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Hot weather sunset (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

26 July 2023

The climate is scorching and getting hotter. Extreme warmth plagued the West, Texas and Florida and now, within the subsequent 6-10 days, the warmth will transfer southeast with hovering temperatures at 100°F+.

U.S. 6-10 day temperature outlook, 31 July – 4 August as of 7/25/2023 (map from NWS)

It’s not simply the air that’s scorching, the ocean is just too. This timelapse video from Colin McCarthy @US_stormwatch exhibits ocean temperature anomalies from 22 February to 21 July. The most well liked colours — the very best above regular — are off the Pacific coast of South America and within the North Atlantic close to Newfoundland.

Warming water off the coast of South America is the creating El Niño, a part of the cyclical El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) that impacts climate and local weather around the globe.

The real surprise is off the coast of Newfoundland the place Colin McCarthy says “The North Atlantic is in uncharted territory. The complete ocean basin is a record-smashing 1.5°C (2.7°F) above regular.”

Each are simpler to see on this static map from NOAA.

NOAA sea surface temperature anomaly (partial map) as of 24 July 2023, 0600 EDT

Scorching water makes the air scorching as Newfoundlanders can let you know. Summers are often so cool there that only 1 in 5 households in St John’s, NL have air conditioning, not less than as of 2019. That’s most likely altering this summer season as temperatures soar into the 90s.

Scorching water makes scorching air scorching makes scorching water in an infinite suggestions loop.

With El Niño on high of local weather change I don’t assume it should finish nicely.

p.s. At present’s information Florida ocean records ‘unprecedented’ temperatures similar to a hot tub!

(picture and map credit are within the caption; click on the hyperlinks to see the originals. The Warmth Loop diagram is by Kate St. John)

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