How you can Groom a Lengthy-Haired Cat

Lengthy-haired cats, with their luxuriously mushy fur and exquisite look, is usually a pleasure to have in your house. However additionally they require just a little extra consideration within the grooming department.

You’ll should be ready to brush them frequently and hold mats from forming. Although long-haired cats groom themselves like some other cat breed, they nonetheless require some further assist from their people.

Listed here are a couple of tricks to hold you and your long-haired cat as glad as potential.

Particular grooming wants for long-haired cat breeds

person grooming long-haired cat with comb
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How a lot grooming your long-haired cat wants actually relies on the type of long fur they’ve. A cat with mushy, skinny, silky fur might hardly ever have tangle issues. However cats with thicker fur might run into issues ceaselessly.

Persian cats, for instance, have luxuriously thick, lengthy fur and so they should be brushed day-after-day and bathed as soon as a month. Their fur tangles simply.

Turkish Angora cats, in contrast, haven’t any undercoat, so their fur hardly ever tangles, and so they barely shed. They solely want weekly brushing.

Selkirk Rex cats are a particular case as a result of their lengthy fur is curly like a Poodle’s fur. It’s best to comb their fur a few instances per week to forestall tangles and lower down on shedding. Once you’re accomplished, run your fingers gently via the fur to fluff the curls.

Brushing and brushing

man grooming long-haired cat with brush
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Earlier than you begin, be sure to buy brushes and combs designed particularly for cats for the very best outcomes. You will get these at any pet retailer, and you may ask your vet or groomer for options.

Most cats completely love being brushed, so chances are you’ll discover that your cat begins head-butting your brush or comb the second you get it out. Cats who’re extra delicate will typically develop to like brushing after a couple of tries.

Even when your long-haired cat doesn’t develop to like brushing, it’s nonetheless essential to brush them recurrently as a result of long-haired cats are extra liable to hairballs in case you’re not recurrently eliminating further fur.

When you’re introducing a cat to brushing for the primary time, listed below are a couple of ideas to assist:

  • Let your cat odor the comb first to allow them to be aware of it.
  • All the time brush within the route of the fur so the feeling isn’t disagreeable.
  • Begin at their head, and go slowly to assist them alter to the sensation.
  • Hold the primary session to just some minutes, rewarding your cat with a deal with on the finish, and step by step enhance the size to fifteen minutes over time.

Bathing a long-haired cat

Cats with lengthy fur may have bathing, particularly in the event that they find yourself with the unlucky drawback of getting litter or feces caught of their fur.

Some cats will chunk or claw you in case you attempt to put them in a bath, however different cats, reminiscent of most Maine Coons, will completely find it irresistible, particularly in case you make the bathtub water heat sufficient.

When you can introduce your cat to bathing after they’re a kitten, you’ll have the very best outcomes.

Coping with mats

woman grooming long-haired cat
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Lengthy-haired cats are particularly liable to matted fur. In case your cat’s fur will get matted, you may must clip away the mats.

Achieve this gently, being cautious to not pull too onerous on the fur. Bear in mind to make use of particular cat clippers that you just purchase out of your native pet retailer.

Don’t ever use scissors, since your cat might react unexpectedly and presumably lower themselves!

In order for you, you should utilize a comb to attempt to brush out the mat very gently first. If the mats are actually dangerous, chances are you’ll must take your cat to a vet for skilled grooming.

Tufts of fur between the paw pads

Cats with lengthy fur may develop lengthy tufts of fur between the pads on the underside of their paws. Turkish Vans, for instance, are liable to creating these lengthy tufts.

These tufts can get tangled, caught onto issues, or may even make utilizing the litter field uncomfortable for them. If the tufts get too lengthy, you possibly can trim them with clippers. Watch out to be sure to don’t by chance lower your cat’s toes and trim solely to the extent of the pads.

Though grooming and brushing your cat could appear daunting, it’s crucial for long-haired kitties. Your cat might develop to like being brushed, and the time you’re taking to comb them might flip right into a enjoyable bonding time between the 2 of you.

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