The Transgender Cat: A Story of Survival and Hope for Cats in Want

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I’d prefer to inform you about my cat Mao and the way he turned a “transgender” cat, and perhaps save the lives of some cats on the market by relating his story.

I put the time period in quotes as a result of he’s not likely like a transgender human, nevertheless it’s the closest time period to elucidate his state of affairs.  You see, for medical causes he needed to have all his male bits minimize off and his plumbing reworked in order that he pees like a lady.  However the surgical procedure saved his life and he has had many good years since then.

Again when Mao was nonetheless a stray cat who had adopted me, when he was solely allowed inside my home on supervised visits, however he’d already been neutered, he began peeing on the ground.  A lot of little pees, like a teaspoon or tablespoon at a time.  I used to be an inexperienced cat servant and didn’t acknowledge this for the plea for assist that it was and scolded him as an alternative of taking him to the vet.

Then he disappeared for five days and I used to be heartbroken and guilt-tripping.  However on Easter Sunday, he heard my voice and crawled out from his hiding place in my yard, weak and matted, and collapsed in a puddle of water. I shortly requested my neighbor the place the emergency vet was. Mao nonetheless had sufficient vitality to battle being positioned within the service, so I laid him on a towel on the passenger seat.

The vet mentioned he was dehydrated and his kidneys had shut down, and it was all as a consequence of crystals blocking his urethra.  I used to be floored to study cats can get the equal of kidney stones.  And it’s extra widespread in male cats who’ve been neutered, as a result of the final couple of inches of the urinary tract are fairly slender.  However they mentioned they will often get the kidneys working once more.

After monetary authorization, they inserted a stent to empty the urine and crystals and began IV fluids.  Once I received house, I received a name from the vet saying his prognosis wasn’t good.  His bloodwork confirmed his creatinine degree, which must be underneath 2, was 24, the best she’d ever seen.  However he was younger, and survived.  (I visited him in hospital on daily basis after work.)

2 weeks after coming house, nevertheless, he began blocking up once more, on a Saturday when my regular vet had no appointments.  So, again to the emergency vet as soon as once more, for one more very costly keep.  This time the vet mentioned that after blocking up twice, he ought to have “the surgical procedure” which might simply imply he would pee like a lady.  (Besides that it’s a bit greater than that.)

Fortunately the semi-retired vet at my common apply was one in all 3 vets in San Antonio, Texas, who was capable of carry out this surgical procedure, and it went properly.

However when he got here house, he regarded a fright.  Each entrance legs had been shaved for IVs not too long ago, his flank had been shaved to use a ache patch, and his entire bottom had been shaved and now had a bunch of Frankenstein-like stitches.

However, because of the ache patch, he was lastly pain-free for most likely the primary time in a pair months, so he instantly wished to run and leap.  “Dude!  You’ll tear your stitches!… Can I nonetheless name you ‘dude’?”  However he nonetheless considers himself male, since over time he has romanced/tried to romance quite a lot of feminine cats.

This thrilling chapter of Mao’s adventures occurred in 2008, when he was not less than 3 years outdated.  He’s had many adventures since then, however I hope sharing this story might save the lives of different cats by informing their people {that a} cat urgently must go to the vet if he begins peeing small quantities within the flawed locations — it’s both a foul an infection or crystals.

And sure, Mao is nonetheless alive and having fun with life as a senior cat. The photograph on the blue chair cushion is current.


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