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By Adrienne A. Kruzer, BBA, RVT, LVT
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Rabbits are playful, have tender fur, don’t make a lot noise, and reside longer than a number of other forms of pocket pets. All of those qualities (and extra) make them popular pets for each youngsters and adults, however these eager about adopting home rabbits needs to be ready to present them the proper care they should attain their full lifespan potential. Study what sort of lifespan you’ll be able to count on out of your rabbit in addition to what rabbits require to reside lengthy, comfortable lives.

Lifespan of Rabbits

In the event you’ve by no means had one as a pet, it’s possible you’ll be asking your self, “How lengthy do bunnies reside as pets?” Rabbits are bigger and have for much longer lifespans than smaller pocket pets like hamsters, gerbils, and hedgehogs. The common rabbit lifespan is between 5 and ten years, with most wholesome pet rabbits dwelling to be round eight years previous. This lifespan varies between totally different breeds of rabbits; most smaller rabbit breeds, like dwarf breeds, are inclined to reside longer than bigger rabbit breeds. The oldest rabbit on file was a wild rabbit who was caught and lived as a pet in Australia earlier than passing away at over 18 years previous.

In case your bunny doesn’t obtain correct diet, nevertheless, they most certainly gained’t reside so long as an appropriately fed rabbit. Rabbits born with a well being situation or who develop one later in life are additionally much less more likely to survive so long as a wholesome rabbit would. Genetics can even play an element within the longevity of a bunny, as can each day surroundings and way of life. Rabbits who’re recurrently pressured, don’t get correct psychological or bodily stimulation, and/or are uncovered to harmful exterior parts could not reside so long as a pet rabbit that lives a relaxed but lively indoor way of life.

Easy methods to Preserve Your Rabbit Wholesome to Stay Longer

To have the most effective likelihood of seeing your rabbit develop previous, you’ll wish to do what you’ll be able to to assist hold them wholesome. Some suggestions for serving to your rabbit reside an extended, wholesome, and comfortable life embrace:

Since they’re herbivores, rabbits eat crops, however the type of crops they eat additionally issues. Acceptable quantities and sorts of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and fiber content material have to be consumed so rabbits ought to primarily eat hay and leafy inexperienced greens with a small serving of fortified rabbit pellets every day. Restrict treats and fruits to 10 % or much less of your rabbit’s eating regimen, and supply each a water bowl and water bottle to encourage applicable hydration.

  • Present Correct Healthcare

Regardless that there aren’t any vaccines that rabbits within the U.S. must get, your rabbit ought to nonetheless get common check-ups with a veterinarian to assist catch any small issues earlier than they turn out to be huge ones. Moreover, selecting to spay or neuter your bunny could assist them have an extended life since these procedures forestall rabbits from growing several types of cancers.

Rabbits want psychological and bodily stimulation to remain wholesome. Encourage your rabbit to play, run, and work for his or her meals by offering them an enriching surroundings. Rabbits get pleasure from having a wide range of tunnels and platforms and loads of area to allow them to hop and bounce.

In the event you home your rabbit exterior in a hutch, be certain that the enclosure is safely secured. Predators like raccoons and hawks can simply harm or kill a rabbit who lives open air. In case your rabbit is exterior enjoying with you, hold them in a protected, fenced-in space or on a harness and leash.

  • Preserve Your Rabbit Sanitary

Common enclosure cleansing, in addition to monitoring your rabbit’s ft and hind finish, are essential to keep away from infections. Stop fecal matter from increase within the cage, and bathe your rabbit as wanted if urine or feces will get on their fur.

  • Give Your Rabbit a Good friend

Rabbits are social animals and do greatest if they’ve a companion rabbit. If you’re thinking about getting a rabbit, take into consideration getting two as a substitute.

Frequent Rabbit Sicknesses

There are a variety of sicknesses that may negatively have an effect on a rabbit’s lifespan, however a number of are extra generally seen than others, together with:

  • Most cancers – Uterine, mammary, testicular, bone, and other forms of cancers can happen in rabbits, however spaying and neutering can eradicate the danger for a lot of of them.
  • Pasteurella multocida – This micro organism mostly causes respiratory infections known as “snuffles” however can even trigger abscesses, ear infections, conjunctivitis, and different points.
  • GI Stasis – Also known as ileus, gastrointestinal or GI stasis happens when a rabbit’s guts cease transferring. This can be a life-threatening problem and may happen resulting from ache, stress, inappropriate eating regimen, parasites, and extra.
  • Dental Points – Rabbits’ enamel repeatedly develop, which might trigger issues. If their enamel turn out to be too problematic, a rabbit could cease consuming or develop dental abscesses, each of which might be life-threatening.


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Adrienne Kruzer is an completed veterinary technician and author with over 15 years of hands-on expertise caring for home and unique animals.

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