My Cat Introduced Me a Mouse, What Ought to I Do?

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cat carrying a dead mouse in its mouth

If you end up in a scenario the place your cat has introduced you a mouse, it’s necessary to not panic. That is completely regular conduct for cats, even when it may be a bit of unsettling for us people. Your cat isn’t attempting to upset you – quite the opposite! They’re doubtless displaying their looking instincts and even exhibiting affection.

What to Do If Your Cat Brings You a Mouse

Keep Calm

In case your cat presents you with a mouse, your first response may be to freak out. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay calm. Keep in mind, your cat isn’t attempting to upset you or make a multitude. As an alternative, they’re following their pure instincts or attempting to indicate you affection. They don’t perceive that you simply may discover their reward disagreeable.

a cat trying to catch a mouse on the table
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Don’t Punish Your Cat

It’s essential to not punish your cat for bringing you a mouse. They’re merely performing on their pure instincts and punishing them may confuse them or injury your relationship. Your cat received’t perceive why they’re being punished for one thing that, of their eyes, needs to be rewarded. As an alternative of punishment, attempt to redirect their power in the direction of toys and playtime.

Thank Them Gently

When you don’t need to encourage the conduct, it’s necessary to acknowledge your cat’s exhausting work. A easy, light “thanks” will suffice. This may also help preserve your bond along with your cat with out essentially encouraging extra looking.

working cat catching a mouse
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What to Do With the Mouse

If the Mouse Is Alive…

If the mouse continues to be alive when your cat brings it to you, attempt to lure it if doable. You should utilize a towel or blanket to catch the mouse, then gently launch it outdoors, far-off from your property to stop it from returning.

If the Mouse Is Lifeless…

If the mouse is already useless, use gloves to take away it to keep away from any potential illnesses or parasites the mouse may be carrying. Get rid of it safely by putting it in a bag and placing it within the trash.

nimble striped cat walks on green grass on a farm in a field with a gray mouse caught in his teeth
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Stopping Future Looking

Hold Your Cat Indoors

One of the efficient methods to cut back looking conduct is by retaining your cat indoors, significantly at daybreak and nightfall when mice are most lively. This will considerably lower their alternatives to hunt.

Present Leisure

Guarantee your cat has loads of toys and stimulation indoors to distract them from looking. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and common playtime may also help fulfill their looking instincts in a safer and cleaner means.

Use Bells on Collars

One other technique is to make use of a bell in your cat’s collar. The sound of the bell can warn potential prey of their method, giving them an opportunity to flee earlier than your cat can catch them. This will scale back the variety of profitable hunts, and subsequently, the variety of ‘presents’ you obtain.

side view of a cat wearing a collar with a bell
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Tricks to Forestall Your Cat from Bringing You Mice

You may’t hold each eyes in your cat all day, so listed below are some ideas to assist hold the useless mice off your step.

  1. Hold your cat indoors, significantly at daybreak and nightfall when mice are most lively.
  2. Present loads of toys and stimulation to fulfill their looking instincts in a safer means.
  3. Use a bell on their collar to warn potential prey of their method.
  4. Repeatedly verify your property for any cracks or holes that would permit mice to enter.
  5. Hold your yard and residential clear and tidy to assist deter mice from getting into the realm.
  6. Don’t permit your cat to eat any mice they catch as this might doubtlessly be harmful for them.
  7. In case your cat will get sick after consuming a mouse, contact your vet instantly.
  8. Neutering or spaying received’t essentially scale back looking behaviors in cats.

The Looking Intuition

Cats are natural hunters, a trait that’s been ingrained in them from their wild ancestors. This intuition doesn’t disappear simply because they dwell indoors or are well-fed. Looking is greater than only a option to get meals for cats; it’s additionally an necessary a part of their conduct that enables them to precise their pure instincts and hold their expertise honed. Even when supplied with loads of meals, cats may nonetheless hunt for sport, practising their expertise and retaining themselves mentally and bodily stimulated. It’s an exercise that includes stalking, pouncing, and taking part in with their prey, which cats discover extremely entertaining.

Affectionate Gestures

One more reason cats typically convey their house owners “presents” like mice is as a sign of affection. Within the wild, mom cats educate their kittens find out how to eat by bringing dwelling useless or injured prey. Your cat may see you as a part of their household and really feel the necessity to share their profitable hunt with you. It’s a means for them to deal with you, show you that they trust you, and even attempt to educate you to hunt. Whereas this conduct is usually a bit grotesque, it’s a big praise on the earth of cats.

a maine coon cat hunting a mouse outdoor
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Different FAQs

Q: Why do cats hunt, even after they’re not hungry?

A: Cats hunt because of their pure instincts, not essentially as a result of they’re hungry. They’re predators and looking permits them to precise these instincts and hold their expertise sharp.

Q: My cat is well-fed. Why does it nonetheless hunt?

A: Even well-fed cats will typically have interaction in looking conduct. This is because of their instinctual drive to hunt and doesn’t essentially point out that they’re hungry.

Q: Is it secure for my cat to eat a mouse?

A: Whereas cats are capable of eating mice, it’s not at all times secure. Mice can carry illnesses and parasites which may doubtlessly be dangerous to your cat.

Q: Can I practice my cat to cease looking?

A: It’s difficult to coach a cat to cease looking utterly because it’s a pure intuition. Nevertheless, you possibly can present different types of stimulation to assist scale back the conduct.

cat hunting in the wild
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Q: Is looking conduct extra frequent in sure breeds of cats?

A: Looking conduct is frequent in all cats, however some breeds might have a stronger looking intuition than others. For instance, breeds just like the Siamese and Bengal are recognized for his or her robust prey drive.

Q: Are indoor cats much less prone to hunt?

A: Indoor cats have fewer alternatives to hunt actual prey, however they could nonetheless exhibit looking behaviors with toys or different objects in the home.

Q: How can I hold mice out of my dwelling and yard?

A: Common pest management, sealing any holes or cracks in your house’s exterior, and retaining your yard clear may also help deter mice.

Q: Can neutering or spaying have an effect on a cat’s looking conduct?

A: Neutering or spaying can scale back sure behaviors in cats, but it surely normally doesn’t have a big affect on their looking instincts.


Cats are pure hunters, and looking behaviors in cats are extremely frequent. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to concentrate on the dangers related to permitting your cat to hunt open air. Retaining them indoors, offering loads of stimulation, utilizing a bell on their collar and taking steps to discourage mice from your property can all assist scale back their looking conduct and hold them secure.

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