Flea Management – The Final Pure Information for Cat House owners

Fleas suck. I’m sorry you’re right here in case you have a flea downside. I perceive the desperation. I perceive the exhaustion. I’ve been there – two occasions in lower than a 12 months. I created this web page to have all of the pure flea management choices which might be on the market compiled in a single place. I want I might have discovered this once I was the place you’re. That’s why I created it. Please share it, and please share it extensively.

mitted tabby cat scratching neck fleas outside itching

This submit has been a really very long time coming. After what I’ve been by, it is very important me to have a information like this. I want I might have discovered one thing this thorough once I was going by tackling fleas naturally. Please know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. So I’ve supplied a number of options right here, in addition to shared what my customary protocol is. Nevertheless, you may discover one thing else that works higher for you. If of one thing not talked about on this article that’s useful, please go away it within the feedback to assist others.

The explanation I finished utilizing topical flea drugs is as a result of my Ragdoll cat, Charlie, acquired a head tremor from me utilizing them through the years. Consequently, I can now not go that route.

After all, a killer immune system (begins with a feline species-appropriate diet) in addition to preventative measures, will assist fleas to remain away and never change into an infestation downside.

Any pet proprietor with expertise coping with fleas is aware of how a lot of a nightmare they are often. Fleas aren’t only a pest in your pet – they’ll take over your house and change into extraordinarily tough to evict. Many house owners wrestle with a flea infestation of their home – treating the cat (or canine) however discovering that the issue retains recurring.

In case you have a cat or canine like mine, who acquired a head tremor from utilizing chemical topicals with neurotoxins, then you understand how essential it’s to make use of pure flea management. In the event you don’t, then that is one thing I’ll cowl on this information.

That is the final word information to pure flea management. I’ve interviewed specialists, researched urged remedies, and checked out methods of stopping fleas sooner or later. That is designed to be the information I wanted once I had so many points with fleas.

A lot of the knowledge and merchandise are primarily based on what I’ve used, however not all – I’ve additionally included suggestions from different sources. Plus, I’ve discovered some movies and interviews you need to watch to delve additional into the subject.

I’m going to cowl:

  • A primary intro to fleas – understanding your enemy will assist you win the battle
  • Why conventional flea meds will be harmful
  • Learn how to sort out a flea infestation
    • In your pet
    • Inside your house
    • Outdoors your house
  • Methods you may forestall fleas in future
  • Pure merchandise you need to use, together with:
    • Sprays
    • Various flea powders
    • Collars and tags

Tackling Fleas – What I Do

As a result of this information has a ton of knowledge, you may want a fast abstract of what I do:

  • Bathe the Cats – Relying on how extreme the flea infestation is, I’d bathe the cats in Epsom salt and baking soda – it will do away with eggs and fleas.
  • Mud the Cats – As soon as blown dry, I exploit Buck Mountain Paradise Dust or Diatomaceous Earth on their coats.
  • If it’s just some fleas and no flea grime, I’ll skip the tub and bounce straight to the Paradise Mud or Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Garlic Drugs for the Cats – I’ll feed the cats garlic pills until they’re already taking them for flea prevention.
  • Vacuum – I’ll vacuum daily for 2 weeks or till I cease seeing fleas. And vacuum the whole lot – carpets, hardwoods, upholstery furnishings. After seeing the final of them, I’ll proceed to hoover each day for yet another week. This implies too – that I’m now not seeing flea grime on my cats or on their beds (or anyplace they sleep).
  • Steam Mop – I’ll steam mop my floors
  • Salting or DEing the Carpets – If I would like a break from vacuuming, I’ll put baking soda and salt, or Diatomaceous Earth, over the carpets.
  • Washing – I wash the whole lot I can – pet beds, mattress sheets, towels, and so on. After which, anyplace my cat lays usually, I’ll cowl it with towels and proceed to clean these each day. I actually decide them up daily and exchange them with clear contemporary towels, so I can cease vacuuming furnishings. And whereas I’m vacuuming, I wash the previous towels. Once I decide up the towels, I carry the 4 corners into each other, so if there are flea eggs on them, I’m not scattering them about, however reasonably maintaining them contained throughout the towel.
  • Upholstery Cleansing – I vacuum or use Diatomaceous Earth on (and below) couches, cushions, and some other gentle furnishings which may home the fleas. I even have been recognized to spray my upholstery with Wondercide, Flea-Ex, or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Info About Fleas – An Overview

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of a mammal, usually concentrating on animals akin to cats and canine, together with rabbits, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and different critters which may be dwelling close to your house. 

Pulex irritans - a flea
Pulex irritans – a flea

They’re annoyingly sturdy and may stay as much as an entire 12 months if the situations are proper, although, in the summertime, they are usually extra ample and have a shorter life span.

Fleas measure lower than 1/8 inch and have unbelievable leaping energy, which is why they so shortly switch between animals. They’re powerful and may survive for as much as 2 weeks with out meals.

It’s important to know the life cycle of a flea, although, as a result of many flea remedies solely goal adults. The 4 levels are:

  • Egg
    • Take between 2 days and a couple of weeks to develop.
    • Makes up round 50% of the flea inhabitants in a family.
  • Larvae
    • Can keep on this stage for twenty-four days in hotter climate, as much as 200 days in winter.
    • Makes up round 35% of the flea inhabitants in a family.
  • Pupae
    • Cocoon stage – usually lasts 2 weeks.
    • Can shield a growing flea for months if the atmosphere isn’t appropriate for hatching.
    • Makes up round 10% of the flea inhabitants in a family.
  • Grownup
    • Begins feeding in just some hours.
    • Will breed and lay eggs inside a number of days.
    • Can stay between two weeks and a number of other months.
    • Makes up round 5% of the flea inhabitants in a family.

So, a flea solely spends round 5% of its life as an grownup, but many flea remedies focus totally on this stage. So through the use of merchandise that solely give attention to the grownup flea, you’re not tackling the supply of the difficulty!

And the egg statistics are horrifying:

  • A single feminine flea can lay as much as 40 eggs a day – and so they maintain going. 
  • It’s frequent for a flea to put as much as 1,000 eggs of their lifetime. 

After which these fleas can lay extra eggs. You’ll be able to find yourself with tens of 1000’s of fleas inside a number of months.

That is why a flea infestation in your house can change into extremely nerve-racking. Fleas could cause allergic reactions, unfold ailments, and trigger severe sickness in animals in some instances. Infections from flea bites, and even anemia, are dangers. So, you need to take motion to eradicate the fleas as quickly as doable.

And after you have fleas in your house, they’ll search the heat of your pet’s fur or the carpet fibers, and so they’ll be arduous to take away. Arduous, however doable.

Tabby kitten paw scratches behind the ear, outdoor portrait. Fleas and ticks in domestic animals.

Indicators of Fleas

The earlier you may detect and sort out a flea infestation, the higher. Eradicating them from your house may be a lot much less work in case you act shortly.

The indicators of fleas to look out for along with your pet embody:

  • Uncommon scratching or biting at themselves
  • Performing stressed, struggling to remain calm
  • Shaking their head or their limbs extra
  • Tapeworms of their stool

Sadly, there’s one other manner you may discover out about fleas, too – you may catch them out of your pet!

Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) is a situation the place your cat suffers a extra extreme response to fleas, together with nasty irritation and irritation of the pores and skin. That is what my Ragdoll cat Charlie has.

It’s frequent in canine however is changing into extra frequent in cats.

It outcomes from the antigens inside a flea’s saliva, that are transferred onto the animal with a chew. Nevertheless, the signs can take as much as per week to develop, so house owners could not affiliate the response with the presence of fleas.

Indicators of FAD embody:

  • Biting, nibbling, scratching, and licking of the affected areas – often the again of the legs and the stomach
  • Fur changing into skinny, dry, and brittle, generally falling out altogether
  • Purple, infected pores and skin with pimples that can scab over when scratched
  • Potential secondary infections from scratching

As a result of the signs of FAD can final for weeks after which worsen with self-mutilation, it’s essential to deal with any indicators of the situation as shortly as doable.

This entails tackling the flea infestation and making certain your cat has a wholesome immune system – a good diet, with some dietary supplements, might help. Holding your cat comfortable and stress-free also can enhance restoration from allergens.

Why Conventional Flea Meds Are Harmful

Conventional flea drugs which might be isoxazoline-based are designed to be taken orally by your pet. They then administer a drug all through the bloodstream that kills the fleas once they feast.

Firstly, this isn’t a adequate resolution. Sure, it is going to kill the fleas when they’re consuming, however solely within the grownup levels. In case you have an infestation, you’ll solely kill off one wave of fleas to get replaced by the following set of adults.

In accordance with Dr. Katie Woodley, the next frequent chemical compounds utilized in flea and tick remedies/preventatives have been reported to the FDA for opposed signs:

  • Heartgard – May cause despair, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, mydriasis, ataxia, staggering, convulsions, and hypersalivation.
  • Interceptor – Identical signs as Heartgard, plus weak spot.
  • Sentinel – May cause despair, vomiting, pruritus, urticaria, diarrhea, pores and skin congestion, ataxia, convulsions, hypersalivation, and weak spot.
  • Revolution – May cause vomiting, free stool, blood in stool, anorexia, lethargy, salivation, tachypnea, muscle tremors, pruritis, urticaria, erythema, ataxia, fever, and uncommon studies of dying and seizures in canine.
  • Proheart 6 – May cause facial swelling, itching, respiration issues, collapse, lethargy, lack of urge for food, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool, weight reduction, pale gums, elevated thirst and/or urination, weak spot, bleeding, bruising, and uncommon studies of dying.
  • Nexgard – 1315 studies of seizures in 5 years since authorised by the FDA.
  • Bravecto – 720 studies of seizures in 4 years.
  • Simparica – 557 studies of seizures in 3 years.
  • Credelio – 6 seizures within the first 6 months.

Keep in mind that Dr. Katie’s video (linked to above) was launched a few years in the past, and the numbers are most likely a lot larger now.

In the meantime, Dr. Judy Morgan has written posts in regards to the side effects of common flea products and the deadly chemicals used in Bravecto and listed the next potential points:

  • Aggression
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme thirst
  • Inner bleeding
  • Hair loss
  • Neurologic issues
  • Seizures
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Dying, in excessive instances

These are all signs of oral drugs, however topical drugs also can have opposed results, together with extreme pores and skin reactions proper as much as chemical burns.

Whereas most cats and canine can take conventional oral and topical meds with out points, the dangers are nonetheless there, so it’s at all times higher to take a look at utilizing pure flea remedies for cats. You’re then not including something probably dangerous to your cat’s physique, however you’re nonetheless tackling the difficulty.

Getting Rid of Fleas

You’ll be able to do away with fleas out of your cat or canine in a number of methods with out resorting to conventional meds.

As a fast abstract, these embody:

  • A superb flea comb
  • Sprays and shampoos in your pet
  • Various flea powders
  • Dietary supplements and dietary remedies
  • Collars
  • Environmental remedies in your house and yard

Flea Combs

You’ll need to get an excellent flea comb, for starters. A flea comb will assist to take away fleas out of your cat’s pores and skin as soon as they’re already in your cat. They’ve very positive enamel to seize tiny fleas. They need to have rounded enamel, too, to keep away from hurting your cat’s pores and skin.

Listed below are some options for a flea comb:

Repellent Sprays and Shampoos

There are numerous choices for pure sprays and shampoos that you need to use immediately in your pet’s coat once they have fleas. These will kill the fleas and, for a few of them, any eggs hidden amongst their coat.

A number of the really helpful merchandise embody:

Because of the Facebook page #NotOneMorePet for a few of these suggestions.

Some folks additionally advocate utilizing important oils blended with water to spray your cat’s coat. Please be very cautious in case you’re doing this, as some important oils will be poisonous to cats. Take into account a few of these different choices earlier than you resort to important oils if you wish to be fully protected.

Dr. Karen Becker is one knowledgeable that recommends important oils as a part of her personal really helpful treatment for a pet spray for use earlier than they go outdoors to assist repel fleas:

  • 8 oz water
  • 4 oz Apple cider vinegar (natural)
  • 10 drops of neem oil
  • 10 drops of catnip oil
  • 5 drops of any of the next:
    • Lemon important oil
    • Lemongrass important oil
    • Geranium important oil
    • Eucalyptus important oil

Notice that that is really helpful for “pets,” however it might be finest to skip the important oils for cats.

Another choice is to combine black cumin seed oil with water and spray this onto the coat. Black cumin oil will be efficient however ought to solely be used on canine, not cats. It’s toxic to felines.

Various Flea Powders

Whereas conventional flea powders will be poisonous in your cat, you need to use some different choices, together with pure flea powders, a selfmade treatment, and merchandise which have an analogous impact.

Pure options embody Diatomaceous Earth – a powder made out of the fossilized stays of diatoms, which had been tiny aquatic organisms.

The powder – supplied you purchase food-grade – will be utilized on to your cat’s fur. You’ll simply must cowl their head to forestall them from respiration it in, however then as soon as utilized, it is going to work rather well at killing the fleas.

Right here’s one solution to apply Diatomaceous Earth to your cat:

Or why not make your personal flea powder by including the Diatomaceous Earth to Neem Powder and Yarrow Powder? This mix will likely be much more efficient at killing fleas with out inflicting hurt to your cat. This comes from PrimallyInspired.com:

  • 1 cup food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • ½ cup Neem Powder
  • ½ cup Yarrow Powder

It’s also possible to add 20 drops of eucalyptus important oil for canine however not for cats.

Spot-On Remedies

Spot-on remedies are liquids you apply to your cat in a single spot, usually between the shoulder blades. Relying on the product, this protects your cat from fleas for as much as a month.

Dietary supplements

From a weight-reduction plan perspective, garlic is understood to be efficient. Many individuals consider that garlic is poisonous to cats, and so they’re proper – however not in small doses.

I’ve made my very own garlic drugs for my cats earlier than – supplied you solely give a small capsule each 2-3 days at most, there received’t be any threat of toxicity, and also you’ll be capable to assist your cat battle off fleas. It’s also possible to add it to their meals, in case you’re cat is sport for that.

Different choices embody:

Or there’s TAGiWIG – a homeopathic flea treatment that you might strive. Be warned that even the producer admits the robust scent and taste won’t be appropriate for all cats!

I’ve additionally seen colloidal silver recommended to forestall fleas. It may be added to your cat’s ingesting water, with simply 5-6 drops wanted for a big bowl.

You can buy colloidal silver here.

Oils Appropriate for Cats

There are a few oil choices which might be appropriate for cats and that work as flea prevention.


It’s price contemplating a flea collar, too – although just one that makes use of pure means to assist management fleas. 

Many flea collars work with scents or by releasing chemical compounds – don’t use these. They can contain similar insecticides to conventional flea remedies and harm your cat’s well being.

Ultrasonic collars are the most secure choice from a chemical perspective since they don’t emit something dangerous.

Simply remember that, in some uncommon instances, a flea management collar could cause hair loss around the cat’s neck. Verify-in along with your veterinarian in case you’re anxious about cat hair loss.

Some collar choices from #NotOneMorePet embody:


Tags work like collars, besides you connect the tag to your cat’s current collar.

It is a good different in case your cat is fussy about their collars.

Environmental Remedies – Tackling Your Residence and Yard

Keep in mind that when a flea is feasting in your cat’s blood, it’s already within the final 5% of its lifespan. You probably have a flea infestation in your house, and also you’ll must sort out that to cease the fleas from always coming again.

Right here’s a take a look at learn how to deal with your house for a flea infestation inside and outside.

Therapy of Your Residence

Right here’s a fast abstract of learn how to shield the within of your house from fleas:

  • Plenty of cleansing, together with each day vacuuming and utilizing a steam mop
  • Extra common laundry, utilizing larger temperatures
  • Sprays and powders in your house
  • Defending the areas utilized by your pet with momentary surfaces like towels
  • Use of important oil diffusers

Cleansing Your Residence

At a primary degree, anticipate to do a variety of cleansing. You’ll should vacuum each day to do away with the fleas. In case you have a mannequin that also makes use of vacuum baggage, contemplate including a flea killer to the bag, throwing it out after each single vacuuming session.  

Put it in a plastic bag and tie it off so the fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and so on. you vacuumed will die in that bag. In any other case, the fleas will thrive contained in the vacuum.

You’ll additionally must crank up the laundry too. Wash bedding at the next temperature and tumble dry to kill off any flea eggs or larvae. Pay explicit consideration to pet bedding utilizing your pure flea management merchandise.

It’s a good suggestion to place down towels the place your pet usually tends to take a seat or lie. You’ll be able to then swap these out each day and launder them reasonably than letting the fleas get embedded in your carpets.

Residence Sprays and Powders

There are quite a few house treatment choices for flea management inside the house.

However one of the vital efficient can be one of many easiest – combine baking soda and salt in equal portions and unfold this round your house. 

Unfold it, go away it to work, then vacuum it up. After which observe up with extra of the baking soda and salt combine.

Some folks have reported that this will mess up their vacuum. I’ve an Oreck and a Hyla and haven’t had an issue with both – and it provides you a break from vacuuming for a number of days!

Another choice is to make a twig that blends a number of the important oils with lemon juice and garlic, however once more watch out with important oils and cats.

Right here’s one other different:

Combine this, put it in a twig bottle, spray it onto your cat’s coat, after which use a flea comb to unfold it by.

Or, you should purchase Wondercide’s Indoor Pest Control Spray in order for you a pure, ready-made product. Simply watch out utilizing it on furnishings – test a discreet patch first to make sure it doesn’t stain.

Some folks advocate borax sprinkled on bedding and furnishings. Nonetheless, it may be poisonous for cats, so it needs to be averted.

And others use isopropyl alcohol – a excessive proportion can be wanted. You’d must maintain your cats locked away till the alcohol had dried into the carpets and the odor had died down. It may be extremely efficient when mixed with vacuuming, steam mopping, and coverings in your cat’s coat.

Important Oils

Important oils – It’s REALLY essential to make use of important oils which might be 100% pure. It is advisable know the place they’re sourced from. On the time of this writing, three important oil corporations are recognized to be OK:

Use the oils with a diffuser to drive the fleas to search for a brand new house elsewhere. Simply you should definitely put it someplace protected your cat can’t attain.

Flea Traps

You might strive flea traps – these work simply as they sound. They entice the fleas after which lure them utilizing robust glue.

Don’t use these on their very own – they received’t sort out a large infestation. However used alongside different strategies, they might help to do away with fleas sooner.

Extreme Circumstances

Suppose you could have a extreme infestation in your house. In that case, chances are you’ll want skilled assist from a pest management firm like Fleabusters, who will use Rx for Fleas Plus to totally sort out your house, killing off the fleas for good.

You’ll be able to have your carpets steam cleaned, furnishings, and so on., after which use an essential oil flea bomb mix – however additionally, you will want to maneuver out of your house, because the pets can’t be round that.

Another choice is your personal flea bomb, recommended by Dr. Katie Woodley:

  • 70 drops of Black Pepper Important Oil
  • 70 drops of Peppermint Important Oil
  • 70 drops of Oregano Important Oil

Use this diffuser with the bomb. Once more, you’ll want to go away the house whereas it’s diffusing.


Fleas want a humidity of not less than 50% to outlive – so one choice to assist kill them is to make use of a dehumidifier in your house.

In the event you can maintain the humidity under 50% for a few days, you need to wipe out the fleas in that space. It received’t kill the eggs, however it is going to cease them from hatching – so you’ll nonetheless want to wash and vacuum as regular.

Therapy of Your Yard

Your yard is simply as essential as your house relating to a flea infestation. Usually fleas will likely be sourced from the critters that go to your out of doors areas. So, utilizing a flea repellent or killer round your house is usually a important line of protection.


Nematodes are a extremely efficient manner of tackling flea issues round your house. These tiny bugs kill flea larvae immediately with out harming you, your pets, and even the helpful bugs in your backyard.

Right here’s a video all about nematodes:

You’ll be able to spray them round your backyard utilizing a hose-in sprayer. Simply watch out to take away any mesh filter contained in the sprayer earlier than utilizing it with nematodes. In any other case, the filter will seize the nematodes, and also you’ll spray plain water.

Go round your backyard, ideally creating a fringe barrier, and you may assist to do away with fleas from your house as soon as and for all.

Diatomaceous Earth

Once more, Diatomaceous Earth can be utilized in your yard to assist cease fleas. All you want to do is unfold it round on the soil of your backyard space and go away it to work.

Simply remember that Diatomaceous Earth will render nematodes ineffective. Don’t strive utilizing each – it’s one or the opposite.

Hydrated lime is an alternative choice, or you need to use Cedarcide Insect Repelling Cedar Granules.

Outside Sprays

Outside sprays are an alternative choice – they’re a liquid that can assist to kill fleas, ticks, and different pests with out contaminating your backyard with plenty of nasty synthetic chemical compounds.

Crops that Repel Fleas

For flea prevention in your yard, contemplate rising vegetation recognized to forestall fleas. The aromas of those vegetation will cease fleas from being interested in mammals close to your house.

These embody:

  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Citronless
  • Basil
  • Catnip vegetation

Really helpful Viewing

Take a look at these movies if you wish to know extra about tackling fleas in a pure, protected manner in your house. I’ve already summarized the details from these movies on this information, however it’s price watching these in case you have the time.

My interview with Dr. Judy Morgan of Naturally Wholesome Pets:

Dr. Judy Morgan’s Facebook Live Video

Dr. Karen Becker’s video on fleas and ticks:

Dr. Katie Woodley’s video on pure cures for fleas:


What Flea Therapy do Vets use?

Veterinarians usually use conventional flea remedies on cats, so be cautious of taking your cat to the vet with out discussing your preferences for pure remedies first. You’ll be able to deal with fleas at house, although in case your cat suffers a extreme sickness, you may focus on your choices along with your vet.

The place do Fleas Come From?

Fleas come from a wide range of sources. They’re usually introduced into the house by a visiting pet from a member of the family, or they could journey on a wild animal that visits the out of doors house close to your house. The fleas can then bounce to your pet, infecting them and your house.

What’s the Finest Flea Management?

The very best flea management is one that’s pure and doesn’t hurt your cat and even you. There’s no single finest resolution, however a mixture of remedies and preventative strategies – together with arduous work cleansing your house – is your best option.

How do I Get Rid of Fleas in my Home Quick?

To do away with fleas quick, you want to take away them from the supply. Deal with your yard with nematodes or Diatomaceous Earth, then use an agent to assist clear your house, entering into crevices and cracks – a mixture of baking soda and salt works rather well. Deep clear the house and wash all linens at excessive temperatures, tumble drying them too.

Does Daybreak Dish Cleaning soap Kill Fleas?

Some folks declare that Daybreak can kill fleas much like different shampoos, however it received’t forestall any infestations from reoccurring. There are higher different merchandise, however a mixture of Daybreak and water can be utilized to wash your kitty to take away the fleas.

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