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Beautiful mosaic. Where is it? (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

16 August 2023

Superbly coloured tiles. An intricate sample. What ground, wall or ceiling holds this mosaic? Click here to see a closeup.

The photograph caption at Wikimedia Commons has the reply:

Woody Dicot Stem Vascular Cylinder in One Yr Liriodendron, photograph from Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The mosaic is product of the cells within the woody stem of a one yr previous tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera), sliced skinny and magnified 100 occasions. The colours and shapes are particular to the species and its age. The outline signifies that issues change at lot in a one yr previous tulip tree.

The mosaic slice was photographed in 2014 at Berkshire Neighborhood School in Pittsfield, MA from a sapling that most likely grew in Western Massachusetts.

When a tulip tree grows up it has leaves and flowers like this.

Tulip tree leafout, Schenley Park, 28 April 2014 (photograph by Kate St. John)
Tulip tree flower, 4 Might 2017 (photograph by Kate St. John)

Nonetheless lovely and complicated even when not magnified.

For extra data on the mosaic picture see the description of the image here. It’s so technical that I want a glossary to determine what it means.

(images from Wikimedia Commons and Kate St. John)

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