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Huskies have plenty of fur and shed twice a yr, however don’t let it intimidate you: Grooming is simple if you recognize the secrets and techniques (trace: by no means shave your Husky’s coat!). Tim Vogel, CEO of canine grooming franchise Scenthound, combs by his prime three Husky grooming suggestions.

Methods to groom a Husky

Tip 1: By no means shave a Husky’s coat

Huskies are double-coated, which means they’ve a prime coat of longer, harsh hairs and a tender, down-like hair undercoat that gives heating, cooling and safety. Shaving a Husky could make him hotter and trigger his pores and skin to sunburn. Shaving additionally damages the top coat and disrupts the hair development cycle, which means it could take years to develop again accurately, Tim shares.

As a result of Huskies naturally shed, there’s no want for normal journeys to the groomer. Concentrate on brushing and quickening the shedding course of with the best instruments (listed beneath) to maintain your Husky’s hair and pores and skin wanting wholesome.

To take care of wholesome nails, learn our information on trimming your dog’s nails at home, or go to your skilled groomer each 4 to six weeks.

Skip the shave for these other dog breeds.

Tip 2: Set up a Husky grooming routine

Husky grooming ought to embrace month-to-month baths and weekly brushing, in any case. This retains the undercoat from matting, Tim says. A tangled coat is extra than simply ugly — it’s straight-up painful, says Tim.

Preserving observe of your weekly grooming schedule in a journal helps set up and keep good habits.

Tip 3: Groom extra usually throughout shedding season

Lastly, Tim urges Husky mother and father to do additional grooming throughout shedding seasons, which generally happen twice a yr within the Spring and Fall. Throughout this time, Huskies shed their undercoats, additionally known as blowing their coats, which regulates their physique temperatures throughout totally different seasons. Bathe them weekly and brush day by day. This removes the loosened coat and prevents matting, Tim says.

Shedding seasons additionally means hair in all places! Listed below are our prime picks for cleaning up dog hair.

Instruments for simple Husky grooming

The 4 most vital Husky grooming instruments are:

With the best instruments and data, canine mother and father will discover it straightforward to maintain their Husky tangle free.

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