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Noticed lanternflies land to roost simply earlier than sundown, Pittsburgh, 22 August 2023 (picture by Kate St. John)

24 August 2023

Noticed lanternflies (Lycorma delicatula ) are in every single place within the East Finish of Pittsburgh and alongside our rivers and railroads. One even triggered a snapshot on the movement detection digicam on the Pitt peregrine nest. Aaarrg!

Noticed lanternfly perched on the Nationwide Aviary snapshot falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh

Proper now, whereas the invasion is getting worse by the day, it’s laborious to think about a time with out them however that day will come. The bugs have day by day, seasonal and annual cycles and their inhabitants pattern goes down, primarily based on what occurred in jap PA the place they have been first detected. Let’s have a look.

Day by day dispersal, nightly roost. In the course of the day grownup lanternflies disperse to the sky however at nightfall they land on buildings and timber to “roost” in a single day. Nightfall is an disagreeable time of day as they combination close to us but it surely’s an excellent alternative to catch them with a water bottle (video shows how).

Seasonal disappearance of adults in late fall. Noticed lanternfly adults mate and lay eggs in late summer time and fall. Winged adults began to look in July in Pittsburgh however they didn’t attain a crescendo till mid-August. They’ll be current in September and October and utterly die off on the first frost. I count on their presence to taper earlier than they disappear.

I’ve not been capable of finding out if the people die shortly after mating and laying eggs but when so the inhabitants would taper rapidly. I’ll know extra in November.

Invasion lasts two to a few years primarily based on expertise in Japanese PA.

Lanternflies have been a plague in Berks County(*) in 2018 and 2019 however by 2021 they have been laborious to search out. That yr the Studying Eagle wrote “Where have all the spotted lanternflies gone?

Equally the bugs plagued Philadelphia in 2020 however reviews went down 95% in 2022 and this month the Philadelphia Inquirer asks Should we still care about spotted lanternflies in 2023? and What should you do if you see spotted lanternflies?

Discover that Philadelphia is saying “IF you see noticed lanternflies,” not “WHEN you see noticed lanternflies!”

Primarily based on these reviews I’d say the infestation lasts two to a few years after which drops to an unremarkable degree. It appears to be a bell curve.

Noticed lanternfly invasion seems to be a bell curve with most at 2-3 years (guesstimate by Kate St. John)

The Pittsburgh space has had noticed lanternflies since 2020. This summer time we’re within the first plague yr (Yr label 5). Subsequent summer time will probably be dangerous, too, however by 2025 or 2026 they’ll be just about gone.

This, too, shall go.

(*) Berks County in 2014 is the situation the place noticed lanternflies have been first recognized within the U.S. again.

(picture by Kate St. John and from the Nationwide Aviary snapshot digicam at Univ. of Pittsburgh, graph by Kate St. John)

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