White Lipped Tree Frog: Footage, Lifespan, Weight loss program, and Extra

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The White Lipped Tree Frog is among the most fascinating frogs you can personal. These tree frogs are a number of the largest on the earth. They’re very docile, straightforward to deal with, and may reside for over a decade. The end result is a sturdy, unique pet that has caught the attention of individuals all around the globe. Right here is every part it is advisable to find out about proudly owning and caring for a White Lipped Tree Frog.

Measurement: As much as 6 inches lengthy
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Color: Vivid inexperienced with a white cream stripe on the decrease lip
Appropriate for: Skilled reptile house owners
Temperament: Docile, peaceable, pleasant
Weight loss program:

Main insectivore (earthworms, crickets, roaches, hornworms, silkworms, and pinkie mice)

Tank Set Up: Stable, moist substrate with synthetic vegetation
Minimal Tank Measurement: 450x450x600mm (30 gallons)
Appropriate Tank Mates: Different White Lipped Tree Frogs

The White Lipped Tree Frog is among the largest species of tree frog on the earth. Actually, the White Lipped Tree Frog is named the Large Tree Frog by some individuals. These frogs are native to Southeast Asia. They reside in dense rainforests in Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. White Lipped Tree Frogs have turn out to be extraordinarily well-liked as pets because of their giant measurement and docile nature.

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White Lipped Tree Frog Traits

White Lipped Tree Frog Overview

The White Lipped Tree Frog is mostly present in Australia. The White Lipped Tree Frog additionally goes by the New Guinea treefrog, big tree frog, and Australian big treefrog. White Lipped Tree Frogs started spreading as misplaced frogs. They might be transported through produce crates from their native areas in Australia and be discovered somewhere else. You want a allow to personal a White Lipped Tree Frog in Australia. These frogs are of Least Concern (LC) in relation to their well being and inhabitants. White Lipped Tree Frogs have turn out to be very talked-about pets in North America because of their colour, temperament, and measurement.

White Lipped Tree Frog Price?

White Lipped Tree Frogs are pretty cheap to purchase. White Lipped Tree Frogs value wherever from $15 to $50 for juveniles and younger adults. Some frogs can go for as a lot as $100 in specialty reptile outlets. The tank setup can value fairly a bit extra. You’ll be able to spend wherever from $100 to $500 getting the enclosure arrange and configured for a White Lipped Tree Frog. If you’re ranging from scratch, put together to pay extra upfront to get the tank off the bottom.

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Care Information & Tank Set Up

Tank Measurement

The perfect tank measurement for the White Lipped Tree Frog is 30 gallons. The scale must be a minimal of 450x450x600mm (1.5 ft by 2 ft.) Since these are tree frogs, verticality is essential. You must have room to place climbing stalks inside the enclosure. A 30-gallon tank must be giant sufficient to carry two grownup White Lipped Tree Frogs. A small or juvenile White Lipped Tree Frog can reside in a 15-gallon tank, however it’s best to plan on upgrading them as they develop.


White Lipped Tree Frogs want a stable substrate which means you shouldn’t use wooden chips, pebbles, or sand. The 2 commonest sorts of substrate for the White Lipped Tree Frogs are paper towels or pure soil. The paper towel must be modified each day and doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Soil must be modified as soon as every week to stop fungus or mould from rising because of the heat, humid atmosphere. Each substrates have to be moistened each day and stored moist always.


White Lipped Tree Frogs want humidity ranges that keep between 55% and 75%. Humidity ranges must be always monitored by a hygrometer and maintained utilizing misters, foggers, or hydrostats. Frogs want to take care of their splendid ambient humidity always to stay wholesome. Typically, frogs can stand up to durations of overly excessive humidity (<75%) reasonably than durations of low humidity (>55%).


White Lipped Tree Frogs shouldn’t have particular or urgent lighting wants. These frogs do finest with a typical day-night cycle. White Lipped Tree Frogs don’t want basking lights. A easy reptile UV bulb can be utilized to provide the frog a spot to soak up UV rays in the event that they so select. In lots of circumstances, these frogs don’t want specialty lighting so long as the humidity and substrate is correctly compiled.


White Lipped Tree Frogs ought to have an ambient tank temperature between 80˚ F and 85˚ F in the course of the day. Temperatures can drop as little as 72 F at night time, however ideally, the temperature ought to by no means get beneath 75˚ F. The temperature within the tank must be monitored with a thermometer.

Specialists recommend attaching a heating mat to at least one facet of the enclosure. Utilizing a warmth mat on this method will enable for some minor temperature variation permitting frogs to maneuver round to turn out to be extra snug within the tank.

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Issues to Know When Proudly owning a White Lipped Tree Frog

Meals & Weight loss program Necessities

White Lipped Tree Frog are insectivores. They will eat a wide range of bugs. Small frogs (lower than 3 inches) must be fed each different day. Giant frogs (over 3 inches) must be fed each three days. Overfeeding your frog can result in weight problems. Calcium dietary supplements must be added to the meals as soon as per week. Multivitamins formulated for frogs must be added each 2 to three weeks to take care of optimum well being.

Water/Liquid Necessities

White Lipped Tree Frogs require a number of sorts of water of their enclosure. First, they should have a water dish from which to drink. This dish must be shallow sufficient to let the frog soak its stomach if it needs however not deep sufficient for it to by accident drown, as tree frogs are literally poor swimmers. White Lipped Tree Frogs additionally want humidity within the air. Some individuals use misters to extend humidity and ambient liquid. White Lipped Tree Frogs additionally want to take care of a moist substrate always. You shouldn’t let the substrate dry out at any level. You must change the water dish and hold the substrate moist not less than as soon as per day, each day.

You must by no means use distilled water on your frogs. Distilled water may be dangerous or harmful. You need to use faucet water so long as it’s dechlorinated faucet water (i.e., from a nicely). Utilizing the correct water on your frog’s consuming and moisture wants is essential to their total well being and well-being.

Measurement and Development Charge

The common measurement of an grownup White Lipped Tree Frog is 3.5 to five.5 inches. Females are bigger than males. The biggest instance of the White Lipped Tree Frog can attain 6 inches. Juvenile White Lipped Tree Frogs begin their lives very small, however they shortly develop to maturity. White Lipped Tree Frogs often attain full measurement by 6 months of age.


There aren’t any forms of White Lipped Tree Frogs. White Lipped Tree Frogs are pretty commonplace and ubiquitous of their look and habits. The White Lipped Tree Frog is part of the Australian Tree Frog household and is carefully associated to different tree frogs from this area. Nonetheless, there may be little noticeable variation in colour or measurement in typical White Lipped Tree Frogs.

Lifespan and Well being Situations

White Lipped Tree Frogs are largely wholesome. Weight problems is among the largest issues that these frogs can face. Frogs just like the White Lipped Tree Frog are susceptible to weight problems. It’s important to watch out with their diets and ensure to not overfeed them. If you happen to feed your frog too typically, it is going to get fats which may have big implications for its long-term well being.

Most different well being points stem from environmental issues. Not offering the correct quantity of warmth or humidity may cause your frog to endure and turn out to be torpid.

Minor Situations

  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Temperature

Critical Situations

  • Weight problems

  • Dehydration

  • Parasitic an infection

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Male vs. Feminine

Feminine White Lipped Tree Frogs are bigger than their male counterparts. If you’re in search of the most important White Lipped Tree Frog attainable, you wish to try to get a feminine. Females even have thicker pores and skin and brighter coloring than males. Males are barely slimmer and smaller than females. Males may be extra vocal than females, particularly when they’re in search of a mate.

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3 Little-Identified Information In regards to the White Lipped Tree Frog

1. White Lipped Tree Frogs Are Thought-about to Be the Largest Tree Frogs within the World

The White Lipped Tree Frog is named the Large Tree Frog for a cause. It’s the largest species of tree frog on the earth. The truth that some White Lipped Tree Frogs can attain 6 inches in size makes them bigger than the Cuban Tree Frog, which is taken into account to be the second largest tree frog on the earth. The dimensions of the White Lipped Tree Frog is among the explanation why individuals prize them as pets.

2. White Lipped Tree Frogs Can Dwell for a Very Lengthy Time

White Lipped Tree Frogs have a very long lifespan. Within the wild, they’ll reside between 10 and 12 years. In captivity, these frogs can reside wherever from 10 to fifteen years. In some remoted incidents, White Lipped Tree Frogs have been discovered to reside between 15 and 20 years in captivity. That implies that a White Lipped Tree Frog may be thought of a long-lasting pet.

3. White Lipped Tree Frogs Make a Meowing Sound

White Lipped Tree Frogs could make a wide range of distinctive sounds. Individuals who have no idea concerning the vocalization of the White Lipped Tree Frog can turn out to be startled by them. White Lipped Tree Frogs could make mewing sounds which might be much like that of a cat. They will additionally make a barking sound that’s much like that of a canine. Within the wild, if you end up in an space that’s densely populated by White Lipped Tree Frogs, you’ll be able to turn out to be frightened by the cacophony of sounds that they make.

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Last Ideas

The White Lipped Tree Frog makes a great pet. These frogs are comparatively easy to take care of. They will get very giant, they’re straightforward to deal with, they usually can reside for as much as 20 years in splendid conditions. These frogs eat typical bugs, have low lighting necessities, and are cheap to purchase. These frogs make an ideal unique pet on a price range. This information covers every part it is advisable to find out about correctly caring for these wonderful frogs. Utilizing this as a baseline will give you all the data it is advisable to find out about getting began as a White Lipped Tree Frog proprietor.

Featured Picture Credit score: Connie Kerr, Shutterstock

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