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Song sparrow singing in August (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

27 July 2023

In late July, who’s singing now?

Nearly nobody.

Birds sing throughout the breeding season to assert territory and appeal to mates however most songbirds wrap up the breeding season by mid-July. When breeding’s over they cease singing.

You’ll hear a handful of exceptions, although, amongst songbirds who nest many instances every year. Tune sparrows and northern cardinals elevate a number of broods and have energetic nests in late July. Each are nonetheless singing although not as vigorously.

You gained’t hear songs from birds who’ve completed breeding however you’ll hear their contact calls. Frequent grackles elevate just one brood per 12 months and by July they’re already in flocks, sweeping by the woods and foraging on the bottom.

Common grackle in flight (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

You won’t see them on the shady forest flooring however you’ll hear them making “chucking” feels like this. (Be aware: There are extra birds making noise within the background of this recording.)

Birdsong will drop off fully subsequent month. Pay attention to the few singers now.

(photograph from Wikimedia Commons; click on on the hyperlink to see the unique)

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