What Does My Cat Dream About? In line with the Specialists

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Cat sleeping on a warm cozy bed

If in case you have ever watched your cat sleep, chances are high that you just’ve seen them do a little bit of twitching on account of what appears to be like like an fascinating dream. You may marvel in case your cat is definitely dreaming and what precisely they’re dreaming about.

Whereas specialists imagine that cats do certainly dream, they aren’t completely certain what they dream about, although it’s prone to be recaps of their day.

Let’s go extra in-depth right into a cat’s sleep habits and what they is likely to be dreaming about!

How Lengthy Precisely Do Cats Sleep?

Cats can sleep a mean of 12 to 16 hours day by day, which works out to sleeping about 70% of the time.1 This regularly will increase as your cat ages. Senior cats usually tend to sleep between 12 and 18 hours day-after-day.

In case you’re questioning why they appear to sleep a lot, simply watch your cat once they get the zoomies! With all of this sleeping, it’s no marvel that it appears doubtless that cats dream!

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Sleep Phases

With a view to dream, now we have to enter into the fast eye motion (REM) cycle of sleep. REM happens a number of occasions throughout a sleep cycle, which is when the mind is most lively.

Cats are likely to have three sleep stages, that are REM, non-rapid eye motion (NREM), and a transition stage between REM and NREM.

NREM Sleep

It’s believed that cats expertise comparable mind waves present in low-wave sleep or deep sleep as human mind waves. Additionally they have comparable sleep spindles, that are quicker mind waves throughout NREM.

It’s believed that sleep spindles in people assist preserve a strong sleep by decreasing disruptions and have a job in recollections.

Whereas the sleep spindles for cats differ from ours, in addition they happen as a transition to REM sleep and sure serve the identical goal.

REM Sleep

REM sleep entails fast eye motion below the eyelids whereas asleep, additionally with twitching and limp muscle groups. It’s thought that cats may need 3 to eight hours of REM sleep day-after-day and that the attention actions are basically them reacting to dream imagery.

Aside from eye motion, you’ll doubtless additionally discover paw actions, ear and tail twitching, and fast respiration. All of that is completely regular.

Deep Sleep

When your cat isn’t going by way of REM, they’re often in a deep sleep, which is essential for the restore and development of the physique. Throughout these occasions, it’s necessary to not wake your cat up too usually and to allow them to relaxation as a lot as vital.

Orange and white cat sleeping on windowsill
Picture Credit score: Azat Kilinc, Unsplash

What Do Cats Dream About?

As you possibly can think about, it’s tough to have an entire understanding of what cats are dreaming about. Beginning within the Sixties, French neuroscientist Michel Jouvet found that cats expertise REM and due to this fact, doubtless dream the way in which that we do.

Researchers studied rats’ brains to know what they could dream and found that they doubtless dream about their tasks. Research confirmed {that a} rat’s mind exercise whereas going by way of a maze and doing puzzles is kind of much like the mind exercise measured whereas they have been experiencing REM sleep.

Since cats expertise REM similar to people and rats, there’s a probability that they dream concerning the occasions, locations, and folks of their on a regular basis lives. Goals assist us unpack occasions in our day, and cats aren’t any completely different. It’s additionally simply as doubtless that they dream about considered one of their favourite pastimes: looking!

Do Cats Have Nightmares?

If cats dream like us, they will have nightmares like us. Some cats have been recognized to get up hissing and even bolting out of their mattress, so it’s secure to imagine that they have been experiencing a very unhealthy dream.

Twitching whereas sleeping is completely regular, but when your cat wakes up startled and appears unsettled, they could have had a nightmare. But it surely’s not possible to know what that may have entailed—maybe being chased by somebody or a canine?

In case you suspect that your cat is having a nightmare, go away them be, they usually’ll get up from it in due time. They might react aggressively when being woken up from an disagreeable dream.

sphynx cat sleeping on blanket
Picture Credit score: Yasmins world, Shutterstock

How Do Goals Profit Cats?

Goals allow us to course of info, perceive new experiences, and type recollections. They’ll additionally assist scale back stress or trauma by serving to us get well and even soften the experiences. Goals can assist us put together for tough occasions and upcoming duties. When waking up, we generally really feel higher ready to deal with these occasions.

It appears possible that cats get the identical advantages from desires. After experiencing one thing scary, akin to a thunderstorm, as soon as they’ve calmed down, they could take a nap and dream about one thing nice or maybe relive it as a means of coping.


There’s no want to fret in case your cat is twitching whereas asleep, as that is regular conduct. Cats do dream, however we simply can’t know for sure what precisely they’re dreaming about.

In case your cat seems to sleep well, particularly on their again, this can be a surefire signal that you just’re doing one thing proper. A cat exposing their stomach is the ultimate sign of trust!

In case you’re ever involved about your cat’s sleeping patterns, notably if one thing has notably modified, converse to your veterinarian. But when the whole lot appears nice, proceed watching your cat sleep. It’s undoubtedly a soothing pastime!

Featured Picture Credit score: Александар Цветановић, Pexels

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