Male & Feminine Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

The Whippet, sometimes called the “poor man’s racehorse”, is a breed famend for its grace, velocity, and smooth physique. As these svelte canine gracefully transition from playful puppies to swift adults, many house owners discover themselves interested by their progress patterns. Understanding the typical weights and heights of Whippet puppies might be instrumental in making certain they’re growing healthily. This text delves into the everyday progress trajectories of those elegant canines, providing insights and benchmarks for each stage of their puppyhood. Be part of us as we chart the fascinating journey of a Whippet’s progress from sprightly pup to athletic grownup.

Male Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

The next chart accommodates the typical weights and heights of male Whippet from new child to three years of age. Please be aware these are solely averages. At all times seek the advice of along with your veterinarian you probably have any issues about your Whippet’s progress.

Age Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Top (inches) Top (cm)
New child 0.5-1.0 0.2-0.5 N/A N/A
1 month 5-7 2.3-3.2 8-10 20-25
2 months 10-13 4.5-5.9 10-12 25-30
3 months 13-17 5.9-7.7 12-14 30-35
4 months 17-21 7.7-9.5 14-16 35-40
5 months 21-25 9.5-11.3 16-18 40-45
6 months 25-28 11.3-12.7 18-20 45-50
7 months 28-30 12.7-13.6 19-21 48-53
8 months 29-32 13.2-14.5 19.5-21.5 49.5-54.6
9 months 30-34 13.6-15.4 20-22 50-55
10 months 31-35 14.1-15.9 20.5-22.5 52-57
11 months 32-36 14.5-16.3 21-23 53-58
12 months 33-37 15-16.8 21.5-23.5 54.6-59.7
2 years 35-40 15.9-18.1 21.5-24 54.6-61
3 years 35-40 15.9-18.1 21.5-24 54.6-61


Feminine Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

The next chart accommodates the typical weights and heights of feminine Whippets from new child to three years of age. Please be aware these are solely averages. At all times seek the advice of along with your veterinarian you probably have any issues about your Whippet’s progress.

Age Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Top (inches) Top (cm)
New child 0.4-0.8 0.2-0.4 N/A N/A
1 month 4-6 1.8-2.7 7-9 18-23
2 months 8-11 3.6-5 Sept. 11 23-28
3 months 11-15 5-6.8 11-13 28-33
4 months 15-19 6.8-8.6 13-15 33-38
5 months 18-22 8.2-10 14.5-16.5 36.8-41.9
6 months 20-25 9.1-11.3 15-17 38-43
7 months 23-27 10.4-12.2 16-18 40.6-45.7
8 months 24-28 10.9-12.7 16.5-18.5 41.9-47
9 months 25-29 11.3-13.2 17-19 43-48
10 months 26-30 11.8-13.6 17.5-19.5 44.5-49.5
11 months 27-31 12.2-14.1 18-20 45.7-50.8
12 months 28-32 12.7-14.5 18.5-20.5 47-52
2 years 30-35 13.6-15.9 18.5-21 47-53
3 years 30-35 13.6-15.9 18.5-21 47-53

These tables are based mostly on common pointers and may differ vastly relying on particular person canine. At all times seek the advice of with a veterinarian or skilled breeder for extra particular details about your pet’s progress and growth.

FAQs a few Whippet Pet’s Development and Growth

1. How massive will my Whippet pet develop to be?

Whippets are medium-sized canine. Grownup females usually weigh between 20-30 kilos and stand about 18-21 inches on the shoulder, whereas grownup males weigh between 25-35 kilos and stand about 19-22 inches. Their progress charge will decelerate after 6-8 months, however they may proceed filling out till they’re about 18 months outdated.

2. When will my Whippet pet cease rising?

Most Whippets attain their full top by 8-12 months of age. Nevertheless, they may proceed to fill out, gaining muscle and a bit extra weight, till they’re about 18 months outdated.

3. Is there a selected progress chart for Whippet puppies?

Sure, there are breed-specific progress charts out there for Whippets which you could find on-line or seek the advice of along with your vet. These charts present estimates based mostly on common progress patterns for the breed.

4. How a lot ought to my Whippet pet eat to assist its progress?

The correct quantity varies based mostly on age, exercise stage, and particular person metabolism. It’s important to comply with the feeding pointers in your pet’s meals package deal and alter based mostly in your pet’s situation and power.

5. Can I predict my pet’s grownup dimension based mostly on its paw dimension?

Whereas some individuals consider giant paws point out a bigger grownup canine, it’s not a exact measure. Genetics, diet, and general well being play a bigger position in figuring out grownup dimension.

6. My Whippet pet appears skinny; is that this regular?

Whippets naturally have a lean physique. It’s not unusual for them to look slender, particularly throughout progress spurts. Nevertheless, should you can see too many ribs or the backbone prominently, seek the advice of your vet in regards to the pet’s food plan and well being.

7. At what age will my Whippet’s chest deepen and broaden?

Round 6-12 months, you’ll discover their chest beginning to drop and broaden. This continues till they’re totally mature at round 18 months.

8. Ought to I be involved if my Whippet pet has an uneven progress sample, reminiscent of longer legs in comparison with the physique?

Puppies usually undergo awkward progress phases. In the event you’re feeding a balanced food plan and offering ample train, these uneven phases usually even out as they attain maturity.

9. How usually ought to I weigh my Whippet pet throughout its progress interval?

It’s a good suggestion to weigh your pet each 2-4 weeks through the first six months to observe its progress and alter meals parts as wanted.

10. My Whippet pet appears to have a progress spurt in a single day. Is that this typical?

Sure, puppies can have sudden progress spurts, seemingly in a single day. It’s vital to make sure they’re getting ample diet throughout these occasions.

11. Will neutering or spaying my Whippet have an effect on its progress?

Early spaying or neutering can affect progress plate closure, doubtlessly leading to taller canine. Focus on the perfect timing along with your veterinarian.

12. What ought to the muscle tone of a rising Whippet be like?

Whippets ought to have a lean, athletic construct. Whereas they shouldn’t seem cumbersome, it’s best to really feel agency muscle tissues underneath their pores and skin, particularly within the thigh space.

13. How can I guarantee my Whippet pet’s joints are wholesome throughout progress?

Feed a balanced food plan designed for puppies, keep away from strenuous or high-impact actions whereas they’re nonetheless rising, and seek the advice of your vet should you discover limping or discomfort.

14. At what age is a Whippet’s skeletal construction totally developed?

By 18 months, most Whippets’ skeletal constructions are totally developed, although some would possibly proceed minor adjustments as much as 2 years.

15. Is it secure for my Whippet pet to climb stairs or bounce from heights?

It’s greatest to attenuate leaping from heights and extreme stair climbing whereas they’re nonetheless rising to guard their growing joints.

16. Ought to I complement my Whippet pet’s food plan with nutritional vitamins for progress?

Except directed by a vet, keep away from over-the-counter dietary supplements. High quality pet meals ought to present all the mandatory vitamins.

17. How a lot train does my rising Whippet want?

Whippet puppies are energetic. Nevertheless, whereas they’re nonetheless rising, it’s essential to steadiness play with relaxation to keep away from placing an excessive amount of pressure on growing bones and joints.

18. When will my Whippet pet’s enamel be totally grown?

By six months, most puppies have their full set of grownup enamel. Make sure you’re offering correct dental care from the beginning.

19. Are there bodily progress variations between female and male Whippets?

Sure, males are usually barely taller and heavier than females. Nevertheless, particular person progress can differ based mostly on genetics and well being.

20. When do Whippet puppies usually get their grownup coat?

Whereas Whippets have quick coats, you would possibly discover a change in texture and density as they transition from pet to maturity, usually round 6-12 months of age.

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