The Small Threats Lurking in Your Dwelling: Guaranteeing Your Cat’s Security by Stopping Swallowing Hazards

Cats aren’t capable of spit issues up – the barbs on their tongue forestall it. So as soon as one thing is within the throat, it’s being swallowed, which might result in severe well being points. Listed below are some real-life examples of issues to watch out of that cats have consumed to keep away from the identical occurring to your kitty.

Hair Ties

Ragdoll Cat Dies from Hair Tie Hair Ties in Cats Stomachs Hair Tie Photo
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Hair ties are a surprisingly frequent drawback for cats – probably as a result of homeowners like to make use of them for video games of chase/fetch. The brilliant colours make them engaging, however they’ll get tousled inside stomachs or intestines – and surgical procedure could also be required.

Used Dryer Sheets

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Used dryer sheets might look like an harmless merchandise to depart in a low trash can. Nonetheless, homeowners have reported cats consuming them – and since the sheets don’t break down simply, they’ll trigger blockages.

Rubber Bands

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Rubber bands are one other merchandise it’s essential to be sure are stored nicely away out of your cats. The elastic will be intriguing to play with, and the cat might chew on it to be taught extra – which might result in unintentionally swallowing them.


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Balloons are a well known subject round pets. As soon as they pop, the latex turns into a beautiful merchandise to snack on. In fact, it might probably get caught inside your pet’s digestive system and doubtlessly stretch to create a blockage. Mylar balloons comprised of foil are additionally a danger.


Ragdoll Cat with Tongue Out.
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There’s a cliché about cats batting round a ball of yarn, however unfastened string can really be harmful. Cats received’t are likely to eat it on goal, however they could chew on the yarn, and unfastened strands will be swallowed and get balled up inside them.

Pom Poms

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Small pom poms comprised of sponge that you’d use in crafts are very engaging to cats, who usually love small spherical objects. These balls can develop when moist, which makes them much more problematic if swallowed.

Small Toys

Cat playing with a ping-pong ball.
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Any toys which are sufficiently small to suit down your cat’s throat or which are sporting down and should break aside needs to be stored nicely away out of your kitty. Previous or small toys can simply scrape and reduce your cat’s insides and block their organs.

Reward Wrap Ribbon

Baby Ragdoll Kittens in a box as a present.
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Watch out when opening any present with a ribbon tied round it – make sure you at all times eliminate it safely. In any other case, your cat might pounce on unfastened strands and swallow it.

Indicators To Look For

blue eyed white and grey cat laying on the floor
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Varied signs might happen in case your cat has swallowed one thing it shouldn’t have, together with vomiting, lethargy, or an absence of urge for food. In case you discover any important change in your cat’s habits, it’s time to behave.

What To Do

cat with vet
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In case you assume your cat has swallowed one thing unsuitable, take them to an emergency vet. An x-ray will affirm whether or not there’s a international physique inside.

Surgical procedure Prices

Cat at the vets.
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The price of surgical procedure to take away international objects from inside a cat will be very costly. However usually, it’s essential to keep away from fatalities. Relying on the item, the vet might suggest ready to see in case your pet can cross it naturally, however normally, surgical procedure shall be wanted.

Pet Insurance coverage

fluffy little kitten hidding behind a scratching post
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Anybody fearful concerning the excessive price of pet surgical procedure to take away unintentionally swallowed objects ought to look into pet insurance coverage. Different choices for spreading the price of surgical procedure may additionally be obtainable.

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