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Contemplating adopting a hairless cat? Although they’ve distinctive wants and challenges, most hairless cat breeds are affectionate, loyal, and enjoyable. Whereas some cats have a naturally occurring gene mutation that creates the situation, others are bred for it in methods that may trigger well being issues because the bloodline shortens, or as a result of their hairlessness makes them extra inclined to pores and skin situations.

Hairless cats are available two varieties, utterly easy and peach fuzz, each of which are supposed to be indoor cats. Like every nude creature open air, they will get sunburned simply. These cats have particular grooming wants that may not be for each pet guardian — however you’ll by no means must brush them or fear about fur in your garments and furnishings.

Earlier than bringing home any new cat, be sure you perceive the cost and time required to correctly look after them. Interested by which cat breeds are the final word floofs? Try these fluffy cat breeds identified for his or her additional floofiness. Learn on to find out about ten nude cat breeds.

10 Hairless (and Almost Bare) Cat Breeds


Julia Isaeva / Stocksy


The distinctive Sphynx cat is a well-liked selection for folk who desire a hairless cat. These cats can have variegated pores and skin tones, however are sometimes a pale pink flesh tone. Hairlessness and wrinkles in these cats are produced by genetic mutations, however the Sphynx wasn’t selectively bred for this trait till the Sixties — some displayed it and a few didn’t, so by pairing those that have been born hairless, it turned a constant trait. These cats are very affectionate and love studying new tips and spending time with individuals.

They do get very oily and require common bathing, otherwise you may find yourself popping kitty zits — which, for the document, vets don’t suggest as doing so could make the pimples worse or unfold an infection. Get forward of the problem with heat suds. They’re liable to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Hereditary Myopathy, and Periodontal illness and may have bother regulating their physique temperature. Nice excuse to purchase cat sweaters.

Tiny dwarf Bambino cat breed
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A Bambino cat is a Sphynx crossed with a Munchkin, a cat that naturally has quick, stubby legs. This bald cat breed usually appears to be like just like the Sphynx however with smaller legs. Cats of this breed may inherit health problems from each the Sphynx and the Munchkin; the Sphynx is inclined to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Hereditary Myopathy, and Periodontal illness, whereas Munchkins are inclined to bone deformities, together with alongside the backbone.

These well being points make them a controversial new cat breed of their very own, having solely been launched in 2005. Just like the Sphynx, the Bambino is susceptible to the solar, the chilly, and pores and skin situations. 

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The Sphynx and the Donskoy, generally known as the Russian Hairless, look comparable, however their hairlessness comes from totally different genetic mutations. The Donskoy is often leaner than the rounder bare Sphynx, with extra sharply almond-shaped eyes.

Some Donskoy cats are born with fur coats that they might lose to some extent as they age — they’re distinguished as flocked, velour, and brush coats. Flocked Donskoy cats are nearly completely hairless however for a skinny coat. Those born “nude” are known as “rubber bald.” These cats are very affectionate, like to cuddle, and could be as loyal as a dog.

Dwelf cat breed sitting near plants
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One other rigorously bred and expensive cat, the Dwelf is a mixture of Sphynx, Munchkin, and American Curl. The Dwelf appears to be like much like the Bambino, however probably the most notable visible distinction between these hairless cat breeds is the Dwelf’s curly and textured ears. As a result of the breed is uncommon, they’ve a small gene pool, which makes it tougher to breed healthy cats. They’re inclined to well being issues, together with pores and skin points, coronary heart illness, backbone curvature, and joint illness.

small Elf cat wearing a colorful sweater
Max Simonov / Unsplash


The Elf cat is a hairless mixture of Sphynx and American Curl. These cats have the identical curly ears because the Dwelf, with considerably longer legs and really gentle wrinkly pores and skin folds. They like to climb and play and are fairly social and cuddly. They are going to positively demand your consideration. The Elf was bred by Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom in 2004, so the breed is sort of uncommon.

Julianne Carlile (life.with.lykoi) / Instagram


Lykoi cats, also called “werewolf cats,” can have various quantities of fur because of a naturally occurring genetic mutation found in Domestic Shorthairs about twenty years in the past. When their full coat is available in, it’s often black and grey and sparse leading to a number of bare pores and skin exhibiting by way of. This breed often has massive yellow eyes and massive pointed ears with equally formed faces to a Sphynx. They bond properly with one particular person and different cats however could be shy at first. As soon as they warm up to you, they’re nice companions and love looking and taking part in fetch.

Small tortoiseshell Minkin Cat
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The Minskin is one other uncommon practically bare cat that may be a pretty new breed; the breed is a mixture of Munchkin, Burmese, Sphynx, and Devon Rex. They usually have a skinny coat, however you may often see the traditional Sphynx pores and skin folds by way of it. They’re often fairly small with quick legs even when absolutely grown, and since they arrive from various different pleasant breeds, you may count on them to be affectionate and playful, too.

recused Peterbald naked cat
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The Peterbald cat originated in Russia and have become fashionable within the mid-Nineties. They’re nonetheless fashionable, making them each uncommon and costly. They arrive in numerous colours however are most frequently grey or with the color-point sample of a Siamese cat. They’re generally in comparison with an Oriental shorthair in construct, however they’ve that neat hair-losing genetic mutation. They are often fairly pleasant and talkative. 

Sphynxiebob cat hiding in house
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If you need a cat that’s each hairless and tailless, the Sphynxiebob — a mixture between a Sphynx and a Bobtail cat — is for you. Breeder April Arguin debuted this breed, which appears to be like remarkably much like a Sphynx with the cute little quick tail of a Bobtail, in 2015. Described as “velcro kittens,” they make fantastic members of the family as a result of they love human firm and can observe you round the home to get their much-needed day by day dose of consideration.

orange Ukrainian Levkoy cat
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Ukrainian Levkoy

This breed is a cross between a Donskoy and a Scottish Fold, which ends up in a virtually hairless cat with gentle wrinkly pores and skin and huge inward-folding ears. They’re usually long-bodied and muscular and are hottest in Russia and Ukraine. They arrive in all totally different colours however are usually grey, black, or combined white and black in a piebald sample. They’re fairly affectionate and social.

Tips about Caring for a Hairless Cat

Common Baths

One of many huge calls for of a hairless cat is bathing. With out fur, oil can shortly construct up on their pores and skin, they usually have to be recurrently cleaned to forestall pimples or rashes. Fortunately, most hairless cats are amenable to light bathing, particularly in the event you get them used to it younger. 

Vets could have suggestions, however select a pet shampoo with no robust scent and use heat water — by no means scorching. Ensure that to rinse totally after which pat them dry afterward. As a result of they don’t have any fur, they should be stored heat and never left moist. In the event that they do get an pimples breakout, use a gentle antibacterial cleaning soap for pets and call your vet if issues don’t enhance.


Bare cats have delicate pores and skin that may simply get sunburned when uncovered to the solar’s UV rays. Pet-safe sunscreen might help defend their pores and skin from injury, which might result in discomfort, ache, and even pores and skin most cancers. To keep away from sunburn and related pores and skin issues, apply at any time when they’re outdoors or spending a very good period of time toasting within the window.

Nail and Ears

Hairless cats need assistance with typical issues a cat does for grooming, reminiscent of nail chopping. They particularly want ear cleansing. They don’t have any hair of their ears, to allow them to simply have a wax build-up that blocks their ear canal solely.

Hairless Cat FAQ

Do hairless cats get chilly?

Sure, hairless cats get chilly simply and need assistance regulating their physique temperature. Within the winter, it’s good to have some cozy cat outfits and sweaters for them or be certain that your private home is appropriately heated. If the temperature is just too chilly so that you can be snug bare in, it’s most likely too chilly to your hairless cat.

Are hairless cats hypoallergenic?

There’s no such factor as a totally hypoallergenic cat, however as a result of hairless cats don’t shed, that may assist with some allergy sensitivities. All breeds of cats can produce the protein that causes allergic reactions of their dander, saliva, and even their urine. Some cats inside choose breeds, together with some hairless cats, naturally produce much less of the protein that triggers cat allergies in people. Often bathing your cat will clear up dander and different protein-carrying mud on the cat’s physique.

Are there various kinds of hairless cats?

Yep, there are differing types (breeds) of hairless cats. The ten commonest kinds of hairless cat embrace the Canadian Sphynx, Bambino, Donskoy, Dwelf, Elf, Lykoi, Minskin, Peterbald, Pixiebob, and Ukrainian Levkoy.

Many hairless cats can be found for adoption at native shelters and rescue teams throughout the US. Begin your seek for a pleasant hairless cat at adoptapet.com


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