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Broken grownup noticed lanternfly, Pittsburgh, 22 July 2023 (picture by Kate St. John)

8 August 2023

Aaarrg! They’re in every single place! Pittsburgh is within the midst of a noticed lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) invasion and it’s simply plain creepy. These bugs don’t chew however they’re giant, they leap and fly unpredictably, and there are simply so lots of them. Even when broken just like the one above, they’re disgusting. Make them go away!

So what kills them? I’ve seen a couple of birds trying to catch the nymphs however these few birds can hardly make a dent in such an awesome insect inhabitants.

For now it’s as much as people kill them. Not with poison however by extra ingenious means.

How about robots? Carnegie-Mellon’s Robotics Institute developed a robotic that scrubs noticed lanternfly (SLF) egg lots off bushes in winter to allow them to’t hatch the next spring. That is fascinating and helpful in the long term for orchards however it doesn’t assist us at the moment. (1:29 minute video)

video from Global Update on YouTube

One other long run answer is to introduce SLF’s pure predators. Researchers in Delaware are finding out two species of parasitic wasps from China that focus on noticed lanternflies however it is going to take years to ensure these tiny wasps are completely devoted to SLF and won’t assault North American species. If these wasps go the check they’ll present a long run answer for vineyards. (3:00 minute video)

video from CBS Philadelphia on YouTube

After which there’s simply plain killing them. The second half of this 2022 video exhibits how a lady in Gillette, NJ kills them in bulk. Favourite instrument? An electrical “tennis” racket! (Entire video here is 8 minutes lengthy. Excerpt is 4:00 minutes)

video from VICENews on YouTube

In case you stay in southwestern PA and haven’t seen a number of lanternflies but, simply wait. Butler, Lawrence, Fayette and Somerset Counties have been added to the SLF quarantine this 12 months. Forewarned is forearmed … with an electrical “tennis” racket!

Spotted lanternfly quarantine counties in Pennsylvania as of 25 Feb 2023 (map from PA Dept of Agriculture via Penn State Extension)

Try native solutions you should use proper now on this 1-hour-long Lunch and Learn about Spotted Lanternflies presented by Phipps Conservatory.

(picture by Kate St. John, map from PA Dept of Ag through Penn State Extension, video credit within the captions)

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