What Does It Imply When a Guinea Pig Licks You? 5 Doable Causes

Guinea Pigs have some odd quirks and strange habits. It’s a part of their enchantment to their proponents and followers, however even skilled house owners will generally expertise one thing odd that they don’t acknowledge from certainly one of their Piggies. In addition to having a considerably intensive vocabulary of chirps, squeaks, and squeals, one other behavior that you simply would possibly expertise out of your Guinea Pig is it licking you. Usually, that is perceived as a optimistic signal and it often implies that your Guinea Pig does love you, however different potential causes result in this seemingly odd, however undoubtedly cute, conduct.

Beneath are 5 causes your Guinea Pig may be licking you and whether or not it’s worthwhile to do something about it.

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The 5 Doable Meanings of a Guinea Pig Lick

1. Affection

Guinea Pigs won’t get pleasure from curling up in your lap like a cat or snuggling in for a cuddle like a canine, but when yours has been dealt with recurrently from a younger age and has developed a robust bond with you, licking your hand or arm could also be a robust signal of affection. Guinea Pigs lick each other to groom and likewise to point out affection, so yours could also be replicating this by licking you. There isn’t any must cease your Guinea Pig licking you until it turns to biting or you might have one thing in your pores and skin that may not agree together with your Cavie.

2. Grooming

Within the wild, and even in captivity, teams of Guinea Pigs have a hierarchy and one of many ways in which they cement their social standing with each other is thru grooming. Guinea Pigs are clear animals and grooming is a crucial a part of this cleansing course of. It doesn’t essentially imply that your Piggy thinks you want a wash, however it’s a signal that they consider you as being a part of their social group.

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3. Style

Whereas some animals want a salt lick to complement their consumption of salt, Guinea Pigs don’t. However, whereas they may not want salt, some Piggies nonetheless love its style. And, human pores and skin has a naturally salty style to it due to the salt in sweat. Once more, there’s no must cease the licking and there’s no want so as to add salt to your Guinea Pig’s cage or enhance the salt consumption of their food plan. In case you’ve not too long ago eaten, you will have different meals or different taste in your pores and skin and your Cavie would possibly merely be having fun with the flavour.

You do must make certain that no matter they’re licking off you isn’t harmful for them to devour.

4. Odor

Even when your pores and skin has a pleasing scent, your Guinea Pig would possibly lick you to analyze that scent. Some pure perfumes and different gadgets could include sure herbs which might be particularly enticing to Guinea Pigs. If yours can scent one thing intriguing and doubtlessly tasty on you, it could provide you with a fast lick simply to find out whether or not it needs extra.

5. Concern or Anxiousness

Whereas most causes for a Guinea Pig licking you’re innocuous, this isn’t at all times the case. In case your Guinea Pig is anxious or afraid, it could lick you as a way of comforting itself. You must attempt to decide the reason for the worry or anxiousness and take steps to take away the trigger. Even when your Guinea Pig is in some discomfort or ache, it could lick you on this method.

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Ought to I Let My Guinea Pig Lick Me?

Many homeowners seek advice from Guinea Pig licks as Guinea Pig kisses as a result of it’s seen as an indication of affection. It definitely exhibits that your Guinea Pig trusts you and is comfy in your organization as a result of it wouldn’t lick a possible menace. Due to this fact, it’s high quality to let your Guinea Pig lick you. Whereas licking the salt out of your pores and skin needs to be completely secure for a Guinea Pig, it’s nonetheless greatest to scrub your arms earlier than dealing with one simply in case you might have one thing doubtlessly dangerous in your pores and skin.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Lick Me Then Chew Me?

Whereas licking is probably going an indication of affection, biting often has another cause. It might be that your Guinea Pig can style one thing it needs to eat, however it could even be an indication of discomfort, ache, or worry. Attempt to establish the doubtless trigger and put your Cavie’s thoughts comfy by eradicating or rectifying that trigger. Alternatively, it may very well be an indication that your in any other case pleasant Guinea Pig doesn’t want to be handled right now.

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Guinea Pigs could not be capable of communicate our language however, as nicely as having a language of their own involving totally different squeaks, squeals, and chirrups, they’ve a large number of different methods to speak their emotions. One motion that many homeowners seek advice from as Guinea Pig kisses is licking.

Guinea Pig licks is usually a signal of affection. Or it might imply that you’ve one thing in your pores and skin that the Guinea Pig finds tasty or intriguing.

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