GLOGIRLY: Waffles in Wait

WAFFLES:  It is nearly dinnertime and Glogirly’s nonetheless not house. 

ELLIE:  Don’t be concerned, Mr. Waffles. She’s in all probability out snowboarding. Gloman will make us dinner. 

WAFFLES:  However have a look at the clock, Ellie. It is…it is…

ELLIE:  You continue to cannot inform time, are you able to Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Nicely my abdomen can. My tiny, ravenous, food-deprived abdomen can.

Every time Glogirly is out snowboarding and the time approaches mid-afternoon, Waffles takes to his put up to attend for her. He sits on the again of the couch the place he has clear view of the clock AND clear view of the street coming all the way down to the home. He can see the Jeep come down the massive hill, after which he is aware of Glogirly’s house. As soon as she walks via the door from the storage along with her boot bag and jacket, he offers her a  very critical speaking to!

That is Glogirly along with her cat-loving buddy, Barbara. They attempt to get out and ski collectively twice every week. All the time with their cat ears! Final week although, they needed to embark on a rescue mission to hunt for one in every of Glogirly’s ears. She misplaced it once they had been snowboarding within the timber. The ears connect with robust magnets and one had apparently popped off when she brushed towards some branches whereas snowboarding between a few tightly spaced timber. So that they retraced their steps. It took three chairlifts and two black diamond runs to get them to the spot the place they entered the timber. Slowly, they repeated their path, following their very own ski tracks. And proper the place the tree branches had been hanging low, there was a tiny black speck peeking out of the snow. 

Their rescue mission was successful! Glogirly as soon as once more had her helmet ears and all was proper on the earth. 

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