How Lengthy Do Tree Frogs Reside? Vet Reviewed Varieties, Lifespan & Components

a male javan tree frog

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Tree frogs are fascinating creatures, identified for his or her distinctive variations and vibrant colours. You’ll find them in varied habitats worldwide, from tropical rainforests to rainwater guttering. One factor that many individuals marvel about is how lengthy tree frogs stay. Tree frogs stay round 3–6 years on common, however that may differ significantly based mostly on the species and different elements. Maintain studying as we glance into a number of species of tree frogs to see how lengthy they stay and focus on the elements that may have an effect on their lifespan.

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Tree Frog Varieties

30 forms of tree frogs are native to america, and greater than 800 exist worldwide. Whereas their dimension can differ considerably—from lower than 1 inch to greater than 5 inches lengthy—they are usually sufficiently small that leaves and branches can help their weight, although, regardless of their identify, not all varieties stay in timber.

The final bone of their toes – the terminal phalanx – is what classifies them as tree frogs. It has a claw form that they will use for climbing, making it simpler to traverse timber. Most tree frogs in america are brown, grey, or inexperienced, however yow will discover different colours elsewhere.

red eyed tree frog or gaudy leaf frog or Agalychnis callidryas a arboreal hylid native
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Brief-Lived Tree Frogs

A number of tree frog species have comparatively brief lifespans, usually 1–5 years. These short-lived species usually inhabit environments with excessive predation charges, restricted assets, or harsh climates. For instance, the Inexperienced Tree Frog has a lifespan averaging 4–6 years. This frog is widespread and straightforward to seek out all through the southeastern United States. Different short-lived tree frogs that yow will discover in America embrace the Spring Peeper, Barking Tree Frog, Grey Tree Frog, and Squirrel Tree Frog.

Species Common Lifespan in Years
Inexperienced Tree Frog 4–6
Spring Peeper 3–4
Barking Tree Frog 3–5
Grey Tree Frog 3–6
Squirrel Tree Frog 3–5

Tree Frogs With a Average Lifespan

Many tree frog species fall into the class of getting a reasonable lifespan, residing between 5 to 10 years. Components like favorable environmental circumstances, few predators, and meals availability contribute to their longevity. For instance, the Cope’s Grey Tree Frog may be discovered within the jap and central areas of North America, they usually have a mean lifespan of about 6–8 years. Different frogs with a reasonable lifespan embrace the Canyon Tree Frog, Mountain Tree Frog, Boreal Refrain Frog, and Fowl-Voiced Tree Frog.

Species Common Lifespan in Years
Cope’s Grey Tree Frog 6–8
Canyon Tree Frog 7–9
Mountain Tree Frog 6–8
Boreal Refrain Frog 5–8
Fowl-Voiced Tree Frog 6–8
Boreal Chorus Frog is sitting on a small green leaf
Picture Credit score: Paul Reeves Images, Shutterstock

Lengthy-Lived Tree Frogs

Whereas most tree frog species in North America have reasonable or comparatively brief lifespans, a number of are thought-about lengthy lived in comparison with their counterparts. The Pacific Tree Frog is one instance and has a mean lifespan of seven–9 years, and yow will discover all of them alongside the western coast of North America, from California to Alaska. One other long-lived American tree frog is the Cuban Tree Frog, which might generally stay as much as 20 years.

Species Common Lifespan in Years
Pacific Tree Frog 7–9
Cuban Tree Frog As much as 20

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What Components Can Have an effect on the Lifespan of a Tree Frog?


Totally different tree frog species have inherent genetic traits contributing to their total lifespans. Some species naturally have brief lifespans, whereas others have the potential to stay longer. Genetic variability inside populations can affect tree frogs’ total well being and resilience. Genetic elements may have an effect on a frog’s capability to withstand illnesses, address environmental adjustments, and adapt to various circumstances, finally influencing their lifespan.

Tree Frog close up
Picture Credit score: saguari, Pixabay


The atmosphere during which a tree frog lives performs a big function of their lifespan. Components like temperature, humidity, availability of appropriate breeding websites, and entry to meals sources can have an effect on their total well being and longevity. Frogs residing in secure, well-preserved habitats with considerable assets are likely to have longer lifespans than these with fewer assets.


Predators are a significant factor that influences the lifespans of tree frogs. Species that face the next predation danger, both as tadpoles or adults, typically have brief lifespans. Predators like birds, snakes, mammals, and different amphibians can considerably impression frog populations, particularly in areas the place predators are considerable.

Illness and Parasites

Tree frogs are vulnerable to varied illnesses, viral infections, bacterial infections, and parasitic infestations that may considerably impression their lifespans. Sure circumstances like chytridiomycosis, attributable to the chytrid fungus, have brought about declines, even extinctions, in amphibian populations worldwide.

an hour glass tree frog on a green leaf
Picture Credit score: Allen Lara Gonzalez, Shutterstock

Environmental Stressors

Environmental stressors like air pollution, habitat loss, and local weather change can negatively impression the well being and longevity of tree frogs. Elevated publicity to pollution, adjustments in temperature and precipitation patterns, and lack of appropriate habitats can weaken their immune methods, improve their susceptibility to illnesses, disrupt their life cycles, or ship them into harmful environments on the lookout for new properties.

Entry to Assets

The provision and accessibility of meals sources, appropriate breeding websites, and shelter, play a job in tree frog total well being and lifespan. Enough entry to assets ensures correct development, reproductive success, and survival, whereas habitat destruction can scale back or remove their entry to essential assets.

Fred, the Australian Inexperienced Tree Frog

Australian Green Tree Frog preparing to jump
Picture Credit score: Ken Griffiths, Shutterstock

Again in 1977, a three-year outdated boy rescued a frog he discovered having hassle at a campsite. Chris Humfrey, who would develop as much as turn out to be a preferred tv zoologist, shared his house with Fred, the Green Tree Frog, for over 40 years, making Fred the oldest frog on report. Sadly, Fred handed away in 2022, 45 years after Chris first introduced him house. Unimaginable.

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With so many different species of tree frogs on the market, even in simply america, it may be tough to pin down an total common lifespan. Nevertheless, for the reason that short- and moderate-lived varieties are probably the most considerable, a mean age of 3-6 years is a generally used determine. Many frequent varieties, together with the Inexperienced Tree Frog and Gray Tree Frog, stay about this lengthy, and even moderate-lived frogs, just like the Boreal Refrain Frog, will wrestle to stay past the common. A habitat that is low in predators and rich in resources can help tree frogs live longer, with many outliving the common, particularly in captivity.

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