Peregrine Household Life in August

“Mother and son on the ledge right now” 17 July 2023 (tweeted by @FaBPeregrines)

25 August 2023

As a result of the Pitt peregrines had no eggs this 12 months I miss seeing their younger on digital camera. To fill that hole I’ve been following the Fulham and Barnes Peregrines at Charing Cross Hospital in London, UK whose each day lives are chronicled by @FaBPeregrines.

Azina, Tom and their son P6T (named for his band quantity) are incessantly seen on digital camera, even in late August. P6T’s dispersal from his natal web site is on a later schedule than we’re used to in Pittsburgh.

Juvenile peregrines in Pittsburgh fledge in early June and depart in July. At Fulham and Barnes, P6T fledged within the fourth week of Might and continues to be hanging round in late August. His persistence offers us a chance to observe a peregrine household in late summer season when the teen hunts on his personal.

Discover how the ledge is cluttered with prey on 23 August in contrast how clear it was on 17 July, at high . Somebody has been messy. 😉

Observe this peregrine household @FaBPeregrines on X, previously referred to as Twitter.

(tweeted by @FaBPeregrines)

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