Ragdoll Munchkin Cat {Exploring this Cat’s Distinctive Traits}

A Ragdoll Munchkin cat is a crossbreed between a Ragdoll cat – one of many bigger breeds of cat – and the Munchkin, which (as you possibly can in all probability guess from the identify) is likely one of the smallest breeds of cat mixes.

Nutmeg a 3-year old seal point Ragdoll Munchkin loved by Gina and Steve
Nutmeg, a 3-year previous seal level mitted Ragdoll Munchkin, liked by Gina and Steve

Munchkin cats are already fairly a scarce and controversial breed, and so cross-bred Ragdoll Munchkins are actually not widespread. However the mixture of traits makes them fairly a preferred alternative for some cat homeowners. Wish to be taught extra about this hybrid? Let’s have a look.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: As Daybreak of Bluebonnet Munchkins, a Munchkin breeder, informed me, “I don’t agree with the crossing of Munchkins to so many different breeds, additionally let or not it’s identified that Munchkins can are available all colours, and I’ve had Ragdoll coloration present up on my purebred Munchkins…as of breed does carry factors. Crossing 2 breeds isn’t at all times finest for both breed trigger then you might be additionally crossing genetic well being issues.”

One other breeder informed that Munchkins can come marked like Ragdolls since Munchkins are available all colours. Munchkins, bred to plain, don’t include every other mutations together with ears or coats aside from straight.

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What’s a Munchkin Cat?

Munchkins are a breed of cat that’s identified for its very brief legs. They nonetheless have an extended physique, however they’re an total brief cat that regardless of their uncommon proportions continues to be a really energetic and social cat.

Munchkin Cat Credit Cindy photography - SGC RW BW Korrigan O'Malley
Munchkin Cat, ©Cindy images – SGC. RW. BW. Korrigan O’Malley

The Munchkin breed is a controversial one – it has been recognized by TICA since 1994, however different organizations such because the Cat Fanciers Affiliation are but to simply accept these cats as a result of controversy across the breed’s brief legs.

Munchkin Credit Natalie St-Amant photo - TGC RW Korrigan Melusine
Munchkin Cat, ©Natalie St-Amant picture – TGC. RW. Korrigan Melusine

In accordance with TICA, the breed is called after the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz as each creatures are on the brief facet. And a Munchkin holds the Guinness World File for being the shortest residing cat – Lilieput, a tortoiseshell munchkin from Napa in California who stands at simply 5.25 inches from paw to the highest of the shoulders.

What’s a Ragdoll Cat?

A Ragdoll cat is likely one of the bigger breeds of home cat which are generally owned. Named due to their tendency to go floppy like a ragdoll when picked up, these cats are typically very pleasant and loving in terms of their homeowners. They’ve a semi-long silky coat and are available a definite choice of colours and patterns.

Remi seal bicolor ragdoll cat male 10 months loved by Wendy
Rumi Ragdolls Remi, a seal bicolor male Ragdoll cat, 10 months previous, liked by Wendy

The Ragdoll breed is an official breed acknowledged by all main cat breed organizations together with each TICA and the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation.

Historical past of Munchkin Cats

Whereas short-legged cats have been documented for a few years, the breed is acknowledged as starting within the Eighties when breeder Sandra Hockenedel discovered a short-legged pregnant cat.

Munchkin cat Credit Larry Jonnson Photography - SGC. RW. BW. Korrigan Number Nine of Chipie
Munchkin Cat ©Larry Jonnson Pictures – SGC. RW. BW. Korrigan Quantity 9 of Chipie

Due to the abnormally brief legs of the breed, it stays fairly controversial as some critics have voiced issues over the breed doubtlessly having points with mobility and different well being issues. The brief legs are a results of a genetic mutation, and a few argue that breeding Munchkin cats is unfair and merciless, as they might expertise ache and a restricted way of life.

Munchkin Cat Credit Elodie Danielou photographer - CH Korrigan Morgane Detoi
Munchkin Cat, ©Elodie Danielou photographer – CH. Korrigan Morgane Detoi

Nevertheless, TICA states that Munchkin cats are usually not liable to arthritis, don’t expertise any distinctive mobility issues with age, and don’t have any related debilitating genes.

Historical past of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats have been first bred within the Sixties by Ann Baker in Riverside, California. Ann bred a cat named Josephine – a white Angora Persian-type cat – longhaired Burmese and Birman sires. The litters have been substantial cats that have been very loving, had stunning blue eyes, and have been identified to flop like a ragdoll when picked up.

Seal Bi-Color Ragdoll Cinnamon proudly owned and loved by Judith Gil IMG-2843
Seal Bi-Coloration Ragdoll Cinnamon proudly owned and liked by Judith Gil

Ragdolls have been accepted as an official breed for a few years. Whereas Munchkins weren’t acknowledged by TICA till the Nineties, Ragdolls have been accepted by the group as quickly as they have been fashioned in 1979.

What Is a Ragdoll Munchkin Combine Cat?

A Ragdoll Munchkin cat (or a Munchkin Ragdoll cat) is a crossbreed between Munchkins and Ragdolls. It’s not acknowledged as any sort of ‘famend’ crossbreed – it’s not like a Golden Doodle on this planet of canines the place they get their very own identify – nevertheless it’s simply the time period for a cat that was bred from a Ragdoll and a Munchkin cat.

Nutmeg a 3-year old seal point Ragdoll Munchkin loved by Gina and Steve side by side
Nutmeg, a 3-year previous seal level Ragdoll Munchkin, liked by Gina and Steve

Munchkin Cat vs Ragdoll Cat: A Comparability

Right here’s how the 2 breeds of cat evaluate:

Ragdoll vs Munchkin Measurement

Unsurprisingly based mostly on what you already know concerning the physique kind of those cats, Ragdolls are a lot bigger than Munchkins. A typical grownup feminine Munchkin will weigh 5-7 kilos, whereas an equal feminine Ragdoll will weigh 10-15 kilos.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitty Kitty Cayenne proudly owned and loved by Judith Gil IMG-4924
Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitty Kitty Cayenne proudly owned and liked by Judith Gil

And it’s an analogous story for males – Munchkins common 7 to 10 kilos and Ragdolls common 15 to twenty kilos. Ragdolls are primarily twice the scale of Munchkins, on common.

Munchkin Cat Credit Elodie Danielou Photography - SGC Korrigan Rey Skywalker
Munchkin Cat, ©Elodie Danielou Pictures – SGC Korrigan Rey Skywalker

Some folks assume that Munchkin cats keep kitten-sized their total life, however that’s not true. Their top is proscribed to round 6-9 inches tall, however they nonetheless have a physique that may common as much as 14 inches – not enormous, however common for a lot of cats.

Munchkin vs Ragdoll Care

Neither Munchkins or Ragdolls have extreme grooming wants – a weekly brush is often sufficient to take away any lifeless hair to forestall tangles and mats from forming.

TICA does advocate that it is best to bathe a Munchkin cat sometimes with a view to preserve your cat’s coat hygienic, however this isn’t vital for Ragdolls.

Ragdoll vs Munchkin Temperament

Each Ragdoll cats and Munchkins are good household pets which are social and luxuriate in consideration. Each are playful, each are cuddlers, and so they wish to have a choice of toys accessible.

Ragdoll cats are likely to act virtually like puppies, following their proprietor across the dwelling. In the meantime Munchkins typically show a extra curious nature and like to discover. That doesn’t imply that Munchkins aren’t nice companions, or that Ragdolls aren’t curious. Additionally, these are the broad traits of every breed, however do not forget that each cat is exclusive of their persona.

What Do Ragdoll Munchkin Cats Look Like?

The litter of a Ragdoll and Munchkin kittens primarily are dwarf Ragdoll kittens – they’ve an analogous face to a Ragdoll cat, though usually just a little rounder, and often have a medium-length coat however with the brief legs of a Munchkin.

Nutmeg a 3-year old seal point Ragdoll Munchkin loved by Gina and Steve meerkat
Nutmeg a 3-year previous seal level Ragdoll Munchkin liked by Gina and Steve in meerkat pose

It’s extra probably that the crossbreed will probably be an analogous dimension to a Munchkin, with the shorter legs inflicting the peak to be lowered. Anticipate a Ragdoll Munchkin to probably weigh much like an everyday Munchkin, or perhaps barely extra – however they received’t be as massive as a purebred Ragdoll.

What Is the Temperament of Ragdoll Munchkin Cats?

With Ragdolls cats and Munchkins cats already having an analogous temperament, you possibly can count on their offspring to be equally lovable and playful. They’ll usually be fairly cuddly and inquisitive however can both be just a little extra energetic or extra reserved, relying on the character of their mother and father.

What Are Frequent Well being Problems with Ragdoll Munchkin Cats?

A number of the potential widespread well being points {that a} Ragdoll Munchkin cat might face embody:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), a illness the place the guts muscle tissue are thickened that’s extra widespread in Ragdoll cats
  • Polycystic Kidney Illness, a situation that may be handed down via cats that causes cysts to develop on the kidneys
  • Lordosis, an irregular curvature within the backbone that may be attributable to the physique form of a Munchkin cat

What Is the Lifespan of a Ragdoll Munchkin Cat?

Each Ragdolls and Munchkins have an average lifespan of round 15 years, although this in fact can fluctuate rather a lot for every particular person cat. Nonetheless, as a result of each common out at across the identical, you possibly can count on these crossbreed kittens to have an analogous size of life supplied they’re wholesome and freed from genetic ailments, and if you take care of them properly.

Methods to Purchase a Ragdoll Munchkin Cat

Excited about shopping for a Ragdoll Munchkin cat? Right here’s what you have to know:

The place to Discover a Ragdoll Munchkin

Discovering Ragdoll Munchkin kittens on the market isn’t at all times straight ahead. They’re a crossbreed and they also received’t at all times be accessible, and since they’re uncommon it may be arduous to discover a registered breeder that has Munchkin Ragdoll kittens on the market.

You would possibly discover that unofficial websites like Craigslist are extra fruitful right here, however it’s a must to be additional cautious to purchase from somebody on a website like this. Anybody selling cats or kittens on Craigslist or Fb may very well be scamming you, or worse they might be somebody promoting real cats however that doesn’t know or care the best way to take care of kittens of their early weeks or months.

Some reputable breeders will use these websites, so don’t assume each Munchkin Teacup Ragdoll cat on the market on them is problematic, however you should do your analysis and test the vendor out earlier than you commit to purchasing from them.

And as arduous as they’re to search out to purchase, it may be even more durable to discover a Munchkin Ragdoll for adoption. These cats are typically purchased specifically, and so they’re extraordinarily loving. It’s very uncommon that somebody would give them up for adoption, and in the event that they did then they might probably be snapped up shortly. It’s not unimaginable, however in the event you particularly need Munchkin Ragdoll kittens you then’ll have to register your curiosity with a variety of adoption facilities and hope for the perfect.

How A lot Do Ragdoll Munchkin Cats Value?

Munchkin cats alone are an unusual breed, that means Ragdoll Munchkin cats are even more durable to search out. As such, demand is often excessive and that’s mirrored in the price of these kittens.

Whereas there aren’t many costs, I can evaluate to offer you a broad vary, a lot of the costs quoted for a kitten on-line appear to be within the $1000 to $2000 vary, which is excessive for a crossbreed that isn’t acknowledged by some organizations.

Ragdoll Munchkin Cat FAQs

Is it Potential to get a Ragdoll Munchkin Cat?

Ragdoll Munchkin cats do exist as a crossbreed, however they aren’t quite common. So, whereas it’s potential to get one, it may be tough and should contain a number of looking out and ready for one to develop into accessible.

Is there a Mini Ragdoll Cat?

Whereas Ragdoll cats are usually a bigger breed, you could find crossbreeds which are smaller, such because the Munchkin Ragdoll. These in fact aren’t purebred Ragdolls, however they often have related traits.

Are Munchkin Cats Uncommon?

Munchkin cats aren’t the rarest breed of cat however they aren’t super-common, and it’s possible you’ll have to develop your search if you wish to purchase one and be keen to journey to choose it up. Loads of breeders received’t breed Munchkins as a result of controversy across the breed.

Do Munchkin Cats Endure?

Munchkin cats have a genetic mutation that causes the lengthy bones within the legs to develop a lot shorter. There may be debate about whether or not this makes Munchkin cats endure, or whether or not it’s merciless to breed them. In accordance with TICA, the one main group to acknowledge the breed, Munchkin cats are nonetheless typically pleased cats and the shortened limbs aren’t linked to arthritis.

Can Munchkin Ragdoll cats soar excessive?

Munchkin Ragdoll cats can soar, however often not as excessive as their common Ragdoll equivalents. Bear this in thoughts in the event you’re shopping for a Munchkin Ragdoll, particularly in terms of the selection of litter field or any toys designed for climbing and leaping, resembling a cat tree. Intention to supply ramps for any greater surfaces, and purchase litter packing containers which have decrease entries.

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