Issues You’ll Want You Knew Earlier than Getting a Second Cat

Cat homeowners have been sharing their high suggestions of what they want they knew earlier than they received a second cat. If you happen to’re contemplating including one other cat to the household, try this recommendation so that you’re as ready as doable. From sensible concerns about introducing cats to at least one one other and managing territorial dynamics to making sure every cat’s particular person wants are met, this collective knowledge will equip you with a strong basis for a harmonious multi-cat family.

Don’t Assume They Will Be Mates

Big Cat group
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As a result of cats are all totally different, they could by no means change into really pleasant with one another. When you might need desires of your cats being the most effective of buds, generally the most effective you possibly can hope for is tolerance.

They Will Wake You Up at 3am

Cat and man sleeping
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In case your cats do get alongside – and generally in the event that they don’t – they could spend loads of time chasing one another. And one cat proprietor mentioned that it WILL occur at 3am, and they’ll wake you up chasing one another over your mattress!

Sluggish Introductions Work Greatest

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It’s nearly unanimous that sluggish introductions work greatest when including a brand new cat to the household. Be sure that every cat has their very own area to regulate to the presence of the second cat and take your time – weeks even – to combine them collectively.

All Cats Are Totally different

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Cats – even these from the identical litter – will all have distinctive personalities, identical to people. Don’t assume a second cat will like the identical issues your first cat does, together with the identical meals or toys. Deal with them as you’d deal with two youngsters.

Dedicate Time to Every Cat

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You want to have the ability to dedicate time to every of your cats individually and never simply deal with them as “the cats.” Be sure that every cat has the suitable quantity of consideration from you.

You Want the Emotional Capability for Two

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It’s not nearly consideration – you should guarantee you possibly can love two cats equally. It wouldn’t be honest to usher in a second cat in the event that they don’t get the identical devotion from you as your first.

Feeding Time Can Be Tough

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Even when the cats are getting alongside, feeding time may be difficult. One proprietor instructed of how they’d to purchase crates only for mealtimes to cease the larger cat from at all times stealing the meals of the smaller one.

It Might Not Work Out

Two cats apart from each other.
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Generally once you get a second cat, it simply gained’t work out. You’ll observe all of the steps to combine them correctly, they usually simply gained’t ever get alongside. Then you definately’ll want to think about holding them aside completely or rehoming one.

There Might Nonetheless Be Tiffs

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Even when your cats do get alongside nice more often than not, there could also be occasional arguments and fights. Normally, if the cats get alongside, these aren’t too huge a deal however be ready for cats to get somewhat moody with one another every so often!

Make Certain There Are Loads of Toys

A cat playing with a mouse toy.
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Playtime is crucial for cats, particularly indoor cats like Ragdolls that want train and stimulation and spend extra time inside or within the backyard. Please be sure you get loads of toys in order that cats aren’t combating over their favorites.

You Ought to Have Bought Two at First!

Maine Coon
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Many cat homeowners will say that you just’ll notice you need to have gotten two cats at first! Whereas a second cat doesn’t at all times work out, it usually does, and you might want you’d dedicated to getting a second prior to you probably did.

You’ll Nonetheless Need One other Cat!

Feral cats
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One proprietor made it clear – even in the event you get a second cat, you should still need extra! Simply watch out to not overextend your self so that you just at all times have the time and love for each cat you purchase.

Alarming Moments: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Conditions

Crazy cat look
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Generally you’ll catch your kitty in a compromising pose – as these cats show.

Feline Fiascos: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Situations

Does Your Cat Twitch When Being Pet?

Grumpy cat looking at the camera
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Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome – generally known as rippling pores and skin syndrome – is a situation that may have an effect on some cats. It offers them extraordinarily delicate pores and skin, which may trigger them misery, notably if they’re petted in that space.

Unfairly Labeled: Cat Lovers Converse Out In opposition to the Dangerous Stereotypes and Unjust Therapy of Orange Cats

Orange cat starring intently at the camera
Photograph credit score: Deposit Photographs.

Orange cats usually tend to be males than females, however are they the airheaded species of the feline world? Many hilarious movies of cat antics may be credited to fuzzy, ginger kitties, however can the city legends be true? Can their candy, affectionate, and easy nature be attributed to genes? 

Cat Lovers Speak Out Against the Harmful Stereotypes and Unjust Treatment of Orange Cats

The Hidden Triggers: Figuring out Widespread however Unnoticed Allergens Affecting Your Cat’s Well being

Grumply cat with gold eyes
Photograph credit score: Deposit Photographs.

In case your cat is consistently licking, biting, and itching rather a lot, it might be an indication they’re affected by allergy symptoms. However you may not notice what they’re allergic to – and it might be one thing you’d by no means even thought of.

Uncovering Hidden Allergies for Cats

Two Largest Cat Breeds – 17 Pound Cats?!

A Maine Coon cat and kitten
Photograph credit score: Deposit Photographs.

Maine Coon cats and Ragdoll cats are the 2 hottest massive cat breeds on this planet. They each have lengthy, stunning coats and imposing figures, and they’re each excellent cats, however there are some key variations between these two beautiful cats. 

18 Differences in Ragdoll Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats

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