How one can Hold Cats Cool in Summer time

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When summer season approaches and temperatures soar, you may marvel how properly cats can deal with scorching climate. Though even longhaired cats have some pure methods to chill down, it’s good to know what temperatures are too scorching for cats, methods to inform in case your cat is just too scorching and what to do in case your cat turns into overheated. 

How Cats Keep Cool 

Cats have particular methods of cooling themselves naturally. Not like canine, cats not often pant to chill off until they’re already overheated or affected by heatstroke (if you happen to see your cat panting, provoke cooling efforts instantly and call your veterinarian for additional directions). 

A cat’s coat uniquely retains it heat in winter and funky in summer season. The double coat has two layers—an extended outercoat and a shorter undercoat. The undercoat bulks up in winter, protecting the cat heat, however in summer season the undercoat thins out so air can flow into all the way down to the pores and skin, protecting the cat cooler.

Can Cats Deal with Sizzling Climate?

Cat lying on tile to stay cool

On scorching days, cats hunt down cool flooring surfaces like tile and hardwood.

In scorching climate, cats often hunt down cool surfaces to lie on and relaxation, which conserves their vitality and retains their physique temperature as little as attainable. Cats within the wild do that, too. Within the baking savanna, lions discover shade to lie down and sleep away the most well liked a part of the day. At dwelling, you might even see your cat mendacity on tile, concrete, hardwood, and linoleum. 

Cats additionally cool themselves by grooming, which wets down the fur and helps decrease the physique temperature because the saliva evaporates. In the summertime months, cats might also drink extra water to chill down. 

What Temperature Is Too Sizzling for Cats?

Even with these great pure cooling methods, cats can develop into overheated and even endure from heatstroke on scorching days. The precise temperature that’s too scorching for a cat will differ relying on the person. In case you have air con, set it to 78 levels Fahrenheit to maintain your indoor cat snug.

Restrict your cat’s time exterior through the hottest a part of the day and save outings for early morning or nightfall. Ensure out of doors cats have a shady spot to hang around.

Don’t neglect, cats can get sunburn when they’re exterior, particularly if they’ve skinny coats or white coats. By no means depart your cat in a automobile. Even on a light sunny day, the temperature inside a automobile can soar to harmful ranges in minutes. 

Retaining Cats Cool

Cat drinking water from pet fountain

Pet fountains can entice cats to drink extra water to remain cooler and extra hydrated.

Think about these straightforward suggestions for protecting your cat cool on summer season days: 

Air Conditioning

In case you have an air conditioner, set it to 78 levels Fahrenheit so your cat stays snug. As soon as the temperatures drop at evening you may flip off the A/C and open home windows to let the cooler evening air in. 


Use ceiling followers or place field followers or smaller tabletop followers in locations the place your cat likes to hold so she has a cool space to retreat to. Followers enhance air circulation and maintain the temperature cooler. 

Contemporary Water

Encourage your cat to drink extra recent water by placing additional water bowls in varied components of the home. Attempt dropping in some ice cubes to sit back the water. Many cats additionally take pleasure in pet fountains that flow into water to maintain it recent and funky. 

Shut Curtains And Blinds

Hold your curtains and blinds drawn through the hottest components of the day to dam out the solar and warmth, and to maintain the within of your home cooler. 

Cooling Pet Mats

Think about investing in a particular cooling mat, pad, or mattress that’s designed to maintain pets cool. This may be particularly useful if you happen to don’t have cool flooring surfaces like tile that your cat can lie on to chill off. You can too wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel so your cat has a cool place to lie on.

Brush Ceaselessly 

Brushing removes extra undercoat and permits your cat’s coat to chill the physique naturally through air circulating all the way down to the pores and skin.

Overheating Hazard Indicators 

Cat lying on floor

Should you assume your cat is getting too scorching, take swift motion to assist her calm down earlier than she overheats.

Indicators your cat could also be overheating (hyperthermia) embrace appearing sluggish or lethargic (or conversely, appearing agitated and pacing), drooling, and panting. Heatstroke is a life-threatening situation.

Signs of heatstroke are the identical as indicators of overheating however could also be extra intense. A cat affected by heatstroke might also vomit, have diarrhea, show shiny purple tongue and gums, expertise respiration difficulties, and stagger or be unable to face or stroll. 

Should you assume your cat is just too scorching, try to chill her down utilizing followers or turning on the air con, or by pouring room temperature water over her physique to moist down your cat’s fur.

Don’t use chilly water or ice, and don’t submerge your cat right into a pool or bathtub of water, as this may drop the physique temperature too all of the sudden and trigger the cat to enter shock. Whereas initiating cooling efforts, name your veterinarian or an emergency vet for additional recommendation.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions 

Can cats deal with scorching climate?

Regardless of their fur coats, cats can handler hotter temperatures higher than you may assume. When brushed out repeatedly, a cat’s double-layered coat permits air to flow into all the way down to the pores and skin, which helps cool them off. In scorching climate, cats lie on cool surfaces like tile, brick, concrete, hardwood and linoleum. This conserves vitality and helps maintain the physique temperature decrease. Cats might also drink extra water and grooming themselves extra, utilizing their saliva to wets down the fur and assist decrease the physique temperature. 

How can I cool my cat down in scorching climate?

In case you have air con, set it to 78 levels to assist your cat keep cool on heat days. You can too use followers, present recent water in dishes or a pet fountain, maintain the curtains and blinds closed to dam out the warmth of the solar, and use particular cooling pet mats or beds. In case your cat looks like she is turning into overheated, you may pour room temperature water over the coat to assist cool her off. By no means use chilly water or ice water, and don’t submerge your cat in a shower or pool of water. Cooling a cat too shortly could make her sick.

How can I inform if my cat is just too scorching?

In case your cat is looking for out cool surfaces to lie and appearing sluggish (or the other—agitated), she could be too scorching. Should you see indicators of overheating or heatstroke, equivalent to panting, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, shiny purple tongue and gums, issue respiration, or staggering, begin cooling efforts instantly and name your veterinarian straight away. 

What room temperature is just too scorching for cats?

Particular person cats can tolerate completely different room temperatures. What could be too scorching for one cat could also be nice for an additional cat. Take note of your cat’s conduct and look ahead to warning indicators of overheating. In case you have air con, setting the temperature to 78 levels Fahrenheit will maintain your cat snug. 

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