Have interaction in ‘Purrfect Play Each Day’ for Worldwide Cat Day with Main Cat Welfare Charity

Co-ordinator of Worldwide Cat Day and pioneering cat welfare charity, Worldwide Cat Care (iCatCare), recommends that cat house owners take 5 minutes a day to play with their cats to enhance their bodily well being and psychological wellbeing.

The marketing campaign has been developed to encourage house owners to play with every of their cats individually for a minimum of 5 minutes daily with a wand toy, an exercise that lower than 30% of cat house owners are presently partaking in (in keeping with a latest survey performed by the charity). Similar to canine want strolling daily, cats want day by day play to maintain them lively and blissful. Wand toy play gives cats with a secure outlet to carry out pure behaviours and has many advantages, together with:

  • Lowered looking behaviour (by as much as 25% in some research)1
  • Elevated psychological stimulation
  • Encourages train and helps to keep up a wholesome body weight
  • Discount in drawback behaviours (reminiscent of destroying home items)2
  • Strengthening of the human-animal bond
  • Improved high quality of life2

iCatCare shall be sharing skilled recommendation on the purrfect toys, how greatest to play with cats of all ages, plus, suggestions and methods for secure play with the entire household. The 2-week social media marketing campaign, ‘Purrfect Play Each Day’, will launch on 1 August, main as much as Worldwide Cat Day (8 August) and past, inspiring house owners to make enjoying with their cats a day by day behavior.

Sarah Ellis, Head of Cat Psychological Wellbeing and Behaviour at iCatCare stated: “The advantages to our cats of enjoying with them are actually spectacular, each when it comes to their bodily well being and their psychological wellbeing. We all know cat lovers need to do their greatest by their cats and we’re due to this fact excited to assist everybody spend 5 minutes every day enjoying with their cat with a wand toy. It’s undoubtedly one thing cats will thank us for!”

To affix the Purrfect Play Each Day marketing campaign, observe @icatcare on social media, tag us in your posts and use #InternationalCatDay and #PurrfectPlay. For extra info, go to: https://icatcare.org/international-cat-day/


1. Cecchetti M, et al. Provision of Excessive Meat Content material Meals and Object Play Cut back Predation of Wild Animals by Home Cats Felis catus, Present Biology, 2021; 31 (5): 1107-1111. Accessible from: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982220318960

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