Why Do Cats Typically Act Like Canines?

Golden Retriever and British Shorthair get along

In case your cat companion appears extra canine than cat of their conduct, traits, likes, and dislikes, you is perhaps slightly confused! In spite of everything, there are cat individuals and canine individuals, however why do cats generally act like canines? Whether or not your feline enjoys enjoying fetch with toys, likes a stroll on a leash, has excellent recall, or is completely educated shortly repertoire of tips, we’ve bought the solutions for you.

Fast Overview


Some conduct that’s thought of stereotypically ‘canine’ is definitely frequent in cats too, and cats may also choose up on extra canine behaviors in the event that they stay with canines.


Cats are very clever and trainable, and lots of are additionally social creatures, that means that they get pleasure from spending time with you enjoying video games and studying tips.


In case your cat’s conduct is uncommon or inflicting an issue, it’s best to contact your veterinarian or a professional cat behaviorist.

5 Causes Why Cats Act Like Canines

1. Your Cats Lives With Canines

In case your cat lives with or has lived with canines, you would possibly discover that they choose up a few of their canine habits in addition to their cat-like behaviors. For example, you would possibly discover that they be part of the canine to greet you with a refrain of barking and meowing while you rise up within the morning, or that they take part in ‘zoomies’ with the canine throughout a second of pleasure. They could even run for a ball or different toy as a result of they see the canine doing it and wish to take part.

Canines are pack animals, and can usually run round their house collectively, greeting their house owners, enjoying, and in search of consideration. Your cat may even get pleasure from being concerned and interacting with you, and gained’t wish to miss out.

Not solely does this imply that they’ll be watching out for moments when the canine will get your consideration to attempt to muscle in (maybe by leaping in your lap!), however you would possibly discover they attempt to observe you down the road for walkies too! It might virtually appear at instances that your cat is jealous of your dog, or making an attempt to repeat them.

2. They’ve Been Taught

Cats are fast learners, particularly if there’s a reward like a tasty deal with, a fuss, reward, or a few of your undivided consideration. When you present your cat with constructive reinforcement after they fetch a toy, come when referred to as, or learn a new trick, they’ll study to do it extra usually.

This willingness to study additionally implies that if you happen to needed to show your cat to stroll on a lead or stroll at your heel, there’s a great probability that, with persistence, they might study simply as a canine does. When you’re curious about whether or not cats or canines are smarter, you’ll be able to learn extra in our article Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

3. Your Cat Needs Consideration

Dog and cat sit on the floor

A cat’s behaviors that result in a response from people are sometimes rapidly repeated and strengthened.

Though cats could be unbiased, they’re normally very sociable with acquainted people and luxuriate in interplay and a focus. So, in the event that they study that doing one thing slightly bit quirky and dog-like makes you giggle and will get them some constructive consideration and love, they’ll maintain doing it. It’s no shock, then, that some cats play fetch, do tips, or carry out different doggy behaviors recurrently.

4. It’s Their Breed

Sure cat breeds are extra dog-like than others. If in case you have a Ragdoll cat, an Abyssinian, or a Turkish Andorra, or if you happen to favor the Maine Coon or Manx breed, you in all probability admire a mixture of cat and dog-like traits and also you would possibly see some similarities between how your cat and canine act.

5. It’s Regular Cat Habits Too

Some conduct is taken into account to be extra frequent in canines when truly it’s fairly regular for cats too. There are some surprising similarities between these two species. Once you consider dog-like behaviors you would possibly consider them greeting one another by sniffing one another’s rear ends or humping, however cats can do these items too.

Cats are very reliant on scent and use it to mark their territory and talk with one another, so when two cats meet, if there isn’t a lot rigidity or aggression, they’ll usually sniff one another. Their scents give details about their age, intercourse, well being, and neuter standing, so it’s like an introduction!

Humping is usually thought of to be sexual conduct, however humping will also be related to frustration or behavior. Though it’s extra well-known in canines, cats can do it too.

How one can Spot When Your Cat’s Habits Might Point out a Well being Downside

woman is resting on the couch with a dog and a cat

Stress and nervousness in cats can current as behavioral change, corresponding to turning into extra clingy or attention-seeking.

In case your cat generally acts like a canine, it’s not essentially an issue. It could possibly be one thing they’ve discovered, a conduct you’ve inspired, or it would simply be regular for cats too. Nonetheless, in case your cat’s conduct has modified, or in the event that they produce other signs too corresponding to altered urge for food, thirst or toileting habits, there could possibly be an underlying cause for his or her odd conduct.

The most typical causes of feline conduct adjustments are stress and nervousness, which could be triggered by adjustments like new infants, constructing work, new cats, and home company. When you discover any change in your cat’s behavior, it’s necessary to talk to your veterinarian. They may be capable to verify your cat’s well being and even refer them to a veterinary behaviorist if required.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Is it regular for a cat to behave like a canine?

It may be completely regular for a cat’s conduct to appear extra canine. This could possibly be since you’ve strengthened that conduct, they’ve discovered from a canine, or as a result of the conduct is regular for cats too. Nonetheless, in case your cat’s conduct has modified in any method, it’s all the time greatest to get them checked by a vet.

What’s it referred to as when a cat acts like a canine?

There is no scientific time period for a cat that acts like a canine, however the time period ‘pet cat’ is typically used.

Is it uncommon for a cat to play fetch?

Most cats don’t naturally or instinctively play fetch, that’s, with out seeing it first-hand from a canine or being taught the sport by a human member of the family. Cats are very trainable, although, and lots of cats can study to play fetch.

What breed of cat is most like a canine?

Maine Coon cats are acknowledged to be a really dog-like cat breed. Not solely does their measurement assist them appear extra dog-like, however they’re additionally very smart, loyal, and loving, to not point out their uncommon love of water! Ragdolls are notably laid-back and cuddly, which is paying homage to sure canine breeds. Different dog-like breeds embody the Manx cat, Abyssinian, Siamese, and Turkish Angora.

What’s alpha syndrome in cats?

Alpha syndrome in cats refers to cats who’re naturally extra dominant and better within the hierarchy. These cats are normally fairly commanding of their conduct and in command of all family pets, which could make them appear extra dog-like.

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