Why Do Cats Like Containers So A lot? High 8 Causes

Solj resting inside double cardboard boxes

Do you spoil your cat with countless toys and beds solely to find that your cat likes the field the merchandise arrived in additional than the merchandise itself? In that case, you’re not alone. Virtually all cat house owners are acquainted with the catchphrase, “If it matches, I sits.” And you’ve got in all probability seen, (and questioned why) cats actually like packing containers.

Cats have a knack for resting or sleeping in sudden locations and squeezing themselves into tight locations like baggage, containers, sinks, laundry baskets, and naturally, packing containers. There’s simply one thing concerning the confined and cozy house that they discover irresistible. Though we would not have all of the solutions relating to why cats prefer to pack themselves into tiny areas and small packing containers, just a few attention-grabbing theories discover this quirky feline phenomenon.

Fast Overview


For a cat, a cardboard field is the right place to lounge, get heat, play, cover, and so forth.


There are a selection of causes that packing containers appear to offer cats with innocent enjoyment.


Cardboard packing containers are a cheap, straightforward method to offer your cat with a comfy place to sleep or a enjoyable hiding spot.

Why Do Cats Like Cardboard Containers So A lot?

Although cats like packing containers for a number of causes, security and safety are the principle motives. Cats are each prey and predator, and packing containers allow them to hunt, cover, and really feel protected in an enclosed house.

Let’s discover the highest eight causes cats prefer to snuggle in cardboard packing containers:

1. Containers Provide Hiding Alternatives and Security

Having the ability to cover is essential for cats. Even the foremost assured or outgoing feline wants a spot in its house to retreat and conceal sometimes. Containers assist kitties really feel protected, permit them to evaluate their environment from a safe space, present them with a way of management over what occurs to them, and enhance their emotions of confidence.

Furthermore, cats aren’t good at conflict resolution, notably with their very own species, so a cardboard field affords a safe house to retreat to in response to threatening habits from different cats.

2. Cardboard Is a Terrific Insulator

Because it seems, cats aren’t solely intelligent, however they understand how to decide on the right product to maintain up their physique warmth. The thermal property of corrugated cardboard makes it a superb insulator because it traps warmth. The enclosed house of a cardboard field affords heat, tranquillity, and solace from the skin world.

3. Fantastic Cozy Sleeping Spots

Serafina sunbaking inside a cardboard box

Serafina sunbaking inside a cardboard field

Cardboard packing containers are a favourite sleeping place for a lot of felines since they supply heat, safety, and comforting strain. Containers are an awesome place for uninterrupted sleep. A current survey discovered that aged cats’ high sleeping preferences are heat sunny spots, by the radiator, subsequent to the fireside, or on their proprietor’s mattress. Though carton parcels got here final on the record, consultants advocate offering aged cats with bigger packing containers with shallow entrances for straightforward entry to account for the geriatric cat’s lack of physique flexibility.

4. Incredible Play Areas

Whatever the field form or measurement, cats are inquisitive creatures who prefer to play and discover novelty gadgets. Cardboard has a particular texture that’s best for countless enjoyable and scratching is among the the explanation why why do cats love to take a seat in packing containers as a lot as they do.

Most notably, it’s enjoyable for cats to play by means of cut-out entry/exit holes in packing containers. Containers may also be turned the wrong way up to offer selection. That is nice for cats since they’re assault predators preferring to obscure themselves earlier than pouncing on toys, different cats, and people after they least count on it.

5. Stress Relievers

In keeping with a 2014 study, cats which can be provided with hiding packing containers of their new surroundings have been much less stressed and tailored to the brand new environment sooner than these with out a concealing field. This demonstrates the outstanding good thing about the standard cardboard field.

Furthermore, “cover and perch” packing containers are notably gratifying in shelters and vet clinics; a cardboard field positioned on its aspect permits straightforward accessibility whereas the perching spot on the highest of a field permits cats to get off the bottom, really feel safer, and expertise much less stress.

6. Sensory Enrichment

Sensory stimulation is extraordinarily invaluable and pleasing for cats. Cats uncovered to novel scents are way more exploratory and playful. Home made sensory packing containers full of objects foraged from outside like dried leaves, twigs, feathers, catnip, silvervine, scrunched-up paper, toys, or treats encourage play whereas offering sensory enrichment.

One other quirky purpose cats like packing containers, is they generally get pleasure from shredding the cardboard into tiny items. That is as a result of texture of the cardboard. The most typical causes for biting or gnawing on packing packing containers are because of boredom, pica, predatory outlet, and teething in kittens.

7. Secluded Nesting Areas

Simba sitting inside a cardboard box

Simba sitting inside a cardboard field

Lastly, queens like nesting in cardboard packing containers with wool blankets since cartons are instrumental in preserving warmth, offering privateness, and lowering prenatal/postnatal stress, which could negatively affect the well being, improvement, and welfare of her offspring.

Summing Up

As cat house owners, it’s our duty to produce our cats with a satisfying, relaxed surroundings, together with snug sleeping spots. Since cardboard packing containers are cheap confined areas that protect heat, in addition to provide each ambush and hiding alternatives, they’re an awesome addition to a stress-free, pleased cat house.

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Continuously Requested Questions

Why do cats like packing containers over beds?

Cats love exploring novel gadgets, so when the cardboard field containing the brand new mattress is tossed on the bottom, the cat could leap into the field earlier than truly attempting the mattress. Different cats won’t like the feel, scent, or form of the mattress, turning up their nostril in favor of the field it got here in.

Since every cat has distinctive preferences, make the mattress interesting by putting it in the fitting location, making it scent like house with acquainted toys and blankets, and attractive the cat with treats and reward. If all else fails, place your cat’s new mattress inside their favourite field.

Why do cats like squares?

Each cat proprietor is aware of how a lot cats love sitting in packing containers, now a citizen science investigation has revealed that felines like to take a seat in squares which have an analogous silhouette as an actual field, demonstrating that cats could have a false sense of safety by illusory contours.

Why doesn’t my cat like toys?

Every cat has particular person tastes. Some like taking part in with all varieties of toys whereas others dislike toys altogether and are motivated by distinctive types of play. In case your cat shouldn’t be the toy kind, have interaction them in different actions like clicker coaching, chook watching, and cat fortress constructing as a substitute.

Why do cats like packing containers which can be too small?

Although cats like small packing containers and baggage for a number of causes, security and safety are the principle motives. Cats are each prey and predators, and packing containers allow them to hunt, cover, and really feel protected in an enclosed house.

Why do cats sit in packing containers?

Cats love sitting, resting, or sleeping in sudden locations and squeezing themselves into tight locations akin to small packing containers. There’s simply one thing concerning the confined and cozy house that they discover irresistible. This may very well be as a result of the field is novel and new, as a result of the enclosed place helps them really feel positive, or it is only a cozy place to snooze.

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