintain out an open hand and provides her the verbal cue to shake. When your canine’s paw connects along with your hand, reward, click on and deal with.

As you follow, maintain your hand out to your canine at her chest degree so will probably be comfy for her to achieve and shake your hand.

Step 5: Begin to add just a few seconds of period along with your canine’s paw in your hand, and gently transfer your hand up and down in a hand-shaking movement. Make sure you reward and reward her with treats after she finishes the trick!

Subsequent steps

The extra acquainted your canine will get, follow shaking in areas with distractions like whereas on a stroll. Additionally attempt growing the period of shaking your canine’s paw. In case your canine is social and enjoys interactions, shaking is a superb trick that different folks can cue in your canine. Simply keep in mind to reward and deal with her after she shakes palms!

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