Why Are My Guinea Pigs Combating? Doable Causes & Options

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Guinea pigs are naturally social animals. Within the wild, they reside in herds of between 5 and 10, with a number of herds dwelling in shut proximity, leading to a number of dozen cavies sharing a single house. Which means that they are often stored in teams as pets. However, when in captivity, piggies reside in very completely different circumstances from once they reside within the wild. And, even within the wild, guinea pigs do have a social hierarchy, which might result in some territorial preventing.

In case your guinea pigs are preventing, one is probably going attempting to determine dominance over the others, however it might be {that a} female and male are preventing as a part of the pairing ritual. Different potential causes of preventing embrace being stored in too small an enclosure, one of many cavies struggling ache or sickness, or your pets being bored.

Beneath we take a look at every of the potential causes in additional element and embrace options that will help you pacify warring piggies.

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Causes Why Are Guinea Pigs Battle

1. Dominance

Guinea pigs have a social hierarchy, which implies that some cavies maintain a socially increased place than others. Different guinea pigs might problem the highest cavie for its place, and essentially the most dominant one will maintain its nerve and its aggressive posture longer than the opposite. In some circumstances, although, if the decrease guinea pig doesn’t again down, it may end up in preventing.

Should you see one guinea pig displaying dominant habits to a different and considered one of them backs down, it shouldn’t be too regarding: a pack hierarchy has emerged. Nonetheless, if neither backs down, and it leads to a battle, you’ll have to intervene and separate them earlier than one will get injured.

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2. Sickness

Like people, canines, cats, and most different animals, sickness or damage can foster a nasty temper, and a nasty temper can result in aggression. In case your cavies usually reside peacefully aspect by aspect however are out of the blue warring, it might be an indication that one has suffered an damage or sickness.

Test the guinea pigs over for any accidents and search for indicators of sickness. The guinea pig that’s appearing aggressively is probably going the one that’s feeling beneath the climate, however this might not be the case. If doubtful, take your guinea pig to the vet and have them checked over.

3. Pairing

Guinea pigs can battle when two reverse genders are launched. This pairing battle may also happen when introducing two guinea pigs of reverse genders. Ideally, whenever you do introduce two guinea pigs, one must be extra dominant and the opposite extra submissive. The dominant guinea pig is unlikely to bully the opposite, however as a result of there’s a clearly dominant member of the pairing, will probably be unlikely to trigger aggression.

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4. Boredom

Guinea pigs want stimulation, similar to canines and cats. In the event that they aren’t getting this, they’ll search for their very own methods to entertain themselves. Boredom can result in problematic and undesirable habits, together with preventing. Be certain that your cavies have actions to maintain them busy. This does embrace ensuring they’ve sufficient hay to munch on, however it will probably additionally embrace the addition of toys to their enclosure and ensuring they’re getting sufficient day trip of the enclosure.

Letting your guinea pig train out of the enclosure, and even interacting with you and different people, will present psychological stimulation and will assist keep away from preventing.

5. Lack of House

An absence of house is considerably associated to different issues, however it’s a frequent subject for guinea pigs. Ideally, two guinea pigs want round 10 sq. ft at the very least. This gives them with their very own house to allow them to get out of the best way of each other and luxuriate in some alone time.

In case your cavies are stored in a smaller enclosure than this, they’ll get in each other’s manner. Should you don’t have sufficient room to maintain an enclosure of this measurement, contemplate getting a special pet, however guinea pigs shouldn’t be stored as solitary animals so don’t be tempted to maintain only one guinea pig with the intention to scale back the quantity of house you want.

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Can Guinea Pigs Reside Collectively After a Battle?

If aggression turns into a full battle, the very first thing to do is to separate the warring guinea pigs. Maintain them aside for an evening. You might be able to efficiently and peacefully reintroduce them the subsequent day, however this isn’t all the time potential. Typically, if guinea pigs have fought, they might not be capable to reside collectively once more.

Nonetheless, it’s price taking the aggressor to see a specialist vet. If they’re sick or have some form of damage, this can be the reason for the preventing. Equally, guarantee they’ve sufficient house and that there is plenty to do in the enclosure as a result of boredom and a scarcity of house are frequent causes of in-fighting.

Is It Okay to Let Guinea Pigs Battle?

If one piggie is displaying dominance and the opposite submits, this normally means an finish to the battle, and this sort of aggression is usually positive. It implies that considered one of your guinea pigs is dominant and the opposite submissive, and this may really are likely to imply a peaceable coexistence for the 2 of them. Nonetheless, if it does progress to a full battle, you’ll want to intervene.

It’s a good suggestion to put on thick gloves or use a towel or another type of defend to guard your self against guinea pig bites and scratches as a result of they are often painful. Then attempt to decide the reason for the preventing and search for methods to treatment the issue in order that the 2 of them can hopefully return to dwelling peacefully in the identical enclosure.

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Guinea Pigs are sociable animals that not solely are likely to do properly collectively however want the companionship of one other cavie dwelling with them. There might be a hierarchy between two or extra guinea pigs that share an enclosure, with one being the extra dominant, and this could imply seeing indicators of dominance and submission.

If this progresses to full preventing, nevertheless, it’s time to take motion. Shield your fingers and separate the 2 of them. Allow them to spend a while aside, and verify the enclosure is large enough and gives sufficient stimulation, before reintroducing them. You might also need to take them to the vet to be checked for accidents or sickness as a result of these may also trigger guinea pigs to turn out to be aggressive.

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