What Sort of Canine was Toto?

Toto, the small but courageous canine sidekick of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, has been a logo of unwavering loyalty and bravado since his debut in L. Frank Baum’s iconic novel in 1900 and the basic 1939 movie adaptation. Nonetheless, if you happen to’re scratching your head and questioning what sort of canine was Toto, let’s uncover the thriller of this well-known pup’s lineage!

image of dark furred Cairn Terrier

What Breed of Canine was Toto?

Toto is a Cairn Terrier! These small but sturdy canine hail from the Scottish Highlands and are recognized for his or her tenacity and energetic nature. Their distinct look and spirited character make them a favourite amongst canine lovers worldwide.

In The Wizard of Oz books, nevertheless, Toto was simply described as “a bit black canine with lengthy silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on both aspect of his humorous, wee nostril.” Illustrations confirmed a canine that might be interpreted as both a Cairn Terrier or a Yorkshire Terrier.

Later within the e-book collection, Toto grew to become a Boston Terrier! Baum then returned Toto to his authentic description because the e-book collection ended.

For many of us, although, the Toto we image is the Toto of film fame–and a Cairn Terrier!

Was Toto a Typical Cairn Terrier?

Whereas Toto showcases the standard traits of a Cairn Terrier, sure parts of his portrayal are heightened for the story’s fantasy setting:

  • Dimension: Identical to Toto, Cairn Terriers are comparatively small canine, standing round 9 to 10 inches tall on the shoulder and weighing between 13 to 14 kilos.
  • Coat and Colour: Sporting a shaggy, water resistant outer coat and a gentle undercoat, Cairn Terriers are available in a variety of colours, together with grey, brindle, black, sand, and pink. Toto’s darkish coat is pretty consultant of many Cairn Terriers.
  • Temperament: Recognized for his or her fearless and alert nature, Cairn Terriers are sometimes crammed with curiosity. They’re pleasant, loyal, and might be fairly playful, very similar to our adventurous Toto.
  • Life Span: Cairn Terriers usually dwell round 12 to fifteen years. Toto has lived on the pages of literature for nicely over a century–or make that seven centuries in canine years!
  • Adventurous Antics: Whereas Cairn Terriers are naturally curious and like to discover, most simply don’t have the chance to fulfill flying monkeys and witches as in Toto’s adventures within the Land of Oz!
  • Bravery: Toto’s bravery within the face of hazard, be it standing as much as the Depraved Witch or alerting others to Dorothy’s whereabouts, may be an exaggeration, however it’s not too far off from the terrier’s pure braveness.

In conclusion, Toto offers a heartwarming and barely exaggerated portrayal of the Cairn Terrier’s adventurous and constant nature. If Toto has sparked your curiosity in Cairn Terriers, keep in mind that they’re spirited and require constant coaching and engagement.

The following time you journey down the Yellow Brick Street within the magical story of “The Wizard of Oz,” you’ll know exactly the breed of Dorothy’s devoted canine companion! 🐕🌪🌈

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image of Cairn Terrier who looks much like Toto from The Wizard of Oz movie

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