Why Do Cats Drink Soiled Water? 7 Attainable Causes

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In case you’ve had a cat or a number of felines lengthy sufficient, you realize they typically do uncommon issues. For instance, some cats stick their paws of their water bowls or knock issues off your kitchen counter for no apparent motive. One factor cats do is just not solely odd but in addition dangerous: ingesting soiled water.

Why would your cat drink soiled water, and what’s the danger? There are a number of causes for this uncommon conduct, together with a water bowl that doesn’t meet their requirements. In case you’re curious to study why your cat generally drinks soiled water and tips about stopping this dangerous water ingesting, preserve studying under!

High 7 Causes Cats Drink Soiled Water

Cats often drink soiled water and do it for a number of attention-grabbing causes. We’ve listed these causes under with an evidence for every.

cat drinking water
Picture Credit score: rihaij, Pixabay

1. Cats Instinctively Drink from Numerous Water Sources

It was regular for cats to drink from varied water sources for millennia, which modified repeatedly based mostly on a number of components. Wet and dry seasons, the presence of predators, and the supply of water sources affected the place they might and would drink.

It’s additionally value noting that cats, even outside home cats, have a big territory. A examine at Ohio State College discovered that the common cat can wander as much as 20 blocks from house.1 That’s over a mile, which is spectacular when you think about how small cats are. As they wander, your cat will drink when from whichever supply they’ll discover, even when it is likely to be “soiled” water.

2. Cats Are Finicky About Their Water Bowls

Cats could be finicky about their water bowls. A cat’s whiskers are very delicate, and if their bowl is simply too small, they received’t wish to use it as a result of it’s uncomfortable. In addition they received’t use it if the bowl is simply too deep as a result of they lose their peripheral imaginative and prescient.

For cats, being unable to see what’s round is frightening as a result of they could possibly be attacked whereas ingesting. For these causes, your cat would possibly ignore their bowl and drink from one other dirtier water supply.

One more reason on your cat to keep away from their water bowl is likely to be the cleaning soap or detergent you’re utilizing to wash it, particularly if it leaves a residue they’ll see, scent, or style. In that case, soiled water may appear much more palatable to your cat as a result of it smells or tastes “higher.”

3. Your Cat Desires to Get pleasure from Extra Pure Water

The water in your cat’s bowl is likely to be clear, but it surely may also have an odd style or scent relying on the place you reside and your water supply. Certainly, the water from many municipal water sources is very chlorinated to kill micro organism, and cats can detect the chemical simply with their delicate sense of scent.

Your cat would possibly select one other dirtier water supply the place the scent and style are extra to their liking. That could possibly be exterior or in your lavatory sink.

cat drinking tap water
Picture Credit score: kropekk_pl, Pixabay

4. Your Cat’s Bowl Is in a Place They Don’t Like

We talked about how cats are choosy about their water bowls, however they’re additionally finicky about the place you place the bowl. If, for instance, their bowl is in a nook they usually have to show their again to the room, most cats received’t drink as a result of it opens them as much as assault. In case your cat is thirsty, however their bowl isn’t the place they really feel secure ingesting, a dirtier water supply will possible be their subsequent selection.

5. Cats Like Working Water Higher than Water That’s Standing Nonetheless

There are two causes cats like operating water higher than the nonetheless water sitting of their bowls. First, they’ll see operating water simpler, which is useful since cats are farsighted. Second, instinctively, cats know that operating water is “cleaner” than sitting water (even when it may not be). 1000’s of years within the wild have taught cats that standing water can typically be putrefied and full of micro organism that may make them sick.

These two attention-grabbing feline conditions are why many cat homeowners buy cat water fountains. The fountains make your cat’s water simpler to see and allow them to understand it’s “clear.”

6. Water in Your Cat’s Bowl Can Develop into Fouled by Hair, Dust, and Detritus

It could turn into fairly soiled relying on how typically you modify the water in your cat’s bowl. That is very true you probably have a number of cats in your house. If their water is soiled, your cat would possibly search out one other supply, even when that different supply seems (a minimum of to you) to be even dirtier. It’s additionally why, when you do have multiple cat, having a number of water bowls is important.

Cat drinking from ceramic bowl
Picture Credit score: Pattysan, Shutterstock

7. The Water Temperature Must Be Simply Proper for Your Cat

If the water is simply too heat, you may anticipate that your cat will run distant and search for cooler water. Many cat mother and father have seen that in the event that they put an ice dice or two of their cat’s water bowl, they drink extra, particularly throughout sizzling climate.

What Can You Do to Cease Your Cat From Consuming Soiled Water

You are able to do a couple of issues to cease your cat from ingesting soiled water or from water sources aside from their bowl.

Get a Cat Water Fountain

This system retains the water flowing and makes it simpler on your kitty to see the water they’re ingesting.

cat drinks fresh water from an electric drinking fountain
Picture Credit score: Reshetnikov_art, Shutterstock

Clear Your Cat’s Bowl With Plain, Unscented Cleaning soap and Water

It will forestall any scents or aromas your cat doesn’t like.

Give Your Cat Purified or Filtered Water

It will take away a chlorine or chemical scent that is likely to be a turn-off to your cat.

Use a Shallow, Broad Water Bowl

A large bowl will likely be extra comfy on your cat’s whiskers, whereas a shallow bowl received’t block their peripheral imaginative and prescient.

cat drinking from a bowl of red bowl
Picture Credit score: fantom_rd, Shutterstock

Change Your Cat’S Water Incessantly

Relying on the place you reside and what number of cats you could have, you would possibly want to alter their water two or 3 times a day.

Change Your Cat’s Water Bowl

In case your cat has a plastic water bowl, attempt altering it to chrome steel or ceramic. This small change may have a major impression on their ingesting habits.

Present A number of Water Bowls if You Have A number of Cats

Cats aren’t large on sharing. More water bowls will assist them get alongside, drink extra, and keep away from soiled water sources.

grey cat near water bowl
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Ultimate Ideas

Water is important for all life, and cats want as a lot of it as they’ll drink. Nevertheless, cats are finicky about water, together with the place it comes from, its scent, style, and whether or not it’s standing or transferring. If one thing concerning the water in their bowl isn’t to their liking, you may guess your cat will search for one other supply, even whether it is “dirtier” than the water of their bowl.

We hope the data supplied on this article has make clear this uncommon feline conduct. With one thing as important to your cat’s life as water, something you are able to do to encourage them to drink extra is invaluable.

Featured Picture Credit score: rihaij, Pixabay

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