Flashback to Ellie, the Black Gap Bandit

Glogirly is touring at present so we thought it could be enjoyable to relive one in every of Ellie’s very first escapades. We hope you benefit from the flashback!  

WAFFLES:  Hiya, 119? Is that this 119? 

OPERATOR:  That is 911. What’s your emergency?

WAFFLES:  911? Are you certain? I swear I dialed 119.

OPERATOR:  That is 911. Please state your emergency.

WAFFLES:  Emergency? Properly, it isn’t a main emergency or something. However Glogirly is freaking out. 

OPERATOR:  There is a woman GLOWING???

WAFFLES:  Glogirly’s freaking out. Ellie is caught within the wall.

OPERATOR:  There is a glowing woman AND a woman named Ellie caught in a wall???

WAFFLES:  Glogirly is not glowing. I mentioned she’s freaking out. And Ellie is a CAT. Properly actually extra of an inexperienced kitten. And she or he’s caught within the wall.

OPERATOR:  How did this Ellie cat get caught within the wall?

WAFFLES:  She climbed by the outlet. 

OPERATOR:  What gap?

WAFFLES:  That is what Glogirly mentioned!

OPERATOR:  So we’re again to the glowing woman once more?

WAFFLES:  Nevermind. Me and Gloman are going to rescue her.

OPERATOR:  So there is a glowing MAN too? 

Ellie has a brand new identify. The Black Gap Bandit

Final weekend, Glogirly opened the door to our tiny triangular formed storage closet we now have in our master suite. Gloman retains all his tripods, digicam circumstances, and stuff in there. She needed to seize a recognizing scope and tripod to look out the window at a brush hearth that had began up in our canyon simply a few miles from our dwelling. Firefighters had been already on the scene and dealing to maintain it contained. She and Gloman had been involved although and needed a more in-depth look. 

When nobody was wanting, Ellie slipped into the closet and began rifling round by the digicam baggage. 

Whereas Gloman watched the hearth, Glogirly did a fast cat examine. (shaking a bag of treats all through the home to shortly set up Waffles and Ellie’s whereabouts. Waffles was Johnny-on-the-spot however Ellie was nowhere to be discovered. 

The final place Glogirly had seen or heard Ellie was in that tiny closet. She began transferring every thing out of it, wanting inside digicam baggage, calling her identify…however nonetheless no Ellie. 

The again of this closet is reverse our hearth in the lounge. And contained in the closet near the bottom and in the way in which again is a vent that leads from the skin, by the closet, into the wall and behind the hearth. When she acquired on her fingers and knees, she found a small gap within the wall below that vent. The vent is spherical and the builders will need to have reduce a sq. gap for it to suit by. And tiny Ellie made her approach into the outlet. 

A flashlight revealed a pretty big house contained in the wall between the hearth and the closet. Most likely about 4′ x 6′. The flashlight additionally revealed you-know-who. However to Ellie this was only a enjoyable sport. Glogirly and Gloman tried luring her out with every thing they might consider. Her favourite wand toy, treats, her plastic bottle cap fetch toy…she’d attain out to seize them, however would shortly pull her paw again in and would not come out. Glogirly may attain her hand into the outlet and pet her, but it surely was in such an ungainly place, there was no solution to pull Ellie out. It was such a small gap too, Ellie will need to have squeezed her approach into it.

In the meantime, again to the hearth watch. 

Though a number of bushes had been nonetheless engulfed in flames, (very scary!) we might discovered the hearth was efficiently contained and everybody and their houses had been protected, Kudos to our superb volunteer firefighters! Glogirly and Gloman continued attempting to coax Ellie out. Had any type of evacuation been essential, Glogirly was prepared to chop a huge gap within the wall, bounce in herself, and get Ellie out. 

Practically two hours handed and Ellie was clearly not going to budge from her hidey-hole. 

So Gloman took the vent aside and eliminated a bit of it to open up the outlet. It had been blocking Ellie’s view of the skin world and probably inflicting her to be scared to leap again out. With the vent piece out of the way in which, she may see all of us. Particularly Waffles. 

Waffles to the Rescue!

Waffles meowed and purred like loopy. It was like he was telling Ellie it was okay to come back out. 

And so she did. The Black Gap Bandit was out. And her hidey-hole is now completely blocked.

ELLIE:  However I favored my new hidey-hole.

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