GLOGIRLY: Waffles Has a Lisp!

 ELLIE:  So Mr. Waffles, how’s that tooth fairy of yours doing?

WAFFLES:  (with a lisp) Toof Fairy??? 

ELLIE:  Mwaahaha! Mr. Waffles has a lisp! Mr. Waffles has a lisp!

WAFFLES:  (nonetheless with a lisp) Not less than I nonetheless have numerous teef and stuff. You do not have ANY teefs. 

ELLIE:  Yeah however I do not EVER need to go to the vet to get my enamel cleaned once more. 

WAFFLES:  (nonetheless lisping) Wait, what???

The week earlier than final, Waffles spent the day on the vet for his annual dental appointment. He had his enamel cleaned and this time, NO extractions! Dr. Fern did see a root fragment from a earlier extraction in his X-rays, so he needed to have that eliminated. It was the place one in all his canines use to be and we’re guessing that had one thing to do along with his candy little tongue protruding. 

A dental cleansing requires basic anesthetic, in order that explains his extra-dilated expression. LOL! 

Waffles is doing completely effective. He got here although his process with flying excessive colours. 

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